Weekly Design: The White Rabbit Zip Up

Hello all, I’d like to introduce to you one of my husband’s favorite candies:
{My husband found this picture online somewhere, so can’t remember where, so if you find the source please tell me! ha}
It’s called White Rabbit and it is a creamy milk taffy like candy that is covered with a sticky rice wax paper that is edible…which is very hard for me grasp and I usually strip the paper off the candy before eating, which Brandon hates! ha.¬†You can read more about this popular candy HERE.
I think I have mentioned before, but my husband is a quarter Fillipino, his dad is half and was born and raised for most of his early years in Hawaii. My Father in Law is a lover of all ethnic foods, but especially any Asian and whenever the Miraflor family gets together, we have to have rice with everything…yes, even spaghetti. I’m not joking. I often have to apologize to my husband, as when he was a kid, the rice cooker never left the counter, it just got cleaned out and refilled every day, but our rice cooker makes an entrance into our kitchen once, maybe twice a month if its lucky. That should explain to you my feelings about rice. :)
ANWAY, I digress…
So Brandon grew up shopping at Asian grocery markets and The White Rabbit candy was his favorite candy to bring home. So it makes sense that when I showed him this week’s design, he said it HAD to be named The White Rabbit…
I have to be honest, I am on a huge navy blue kick. I am usually a black person, but for some reason I can’t enough of navy lately. So I am in LOVE with this zip up.
A while back I found this gorgeous jersey knit material. It has colorful flowers and shapes on it and I could not even think about cutting it into strips to use it for a zip up or a brilla since I loved the pattern so much. But the other day I took another look at it and decided to give it a shot. The jersey fabric has a rolled edge, which is unusual for me, however, I wanted this hoodie to have a more “dressed up” feel making the usual raw edges inappropriate. In my mind, I see this zip up being worn with a pencil skirt and some fun, colorful heels. I just love how the ruffles cascade and almost stick up on the shoulder, like a lovely brooch that carries down the length of the jacket.
I do have quite a bit of this material, but I am only going to offer one size run on Monday because I only have a little bit of the material cut and edged. I am thinking about doing this in a Brilla style too, maybe for the website launch! I also plan on doing a mini…more info on that one next week. :)
I will list The White Rabbit Zip Up via a paypal link right here on the blog, Monday evening at 6PM PST.
The White Rabbit will ship within one week of payment. Thanks!
See you all then!!
PS…don’t forget to enter into the Independence Brilla giveaway by clicking HERE.
PPS… YIKES! I almost forgot about the Me & Evy’s Tree little sharing we did on FB…some of you posted the cutest pictures of you wearing Evy’s Tree! Thank you so much for sharing! Here’s the winner of the long sleeve lacey tee:
My dear friend Soshawna won this one, according to the random.org generator!! Yay Soshawna! Email me {or call, ha} and tell me which long sleeve tee you want!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Design: The White Rabbit Zip Up

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    Hanna says:

    This one is gorgeous. Love it AMy

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