Vintage Photo Contest: The Olympia

In case you missed it, please go HERE to read about the Vintage photo contest. In short, we are walking down Memory Lane this month and revisiting all our “vintage” Evy’s Tree photos we’ve taken over the years… a fun way to help us get excited about the future. At the end of the blog post I give you an opportunity to share the photo and enter to win one of three $100 gift card to the shop when it opens back up the end of July.

I promised I would move on from our first photo shoot! Today we’re going to talk about our first PROFESSIONAL shoot. ha. Our last ones were our own, and despite how great I thought they turned out, I definitely needed a little professional help. Insert Sam Hassas. Sam is a good friend of ours and an AMAZING photographer. He got my vision for what I wanted to do right away.

I will never forget this first photo shoot. It will forever hold a special place in my heart. Everything was so new. I was excited about the direction of my little business and I really found every aspect of my new job thrilling.

One of my favorite shots of the day was of the Olympia. This is a great hoodie, one that I actually didn’t sell much of due to limited fabric…{maybe we’ll do it again in the future}. But one thing I loved about these photos is the light. I was so excited to get these back. I felt like I had hit the big time, and that we belonged in a magazine.

And yes, that’s Kate again! Isn’t she gorgeous? I’ll be sharing more of this photo shoot with you over the next couple days. I realized when I was going through this album that many of the photos I never really promoted. YIKES!

Do you have this hoodie??

Want to enter to win one of three $100 gift cards? Here’s how:

1. Go HERE to our facebook page and click “share” under the photo we posted on the page. Then comment under the photo that you shared it. Make sure to comment so we can add you in the drawing!

2. Tweet about this photo and make sure you @evystree so I can count your tweet in the tally.

3. Pin this photo to your pinterest board {you can even start an Evy’s Tree board if you wish!}. Please make sure you come back and comment on this post so I can include your entry in the tally {I don’t trust that all @evystree on pinterest will actually show up in the end to tally, sorry!}

4. Forward this blog post via email to your friends….come back and comment on this blog post that you did.

Yes! You can do all four things every day! :)

Have fun friends! Thanks for going down memory lane with us!

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32 thoughts on “Vintage Photo Contest: The Olympia

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    AmieJo says:

    I pinned it on pinterest. :)

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    crystal Smith says:

    Love some of these products, would love to win a gift card!

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    amy williams says:

    tweeted @willdamy

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    Reba says:

    Pinned on pinterest! Love these hoodies!

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    My dream retirement would involve a awesome log cabin in the mountains. Who needs a beach?

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