What’s Your Favorite Boutique? {Handmade Wholesale Opportunity}

Ok everyone, close your eyes, and let’s shut out all other distractions at the moment. While your eyes are closed, can you think of your favorite brick and mortar store near you? Perhaps a swanky little boutique that is super fun to shop at and everyone in your town loves and adores? You got a place in your mind? GOOD! Hold that thought….

Now here’s a little back story about Evy’s Tree:

The goal has always been to sell in boutiques. In the beginning, I was leery of selling in boutiques as our profit margins were extremely low and not good enough to make it in the wholesale market. However, after a couple years of sales under our belt, and now in the process of manufacturing our own items, we feel comfortable with selling wholesale and being able to stand behind our products. Not to mention, we feel we have perfected our wholesale prices a little and have come up with a profit margin that benefits everyone.

So are you still holding that boutique in your mind?!? 

Good, here’s what I need from you. I am in the process of hiring some sales reps, but there’s nothing better than a verbal recommendation from someone who loves our product, SO…can you do one of two things:

1. Comment on this blog post {or email us at wholesale@evystree.com} with the name of the boutique you love that you’d like to see carry Evy’s Tree. We will contact them with wholesale info.


2. Take one of your hoodies {or your phone with our website on it} into the shop and tell them you’d love to see them carry our brand and give them our info.

Here’s where this gets fun. If the boutique places an order on your recommendation, then you get a $50 credit to the shop…for each store that places an order. So if you tell three stores and all three place an order, you get $150 credit. Sound fair?!?

How do you start? Take our wholesale look book into your favorite shop. Haven’t seen the look book? Take a peek!

And be sure to tell them how much you love Evy’s Tree!!

Thank you friends for being the wheels that have gotten this ship off the ground! Love you all! xoxo

One thought on “What’s Your Favorite Boutique? {Handmade Wholesale Opportunity}

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    Bethany says:

    Peek-A-BooTique (Moore, OK) http://www.pbtbaby.com/

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