Where I’ve Been, Diana Wrap Winner, The Anchor and other nonsense…

Hi all! So sorry I’ve been MIA this past several days. ‘Course I’m sure many of you are SUPER glad to not read my gazillion FB updates, yes?!? ha.
No, seriously, I had a very minor issue that had to be dealt with up at my parents in Santa Rosa, so I have been there since Thursday evening, and just returned home LATE last night. You can read more about this HERE.
Anyway, due to the craziness from the weekend and the fact that my parents have horrible internet service, I am just now catching up with everything I need to do. I’m so sorry for the delay, if you were one waiting for an email or response. Hang in there, I’m responding as fast as I can, I promise! :)
On to the winner of the Diana Wrap:
And number 228 was…
Ok, I have to say, Amber winning this is pretty funny….just while I was adding up all the comments and putting them in the random.org generator, she put this comment on the Evy’s Tree facebook wall:
So you can imagine when I read this why I thought it was so funny!! ha! Congrats Amber! Maybe you putting that comment on the facebook wall was your good luck trick, yes? :) Email me so we can chat about your wrap. amy@evystree.com. xoxo
So I have a question for you all. Who loves this hoodie?
This is one of the first hoodies I did on American Apparel items last Spring. It was a huge hit. And I have to say, I get at least 3 or 4 emails a month asking why its not available anymore? Well here’s why:
1. I have very little material left
2. My seamstress who makes it is currently on maternity leave
But you guys have gotten me thinking…why in the world don’t I just whip up as many as I can with the material I have in stock? So that’s what’s going to happen. Kelsey is cutting out the material as we speak and we’re trying to figure out how many we can get out of the material we have. We know we can get AT LEAST one size run {one hoodie per size, S-XL, Uni L,XL}, and maybe even two according to Kelsey who is giving me updates from across the room. :) Anyway, that still leaves me with the dilemma of who is going to sew these. Our seamstresses are all maxed out currently, so guess what that means?!? Right, yours truly will be making these, and they are not easy to make. Due to this, the price will be near the same as a custom order: $84.95.
So Kelsey and I will be listing at least one size these tomorrow morning at 10AM PST. It will be a PREORDER only, which means, please allow me AT LEAST 3 weeks to ship these {remember I am making these}. Once this material is gone, its gone, I’m sorry! So if you wanted one of these, I would suggest you purchase them now! :) If its true what Kelsey says and we have enough material for two size runs, I will list them tomorrow morning as well.
Please remember…if your size is gone from the SIZE AVAILABLE area in the listing, then it is sold out. If you purchase a size that is not available and pay for it, I will send you an email and refund your money tomorrow morning.
So onto the nonsense:
I say that in jest actually. I usually feel that my brain is running around in circles half the time and it all comes out as nonsense eventually. ha. Anyway, I wanted to tell you some really exciting news:
Evy’s Tree will have an official website very soon! 
I am so excited about this. Brooke, from RightLeft Studio is working on it and hopefully the website along with a ecommerce shopping cart will be up and running by the end of April/beginning of May. I will still keep an etsy site, however, very little will be listed there, only a few staple items. All the items will be listed on the website. Hopefully this will make an easier shopping experience for you in the future, as well as give you a place to visit to get to know Evy’s Tree a bit better. We will have frequent photo updates and will keep the blog linked to the website so you can follow along. Sound like fun? :)
OH! One more thing that is MOST DEFINITELY NOT nonsense…
I have got to say my heart hurts so much for the Japan and their tragedy. I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how Evy’s Tree can help, and I’ve come up with what I feel is a good plan. Will you visit back here tomorrow afternoon so I can share it with you? Thanks Friends!
Much love to you all!

3 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been, Diana Wrap Winner, The Anchor and other nonsense…

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    Amgilliam says:

    Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I won!!! I've already texted my mom and asked which one she wants. She is THRILLED!! :D

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    Anonymous says:

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