Visit With Old Ice Skating Friends

Hi everyone, I’m so sorry…I realize I’m kinda bombarding you with posts this week. I actually sat down and scheduled a bunch of house posts {HERE} and wasn’t planning on having any other posts in there to make this a heavy post week, but I had something happen tonight that I HAD to document.

 I’ve mentioned this before, but my younger brother and I were ice skaters. My brother Brad started playing hockey when he was five years old and we lived in Lake Tahoe. When we moved to Santa Rosa, they have a great, somewhat famous, ice skating rink, so my parents got him signed up for hockey and I, naturally, took figure skating lessons. We loved it and it was pretty safe to say that the ice arena was our second home. You can read more about my thoughts regarding the ice rink HERE.

Anyway, we met some great friends through hockey and one of the families we were particularly close to was the Gerbec family. I wish had taken time to dig through my mom’s old photo albums, but we have tons of photos together. Ricky played hockey with Brad and his twin sister Leigh-Ann skated with me. We were pretty inseparable for years during hockey season…but as Ricky and Brad grew up and went on to college {Brad continued to play for fun when he lived on the East Coast and attended Dartmouth}, our families drifted away and we didn’t see each other much.

A couple years back Leigh Ann found me on facebook and we reconnected {thank God for facebook, yes friends?}. She, her mom and sister became loyal Evy’s Tree fans and  I’ve seen Leigh Ann and Susan {her mom} a couple times since we moved here. Susan and my mom decided that we MUST have a family dinner together sans kids so we could catch up, so tonight we had a lovely dinner over at my parent’s house.

Leigh-Ann, her sister Cory and me. 

We were missing Ricky and their older sister Tracy, they both live out of town….

My Mom and Susan

My Dad and Dick…the Dads

This one makes me cry. These dads spent years cheering on their boys in hockey…hundreds of hours driving their kids to tournaments, traveling to other country for all star teams {both boys were very good}, not to mention thousands of dollars on skating gear. Tonight they sat down and relived some of the moments while watching old VHS’s of their boys playing… so sweet.

We ate a delicious dinner together and laughed and laughed about old times. Susan made these AMAZING cookies and my dad’s favorite jello salad. He was so excited and hogged it all to himself. My dad loves food. We had a good laugh over him monopolizing the cookies

I am so very happy we got to all get together. We are so blessed to still have our families in tact. Please pray for Dick, as he has been fighting cancer in his body for the last year and a half and looks amazing!! He was only given a few months to live and has fought like a champ…he’s still here!

We love you Gerbecs! Thank you for coming over…what a treat!!! OH…and maybe one of the biggest treats of the night was the fact that Brandon and I were KIDLESS! Whoohoo! I even curled my hair for the occasion. ha.


2 thoughts on “Visit With Old Ice Skating Friends

  1. 1
    Nicole says:

    I love this! I think it is so awesome that you all got together that many years later! Your post made me smile and it was just really cute to see the pics – especially your dad “monopolizing the cookies”!!!! AAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA So funny!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    Susan Sullivan says:

    Amy – once again, thank you for sharing ! What a great time of renewing friendships and reliving the memories!

    Love you!

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