Valentine’s Hoodies

Hello everyone, let’s talk Valentine’s Day for a minute. :)
I have very fond memories of Valentine’s Day. I must have been in grade school before the pre-made Valentine cards were really popular because my friends and I always made ours. My mom always got these white heart paper doilies and we would make the cutest little Valentines. I would then go through the bag of conversation hearts and tape two {each person always got two! ha} hearts that said exactly what I felt towards that person. Like the guy I liked ALWAYS got “I love you” and my friends got “Call me”, etc! ha. I have no idea if anyone ever figured out the hearts were meant for them, or if they ever read them to begin with, but it sure was fun! I’m hoping to make some valentine’s with my kiddos this year as well.
Also, my mom made this amazing strawberry cake in the shape of a heart. If you follow my family blog, you will probably see that come up sometime during the month of February. :)
So ok, hoodies…
Confession: I do not like red. Sorry! I think it has something to do with my pale, freckly skin and dark hair, but it just does nothing for my looks! :) I can appreciate it though and I actually think red looks really cute in it’s place. So for the Valentine’s Hoodies you will some red mixed in.
Also, I must admit, I’m not much of a holiday clothing person. I really feel its a big waste of money to buy a holiday sweater and wear it for one day only {or one week, or however it is you do it :)}. So this holiday I did you a little favor: the “themed” hoodies a much cheaper than normal. At least $15 cheaper. How’s that for a deal? :)
And the rest of the hoodies are ones you can wear throughout the year but switch up a little…I think that’s a good trade off, yes? So here we go:
The Valentine Day Simple Collection {all brooches from Mrs. Darcy}
Sizes S-XL, Unisex large, xl available
The Red Simple Valentine’s Edition
10 available- any size
Red simple with a lovely orange, hot pink and red silk brooch
The Grey Simple Valentine’s Edition
10 available, any size
Lovely grey with a silk pale pink brooch finished with mint green toile and a pearl.
The Black Simple Valentine’s Edition
5 available, any size
Black Simple with a beautiful houndstooth flower with red and black velvet flowers alongside, and black velvet ribbon.
The Love Collection
$49.50 adult
sizes S-XL, Unisex large, xl
$39.50 minis
sizes 2-6
The Grey Love
I have a little soft spot for this one. It’s super cute in person and oh so cozy. The eyelet lace trim I used is a poly blend so it will stay nice and crisp even after washing.
The Red Love
This is definitely a fun one. Despite my dislike for red, I have to admit, these are DARLING. They look like little Valentines. I’d have to say, if I was still teaching, I would probably get this hoodie to wear on Valentine’s day in the classroom. The kids would LOVE it!
And lucky for you, I sewed these at like one in the morning and wasn’t really thinking clearly, so I made a couple mistakes on the heart part. It’s not noticeable, but in some areas it does pucker a little, which makes it not perfect. :( So these little babies are up for grabs for a little more than cost. Hope that someone out there can love them. :)  I have an adult size small and a mini size 4.


I’m not entirely sure how many Love’s I will be able to list. I have to run to another fabric store and try find more eyelet lace trim, I bought Joann’s out! :) I will keep you posted. As for when these will all be listed, I am planning on putting them in the shop Friday afternoon around 2 PM PST.  If it will be a different time, I’ll do an update on facebook and also post a little note on the blog.
See you Friday everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Hoodies

  1. 1
    Dear Lillie says:

    They are all fabulous Amy but I especially love the simples! And haha – I am with you – I am not a fan of red on me either – it makes me look HORRENDOUS!!!! I love it on Lillie though and dress her in it all the time.

  2. 2
    ClassyCreationsbyKristy says:

    Hi Amy,

    I was going to purchase The Red Love in XL Plus and 2 size 8s do you have any more? Or are you sold out? If you want you can send me an email Thank you!! =)

  3. 3
    De-Lila Gonzales says:

    Hey Amy,

    i was at Arden Mall today with the hubs and kids and we saw the Pink Polka Dot Brilla. jeremy said "isnt that Amy's?" i ran up and made sure it was yours, sure enough. and the lady said she just got it and it was her second day in a row wearing it! lol. i guess we are not the only ones out there that wear them multiple days in a row. lol. i was so excited to see it! just wanted you to know. oh and jeremy said "watch she (your line, not actually you) is going to blow up like crazy" which is amazing (from him) cause he never says that kind of stuff. lol. miss you guys. and im trying to get myself a pretty little something from you for v-day. lol

  4. 4

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