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Well, hello there! Is anyone out there? I feel like I haven’t blogged much at all. I miss this place. There was a time in my life… before Evy’s Tree, before our big move, before my husband’s job switch…that I seemed to have much more time to share and document my life. Honestly, I miss those days. At the time, I felt so trapped at home with two little babies and no job outside of the house. But now, I look back and think…what a wonderful period in my life! Isn’t that funny how that happens?

Now a days, I tend to feel scattered most of the time, oftentimes frustrated with my lack of time, and definitely overwhelmed. ha. Probably like most of you. Especially with our manufactured goods coming.

Oh about that, preorders for the manufactured goods start the end of July. Read HERE for more info. We are scooting right along…our final samples will arrive next week, we will get them photoed and up for you to preview by the beginning of July, if all goes well. WHOOHOO!

Anyway, I wanted to do something to help us all remember the past a little while we excitedly look forward to the future of Evy’s Tree. Go down memory lane a bit by rummaging through some of the photos we have of some of the first Evy’s Tree and reminisce.

Enter the Vintage Photo Contest!

Every day for the next month or so {except Saturdays and Sundays} I will pick out a “vintage” photo¬†and tell you a little about it, the history behind the hoodie, etc. And then I will give you the opportunity to share the photo with your friends on facebook, twitter or pinterest {more on that in a second}. Just before the manufactured goods get here, I will tally up all the share comments and choose….

three winners to get a $100 credit to the shop!

Yup, three lucky winners will get FREE goods from the shop for just walking down memory lane with us. Pretty cool, huh?

So what’s today’s photo? Well, as Fraulein Maria would say, “Let’s start at the beginning…”¬†{are you all signging that now? ;)}

Oh my, looking at this makes me teary eyed, to be honest. This picture isn’t technically the very beginning of our little company, but it’s the best beginning photo we’ve got. This is my dear friend Kate, who even from the very start of Evy’s Tree has been so loving and supportive and willing to model for me. I have to say, nearly all the models I have used have been close friends. Pretty certain I have some beautiful people in my little circle. Thank you friends for supporting us so much!

Anyway, this was one of my very first hoodies that I created after I realized this whole hoodie thing could be a business. At the time time I was just embellishing hoodies I found in random stores around town, but this particular hoodie was made with my first wholesale order from American Apparel. This is called The Whimsy…and to be honest, it was a great seller. I still get requests for it. Who knows, maybe this one will make a reappearance someday. ;)

Do you remember this hoodie?

Want to enter to win one of three $100 gift cards? Here’s how:

1. Go HERE to our facebook page and click “share” under the photo we posted on the page. Then comment under the photo that you shared it. Make sure to comment so we can add you in the drawing!

2. Tweet about this photo and make sure you @evystree so I can count your tweet in the tally.

3. Pin this photo to your pinterest board {you can even start an Evy’s Tree board if you wish!}. Please make sure you come back and comment on this post so I can include your entry in the tally {I don’t trust that all @evystree on pinterest will actually show up in the end to tally, sorry!}

4. Forward this blog post via email to your friends….come back and comment on this blog post that you did.

Yes! You can do all four things every day! :)

Have fun friends! Thanks for going down memory lane with us!

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