What It’s Really All About….

It seems this blog is a fantastic way for me to confess things, because I find myself doing that ALL THE TIME. But here goes another one…

I do not have a nativity scene.

This might not be a big deal to you, as it really wasn’t one to me either, until I had Jake. So shoot me, but this family talks about Santa {more on that one in an upcoming post}, has a Christmas tree, sings Christmas carols such a jingle bells, wraps gifts and gives them….but we don’t have a symbol of the one thing that Christmas is really all about…

Jesus. And I want my kids to know Christmas is about Jesus, not all that other stuff, as fun as it is.

So the last couple years, I have gone to pick out a nativity scene, but come back empty handed because the ones I want are sooo pricey. *sigh* Say Italian molded figurenes and you’ll guess how much the ones I want are….Anyway, this year, since money was tight {again}, I told Brandon that we would make one. Ok, I must be honest, Brandon pretty much made this one. I would have not been able to do this on my own. Thanks Babe!

 We worked on it over a course of several days and here’s what we did:

I downloaded coloring pages from different teacher websites of the Holy Family, shepherds, animals, an angel and wise men. I’m sorry I was browsing so much that I forgot what site I got them from! I then let Jake color them at will.

Then we glued them to pieces of cardboard. We used the Pampers box. :)

We cut each figurene out
Using the same cardboard from the pampers box, we cut strips and then put together a ”shelter” for the Holy Family. Brandon used the same glue stick and some clothespins to help the glue dry.
Then I let Jake go to town with the glitter, because what’s a nativity scene without a little glitter?
Brandon added cardboard backs to all the figures, and then we put it together with the shelter, added a little moss and a candle. The star was a tree topper that Brandon made for me and my roommate Joy somewhere in the frist couple years of our dating period. We thought it made the perfect nativity star.

So wa-la…I have a nativity scene and to be honest, it hit home so much more to Jake than a store bought one. The entire time we walked him through the Christmas story and he is so fascinated by it all. Oh yes, there are two sheperds because one is Jake and one is Daddy ha!

It’s all so touching that it ALMOST makes me not want a nice one, almost key word here. :) And it ALMOST, makes me forget this:

Uh, yeah, thats one of the gifts from this post I guess I should have taken all that advice I got and waited to put them out. And see that calendar? That was the calendar that I gave to Jake to help him understand we had 5 days left until he could open the gifts. I guess he gave up on that concept.

And in closing, Brandon wants me to make sure to tell you all about this…remember the Apple Cinnamon Ornaments from yesterday’s post? Well, last night Jake came into our room with brown crumbs all over his mouth. I thought he had gotten into the chocolate again, but he said, “Mommy, I don’t like my ornaments anymore.” I realized he had EATEN one of his ornaments.

Yup. Thank God Elmers glue is nontoxic! ha


9 thoughts on “What It’s Really All About….

  1. 1
    Mrs.LifeAccounts says:

    Haha, that is hilarious that he ate one! I recall doing that with a scented homemade playdoughy one I made as a kid… :)

    And what a great idea for the nativity scene, I'm sure it will be one that you treasure always, even when you get an "Italian moulded" one!

  2. 2
    Paula Prass says:

    We are on the same page for sure! I feel like Jesus gets shorted and it's his birth we are celebrating! My daughter and grandkids make a birthday cake for Jesus, which they turned into a tradition. I love your nativity. Remember, the first one wasn't Italian made…it was free.

  3. 3
    Sullivan's says:

    Amy – I'm loving your creativity! I love Nativity sets – no none of mine are Italian – but I cherish each one. I have 4 or 5. :D

  4. 4
    Martha says:

    I love your idea for a nativity scene. Maybe next year we will try…

    As for the the ornaments-that is hysterical!!! Gotta love him! = )

  5. 5
    Martha says:

    I love your idea for a nativity scene. Maybe next year we will try…

    As for the the ornaments-that is hysterical!!! Gotta love him! = )

  6. 6
    David Sowers / DASO Photo says:

    That stable is seriously sweet! Good job Brandon on the build and Amy on the whole idea. Nice coloring work Jake, you appear to be an expert.

  7. 7
    Dear Lillie says:

    This is the coolest idea for a nativity and so sweet. It turned out so beautiful! I may steal this idea from you next year when my little one will be old enough to color and help! Thanks for visiting my blog. I too am obsessed with Mia Joie! She makes the most beautiful things! You have a beautiful family! Have a blessed Christmas season!

  8. 8
    Jenni says:

    This is the best Nativity sets I have ever seen – so precious! That had to have been hard work! Good Job!

  9. 9
    Audrey says:

    HAHAHAHA My sides hurt from laughing about Jake eating the ornament. He and Hudson are kindred spirits.

    I cried over your nativity scene. Beautiful. Something Jake will not forget. I am blessed – Mom Sully bought us a willow tree nativity for our 5th anniversary. I keep it up yea round (Mary, Joseph, & baby JESUS) because it means so much to me.

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