WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday}…On Thursday

Sorry so late with this WWWW post, we had a lot of action yesterday over here on the Evy’s Tree home front. Did you see the blog post about our dear friend Ashley? Well you can see there is something big in the works after you read it. We are super excited about what’s happening.

Anyway, WWWW….

Rebecca seriously has the cutest kids. Her little girl is wearing the Mini Black Night Brilla, a HUGELY popular one around here!!

And here is Lana’s little girl wearing the Polka Dance Brilla, which is sold out.

And here Renee wearing the Lumberjack Brilla, which I still have some left of…if you would like one send me an email: amy@evystree.com they are marked down quite a bit.

And lastly, here’s Bethany. I adore this picture. Seriously. Here was her email to me:

“I wear my Evy’s Tree hoodie ALL THE TIME (including today)!  Why?  Because I can still look cool while carrying two kids!  LOL!” 

Have a picture you want to have on WWWW? Just send me a picture to amy@evystree.com.

Linking up with Lindsay today! {er…yesterday, ha}

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One thought on “WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday}…On Thursday

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    Denissa says:

    Sweet pics of all the little girls :) I saw the post yesterday about Ashley..and I knew right then which hoodie I was going to order. I’ve been waiting and saving up for one, after I watched the video with tears running down my face I just knew. I didn’t know about her story, thank you for sharing it. I need to read about the fundraiser closer, because it has been on my heart non stop since I looked at the post.
    Also is the Lumberjack only available in mini size, or is there adult also? I just might need to order that one also ;)

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