Vintage Photo Contest: The Diana Wrap

Happy Day after the 4th everyone!! Hopefully you all enjoyed your day yesterday! We had such a lovely, impromptu time. Brandon was speaking at a youth camp in the morning, and we were unsure of the time he was actually going to return home, so really didn’t have any plans at all for the day. However, we were treated with a nice surprise when he came home in the early afternoon and we were able to throw together a lovely BBQ with some dear friends who were visiting from out of town. It was so relaxing, and ended with us chasing the fireworks around town, hoping to get a good view from our car. ha. That’s what you get for not planning ahead I guess. ;)

So back to the Vintage Photo Contest. I’m planning on only doing this for another week or so, until all our photos are back of our Fall manufactured line, then we’ll start doing something similar with those photos. Yesterday, we started previewing photos from our second Sam Hassas photo shoot. Today’s photos are still from that photo shoot…The Diana Wrap:

Somwhere along the line I bought a wrap type item from Norstrom. It was the first time I was introduced to the wrap concept, and I loved the idea…of a lovely, slimming piece of fabric that you could cozy up in. I became obsessed with wraps that were out there and one thing I realized about them, very quickly in fact, was that many of them were too busy. Had too many buttons, or neck detail, or weren’t long enough. I had this vision of making the perfect wrap and begged my mother in law in to help me.

After many tries, we came up with a very simple design that didn’t make me feel like I was a house, but covered enough that I felt I could hide underneath it if I was having a bad day.

We listed the first couple ones with our spring line in 2010. They sold like wildfire. Sam captured our model Andrea wearing this gorgeous coral number during this second photo shoot.

Andrea did such a great job modeling this wrap. She shows how it can dress up a simple outfit in seconds and make you look like a million dollars…all without sacrificing comfort.

I also love how Sam incorporated my parent’s house and my dad’s vintage car in these shots. It really gives the wrap an edge and adds an interesting dichotomy to the look.

I’m asked often if we will manufacture the Diana Wrap. Like most of the hoodies that I am going back and reviewing for mass production, my honest answer is I’m not sure. The wrap craze has escalated to the point that there are many lovely pieces created by many wonderful designers out there and my product, when it really boils down to it, isn’t a whole lot different than theirs. And due to the fact that I am still a small company, they are often able to offer theirs at a better price. So for now, we probably won’t revisit the wrap, simply because it’s quite costly to make.

But who knows…maybe we will. :)

Do you own a Diana Wrap?

Want to enter to win one of three $100 gift cards? Here’s how:

1. Go HERE to our facebook page and click “share” under the photo we posted on the page. Then comment under the photo that you shared it. Make sure to comment so we can add you in the drawing!

2. Tweet about this photo and make sure you @evystree so I can count your tweet in the tally.

3. Pin this photo to your pinterest board {you can even start an Evy’s Tree board if you wish!}. Please make sure you come back and comment on this post so I can include your entry in the tally {I don’t trust that all @evystree on pinterest will actually show up in the end to tally, sorry!}

4. Forward this blog post via email to your friends….come back and comment on this blog post that you did.

Yes! You can do all four things every day! :)

Have fun friends! Thanks for going down memory lane with us!

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19 thoughts on “Vintage Photo Contest: The Diana Wrap

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    Michelle Underwood says:

    I pinned this wrap!

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    Jade Pierce says:

    I commented, shared, pinned, and liked! :) I have the black diana wrap and I cannot wait to use it this Fall. Where I live its warm so I must wait for Fall, but it will be worth it.

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    Lana says:

    I really hope you end up revisiting the Diana Wrap. I love the two I own dearly. They are the best wraps I’ve ever owned. I could seriously fill my closet with them in every color.

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