…What a day! So I’m just going to put it out there for all the world to know since according to my husband I have no filter {hey, that’s a good thing, right? You’ll always know I’m telling the truth. ha}….

I have a hernia.

Yup. It’s awesome. I’m sure you all so happy to know that vital piece of info and thankful that I scarred your minds forever, but there it is. My kids killed me and left me with a lovely hernia that I inherited after Jake’s pregnancy then I watched it grow during Evy’s. Thankfully it’s been not a big deal AT ALL. Thankfully. Just a little achy every now and then. But this morning….well, it made up for the 6 years of “no big deal”. Yikes!

So I will say this. I have a super high pain tolerance. Most of the time I am shocked to see blood pouring out of cuts that I had no idea were ever there or no recollection of how I cut myself. True story. And you can count on your hand the times I have called someone for help when sick. So when I doubled over in pain this morning while trying to make Evy some breakfast I was shocked. When the pain landed me on the carpet in a ball, I was appalled. And when I called my mom crying, I’m pretty sure she thought I was dying.

Hence this picture:

Two very worried parents sitting across from me in my living room. My mom insisting that we go to the emergency room and my dad claiming the emergency room would be the worst place for me “with all the germs floating around” {He hates hospitals}. Oh boy, these two. They are a kick I tell you. As they are passionately debating over what to do with me, I lay there thankful to have something to keep my mind off the pain. After about an hour of laying in a frozen state, the pain subsided and I made a visit to my doctor. Looks like it’s time to get this puppy fixed as I have a referral to a surgeon and an appointment booked in a week.

Dear Lord, really? Now? 

That’s kinda how I feel today, to be honest. I wanted to scream “NOT NOW GOD”….as Brandon is gone for a week, and I have a photo shoot coming up on Saturday…and there I lay, frozen, and unable to move. Even after the pain went away, I felt like someone had socked me in the gut. NOT FUN. The more I thought about this little health thing making me slow down, the more upset I got. I don’t slow down. Ever. And today, of all days, is a bad day to have to do that.

But God knows, doesn’t He?

I had a couple more interesting things happen to me today and after I {gently} bathed the kids and put them to bed, I sat down and really thought about all that transpired. And I saw myself doing it again. You know the thing probably most of us are really good at doing ….taking our lives and trying to orchestrate it on our own. As I sat on the couch I realized it was time again…to once more hand over my life and say “God, this is yours. This business is yours. This family is yours. My life is yours.”

It’s really what it’s all about, right?

So whatever health thing I have to stop and take care of soon, I will. Whatever pause button I have to push, well….it looks like I might have to push it. And that’s ok. I trust HIM. He has a greater plan for my life and He knows what I need to get where He wants me to go. Just have to keep remembering that. Keep looking at the things that remind me of it. Like these guys….

Even though they are directly responsible for that hernia. ha. They are cuties and for once they got along today. God knew I needed that. Oh and don’t mind my deck. As I was laying on the couch writhing in pain, my dad and I were mentally tearing it up and remodeling the backyard. Yeah, that’s how we roll, unfortunately. Type A at it’s best. Sheesh.

ANYWAY…. GUYS!!!!! I have the best news. Seriously awesome, awesome news. But before I discuss that, I want to point out that I am well aware that I have missed three days now of the Vintage Photo Contest. Yikes. Please don’t kill me {that’s a joke, sort of, since I’m not sure many of you are even participating, ha}….I will start it back up tomorrow or Friday, whenever I can get myself back in working order. But I wanted to tell you why {besides the blasted hernia} I haven’t had a second to do a vintage post….


Yes, I did just yell that. Sorry. But I am so excited. The final samples are here and THEY ROCK. Like big time. Like the most amazing hoodies you will ever want to wear. EVER. The fabric…OH the fabric! It’s wonderful. So luxurious. Like you will never want to take it off. Ever. I have spent the past couple days, while Nicole has flooded your Facebook feed with amazing sale items {sorry about the flooded part :( }, working on the final specs, changes and approval and organizing a quick photo shoot to get some pictures of the out there to you.

I will tell you more about the hoodies when I start debuting some pictures next week, but I wanted tell you how cool God is…..

So you all know my good friend Heidi, right? Well her mom in law, Hope, is from Texas and has a great group of friends that she does everything. One of those friends is THE Sharon Young.  Ok, that name may not mean anything to you, but it likely will if you shop at Dillards or Coldwater Creek, because she designs clothing for them, along with a gorgeous clothing line of her own. Last month when Hope was out visiting her kiddos, I told her at church how tired and frustrated I was with this whole manufacturing process. How I felt like quitting. How I have given this my all and I have no idea what to do next most of the time. She patted my hand and said, “You must meet my friend Sharon”. Well, lucky me, Hope had all her Texan friends up here in the wine country for a long weekend and I got to hob nob for a bit. My mom and I met them at Rustic, Francis Ford Coppola’s Winery, for dinner….

That’s me and Sharon there at the end. 

And the entire dinner I was rude {sorry everyone else at the table, I feel really bad about how little I got to chat with you all! :( } and sat totally engrossed in Sharon’s thoughtful advice, business intellect, and design savvy. For nearly two hours she poured into me and encouraged me. I wanted to cry afterwards. It was exactly what I needed.

Before she left for Texas on Tuesday, Hope brought her over to the studio with the rest of the girls to see our product.

L-R Peggy, Hope and Sharon

When they arrived Nicole was busy cleaning out the inventory and listing it on facebook as fast as we could so we are nearly cleaned out, but the ladies all grabbed a couple tees to take back to hot Texas. They were so cute. I feel so indebted to Hope and if you are reading this: THANK YOU HOPE!! I love and appreciate all you did to get Sharon and I connected. She was a wealth of information and her timing of connecting with me the weekend I received my manufactured final samples was really truly God ordained. He knew I needed that! And to the rest of the Texas ladies with Hope. I LOVE YOU!! You guys are awesome and I wish I could have spent more time with you all. Big hugs to you and come back soon!!!

And in closing, I have got to tell you about a conversation with Jake tonight in the car back from dinner at my parent’s house:

Jake: So mom, you don’t do your hair much at all, do you?

Me: What do you mean, Babe?

Me in my mind: Uhhh..WHAT?!?! I spend great pains to make sure I curl it nicely at least twice a week. Sheesh kid, haven’t you noticed?!?!

Jake: Well, you know you just don’t take the time to do it…like put it in a knot on your head or a pony tail.

Me: But Babe, I wear my hair in a knot every day, and I do a pony quite a bit, what do you mean? Help me out here, what other mom “does” their hair?

At this point I go down the list of all the other mom’s in Jake’s class as well as good friends or family. FYI moms, he said NONE of you “do” your hair except:

Jake: Auntie Heidi, Mom! She “does” her hair!!

Well, look at you Auntie Heidi. Apparently you are the cool mom of the group. But wait, it gets better.

Me: So explain to me, what do you want me to “do” to my hair?

Jake: Ok, so MOM! I have this idea for your hair. It’s three braids, with big huge bows. Bigger than Evy’s bows, so we might not be able to do it, but Evy said we could borrow her bows for now, so that will have to do. Three braids, three bows Mom.

And there you have it moms. Want “done” hair? Practice your braids and purchase those bows. Awesome.

Big hugs everyone! xoxo

Ps…Anyone have any hernia advice for me?? Ever been in that much pain? Help a sister out! ;)

3 thoughts on “Whoa

  1. 1
    Priscilla says:


  2. 2
    Andrea says:

    Oh, Amy, I am so sorry you are in such pain!!! The first comment is the best advice (from Priscilla) – I also recommend a girdle or other support for now while you’re waiting to get into the doc. Target and Walmart have “belly bands” that people use for pregnancy and afterwards, my c- section patients love them for post-op support. I wanted one after my gallbladder surgery! Highly recommend!! Prayers for a quick, simple, and safe surgery for you. <3

  3. 3
    Peggy Wilkinson says:

    WOW! What a fun time we had in California! Great meeting you and your sweet Mom. LOVED your new product. the soft, smooth new hoodies will probably fly out the door! Come see us in Texas!

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