Three Years Ago…..

I can’t believe it, but it’s true…
3 years ago yesterday, on January 18th, 2007, the Lord blessed me with my baby boy.
Jacob Brandon Wollmer Miraflor
I will never forget that day.
Or the moment I first met him…

He was born at 2:15 PM, weighed 6lbs 6ozs and was 20.5 inches long.
Long and skinny with big hands and big feet.
And he had LOTS of hair, but none of it was in the front like it was supposed to be. My Dad joked that Jake inherited his hairline. I was not impressed.
But I still loved him…

Eventually, Jake’s hair grew in… it took a while. Now he has lots of it, so much that I feel we are getting haircuts monthly. And he is still long and skinny with big feet and big hands. A nice big growing boy.

He makes my heart smile everytime I look at him.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful, fun-loving boy.
Mommy is so proud of you.

This year we had two parties, one with the Wollmer family in Santa Rosa and then the other with the Miraflors in Stockton.
Wollmer Family Birthday Party
Sunday, January 17th
Santa Rosa, CA

Precious Evy…
He was sooo excited about the ice cream cake Mumsy got for him…
Smiling like the “choo-choo”
Blowing out his candles…
Crazy Cake Cousins…
Posing by a couple of his gifts…
Brookie and Emma teaching Evy how to walk

Can NOT get over his Cars book from the Douglas’. SO VERY EXCITED!

Awesome knight hood from the Uncle Jeff and Auntie Lia and cousins.
Uncle Brad gave Jake his first Buzz Lightyear. Jake literally has not put that thing down. He’s slept with it the last 2 nights.
The last present was a random one from Gramps {not surprising}. It was a regifted flight hat with Mickey ears. Go figure?! Anyway, Jake wasn’t really impressed, but Uncle Jeff thought it was cool!
Miraflor Family Birthday Party
Monday, January 18
Stockton, CA
Singing to Jake…
Jake and his cupcake..
Thanks to Grandpa, Jake had 2 cupcakes. This was the second one and right before he went completely wacky with a sugar high. Poor guy.
Precious cousin Maddie was trying to keep up with him on the second cupcake. Lucky for her she doesn’t have the appetite of a hyper little boy. She gave up and Auntie Brooke took it home for later. :)
Jake and Maddie. Cousins pretending to be firemen. We think? We couldn’t quite figure out what they were trying to be, but whatever it was, it so cute.
Jake got a Woody and “baby Buzz and slinky dog” {his words} from Auntie Alisha, Uncle Josh and Baby Jude. Woody also slept with Jake last night, right next to Buzz. :)
Shaving kit from Auntie Bryony and Uncle David. Wish they could have been with us! :(
Brandon and I have been promising Jake two things for his 3rd birthday.
1. A football…
2. And a skateboard. He was so excited about the skateboard that this is the ONLY clear picture I could get of him with it. Doing the little skate tricks he watches the high schoolers do. :)

We love you Jake! Hope you had a fabulous birthday!
And thank you to everyone who joined in and made so many wonderful memories with us. We love and apprieciate you all.

6 thoughts on “Three Years Ago…..

  1. 1
    Audrey says:

    It looks like Jake's 3rd bday was a great success! I wonder if all little boys are enamored with Lightning McQueen, Buzz Lightyear & Woody. :o) Hudson's favorite from his 3rd bday was a Lightning McQueen card that played 'Life is a Highway' when you opened it. If only I could have captured his face! We are excited for Jake and the new year before him. May JESUS be more real to him than ever before. xoxo

  2. 2
    Mand says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday Jake! What a fun party. Amy, love your Brilla!!!

  3. 3
    Alisha says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Jake! We are so glad you love your Toy Story toys…
    You are a very special little boy and we love you dearly.

    Uncle Josh, Auntie Alisha and Baby Jude ;)

  4. 4
    Jenni says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Why did I not realize that our boys' birthday were like so close? Oh my…

    He is so cute and excited about EVERYTHING! Just how a birthday should be!

    It looks like he had some very special parties with very special people! I hope that this year brings great things for the handsome little guy!

    BTW – that picture of him as a brand new baby – I think he is already a dead ringer for your hubby?!

  5. 5
    Kristin says:

    Awwwwwww, I hope your little man had an amazing bday! And I looooove that adorable cake!

  6. 6
    amy says:

    Thanks everyone! We did have a wonderful day {or two, hehe}. Thanks also for your blessings Audrey, that is the most important thing!

    @Mande…ha! I was wondering if someone would notice my brilla! :) I used the last of the polka dot on a black hoodie to experiment. If I can find some more polka dot, I will offer the Brilla in blk form now on. Going to the city {SF} next week to try and find some. Wish me luck! :)

    @Alisha- he LOVES woody!! xoxo

    @Jenni- yes, Jake is definitely Brandon's twin. So unfair, ha! The only consolation I have is that Evy looks like a Wollmer so we're even now.

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