This Weekend

….was one of those crazy weekends. :( Brandon was scheduled to be speaking at a youth workers conference this weekend down in L.A. The kids and I had hoped to go along with him, but some things came up and so at the last minute {literally…like 10:30 PM Thurs eve}, I drove up to my parents, while Brandon left at 5 AM Friday for L.A.
I haven’t discussed it much on this blog, but my Dad is not in good health. And then on top of his health issues, he tore his Achilles Tendon last winter and is now wearing a boot and is using crutches waiting for it to heal. He’s had a rough couple of months. I hope to do a blog post regarding my dad and his health issues later this week or the beginning of next. Please keep him in your prayers…although his issues are not life threatening, they are life changing and it has been very hard for him to adjust to a “new” way of life. Not to mention how difficult it is for the rest of us who have to watch him deal with some of the frustrating issues popping up. 
Anyway, one of the things that “popped” up this weekend {not the most important or major issue, but by far the most exciting}, is that my dad’s little acer notebook that he had been using to browse the internet somehow blew up. A couple years ago when my brother Brad was home for a visit, he helped my dad get all set up with the internet and taught him how to use a computer for the first time in his life. I’m sure it was no easy feat as my dad has NEVER touched anything electronic outside of a cell phone or his answering machine and feels they are VERY confusing. ha. Well, he’s been addicted ever since and pretty much lost it when he realized his computer was a goner. So guess what I spent most of the weekend working on?
Brandon and I have been telling him for months that he needed an ipad. The simplicity of it would be so good for him, we thought. Once I heard that his computer blew, and that I was going to be helping him fix the problem, I called my brother Jeff and asked him what he thought about me introducing Dad to Apple products, specifically the ipad? Of course! was his reply. So I gave my dad my ipad and told him to play around on it. Oh boy, you would have thought he had been attacked by ninja warriors as he was so freaked out by it. So the ipad was nixed. 
So you can imagine my frustration after spending approximately 5 hours driving down to Best Buy and buying the new little acer, hooking it up, calling India to fix the internet connection and doing a little tutorial explaining how to use it to my Dad, when he spent about 10 mins on it and said he didn’t like it. It was confusing. They had changed the keyboard and he couldn’t find anything. He felt like the mouse wasn’t working…blah blah. Guess what he decided he wanted?!?
Yup. An ipad.
And guess who had to go stand in line for one on Sunday morning at 8 am? Right, me. While my dad sat comfortably on the mall bench with his crutches I waited in line and chatted it up with the rest of the desperate crazy people.
I emailed/texted this picture to all my siblings who thought it was hysterical. Brad immediately called from London and is soooo jealous as he wants one so badly but they don’t come out until next week there. I wonder if we’ll be getting a picture of Brad waiting in Oxford Circle for his? ha. 

And no, we didn’t get one. I went back on Monday but still no go. However we had success: my mom went at 7 am this morning and got one. So I am happy to announce that the Wollmer family computer problems are now under control people. Big deal, as you can see. ha. 
Despite some pressing issues this weekend, the kids and I did have a nice time being with my parents. It really was a beautiful weekend. It rained NON STOP the entire time while we were there, but I didn’t mind. My favorite time of year in Santa Rosa is the winter. The rain makes the mountains so misty and beautiful. I tried to take a picture of the valley under my parent’s kitchen window, but realized I forgot my card in the car and it was raining so hard I didn’t feel up to getting it, but just trust me its quite beautiful.
Once it stopped raining, my mom and I took the kids for a walk. They got so muddy but had so much fun. When we got back to the house the snacked on popsciles and watched Veggie Tales. They really had the time of their life. When it was time to leave on Monday, Jake kept saying, “I want to live with Mumsy in Santa Rosa!” ha. Maybe we’ll take my mom up on that one and send him on over…wonder how long that would last?!? :) 
Here’s a few pictures from after the walk…and oh yes, he’s clothe-less because he fell in the mud, remember? ha. :)

Yes, she fell and bumped her head. Every day occurrence over here. ha. 

During one of the many trips to the Apple store that my dad and I took, Jake and my mom built the coolest castle out of blankets and paper popup books. He had so much fun. Heres the front view.

Back view…

And then of course bath time…Jake prefers the bathtub because he likes to slide down side of it like he’s at the pool. You can imagine the mess that makes.
And my Evy girl. She’s a woman after my own heart. A nice hot shower with all the water falling right on you is our bathing technique of choice. Complete with funny faces of course. ha. 

Well, anyway, that’s where I’ve been the last 5 or so days. And in case you’ve been wondering why I haven’t answered any calls or emails, well, my parents get horrible reception up at their house and their internet is pathetically slow. So that’s my disclaimer. :)
Love you all…hope your weekend was FAB!

3 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. 1
    Kelley says:

    And much fun was had by all.

  2. 2
    Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: says:

    Praying for your dad, and your entire family!

    Their shower looks awesome, by the way!

    And YAY for iPads!

  3. 3
    seo says:

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