There’s A Raccoon In Our Kitchen

Well, I’ve been a bit absent this week. Brandon was home most of the week and it was so nice, especially since he left this morning for 8 days. Even though it’s getting a bit easier to have him gone, it definitely is tough on all of us…yet somehow God has given us a strength that’s pretty amazing. Funny how He does that when you are doing what you are supposed to. And I am so proud of Brandon. I don’t think any of us would ever think we would live the life we do, but Brandon has taken his new “job” and run with it. He’s pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. When I was in Texas with him, I got to see first hand what he does and it put my heart at rest somehow….I realized that he loves what he does and he does it well. That makes everyone involved happy, you know? Oh, and I’m still kinda freaking out that he wrote a book. Seriously. What is the world coming too?? :)

So, meanwhile back at the ranch… apparently we have a resident raccoon. Yes, you heard me right… A RACCOON. Crazy right? And just a tad bit scary since they are known to be vicious. Anyway, so this raccoon has eaten all the fruit on of our peach tree. He left little pits on the ground for us as a souvenir. So nice of him, right?

About a month ago I walked out our back door and into our garage and came face to face with him digging through our garbage that we keep by the car. I freaked out and ran back into the house. When I peeked out the door again, IT WAS STILL THERE hiding under the car’s front wheel. Brave, right?? Seriously amazing.

Three nights ago Brandon and I came home from Target and started unloading the car. In our back and forth of bringing things into the house we left both the garage door open and the back door into the garage. Brandon had just emptied the trash can and had placed by the door in our kitchen hallway to take out when he finished unloading the car. We got a little sidetracked and sat down on the couch with the kids while they watched a movie. Suddenly I heard footsteps and rustling around in the kitchen…. at first I thought it was the movie we were watching when I realized it most definitely was somebody in the kitchen. Brandon ripped off his belt and snuck into the kitchen ready to bust his best ninja moves on whoever was trespassing. Guess who it was??

THE RACCOON?!? Evidence of the raccoon visiting our kitchen

That nasty little thing had the guts to actually come inside our house. And when he came face to face with Brandon, he just stared him down. Awesome. Brandon slapped the floor with the belt and he took off, but I have to be honest and tell you I’m a bit freaked out now and thinking it’s time to call pest control to set a trap. I mean, a raccoon that enters your home? Not good.

And then the next morning, a bird flew into our house and took us quite a while to get out. Seriously?!?

I posted the pictures of the raccoon mess and the bird on Instagram and our friend commented that “we bought a zoo”. Ummm, I beginning to think so!! Remember our weekend with the lambs?

Or how about Mrs Fox and her den of little foxes that lived under our porch?

Or the deer that are constantly running {or lounging} around our yard?

And the wild turkeys that annoy the deer?

OR {and this is the absolute worst thing about this house} the spiders?!?

Yup, I most definitely think we bought a zoo. Oh boy. Anyone know anything about pest control and could give us a few pointers?!?

Happy Monday everyone!! xoxo

2 thoughts on “There’s A Raccoon In Our Kitchen

  1. 1

    Love it!! Haha! Miss you!! Hope you are your “zoo” continue doing well!!

  2. 2
    jane says:

    Hmm… might think about building an ARK! lol

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