The Last Supper …

 Today was Jake’s last day in Stockton. He and Brandon left for Santa Rosa tonight; since Jake has school on Tues and Thurs, he will be spending the week with my parents until we arrive on Thursday night with the last Uhaul truck full of our possessions. Since our kitchen is not quite ready, and we have to get the Stockton house ready for our renters to move in on Nov 1, we will be spending the next week with my parents unless we decide to rough it out at the house with no kitchen. :) Either way, we most likely won’t unpack for a week at least. 
Anyway, tonight was Jake’s last meal in our Stockton home. We had Panda Express and the kids goofed off as usual. Brandon and I kept turning away and wiping tears as this leaving our home has become a bit harder than we expected. We kept whispering to each other with memories, such as, “Remember how Jake learned how to walk right here in the kitchen?” So many happy memories in our beautiful home…we just keep remembering and wiping tears.
Thankfully the kids are a bit clueless and have no idea what’s really going on. They just love to have fun…
Evy and I will be sticking around here in Stockton and finishing up all the packing until Wednesday when Brandon will come home and help us pack the uhaul. Evy has been enjoying her last week with her beloved babysitters. They have had Evy since before she was a year old and she loves Ashley and Alexis so very much. She will miss them!!
And some exciting news….my parents are kind enough to do a little update to our kitchen, which includes countertops. My dad has a lady who installs marble and granite and she gave him a pretty good deal on installation and the material we chose is this simple honed White Carrara Marble. Not fancy or polished, just very old world. Brandon and I drove into the South bay to pick it out. Here’s our slab, however there is a horrible shadow being cast from my figure, so ignore that. Overall its a nice white grayish color. So excited!
So, since I’m feeling a bit down, I spent the evening praying while cleaning the kitchen and reminding God that we are doing this for Him and asking Him to keep his Hand on our lives. Also had a lovely chat with my mom…she listened while I cried. My parents have moved so much that she doesn’t feel the same way about moving as I do, but she quietly reminded me that I am a homebody and so these things will hit me harder. She is so right. She encouraged me to think about our new home and the memories we will make there as well as how at home I will feel there once I get my “life” in place there. That is exciting. :) 
Sadly, I didn’t have much time to get depressed as I turned around saw this:
Right, that’s my laundry that is waiting for me to be done. Ha. So I am enjoying one of my last nights in our Stockton home attacking laundry while watching the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice for about the millionth time. Something about that makes me smile. So I am good. Thank you Jesus for such a great life! :)
Big hugs friends!
Oh PS, my dear friend Joy just informed me that authorities have confirmed a Santa Rosa mosquito was infested with the West Nile Virus and that it wasn’t too late to remain in Stockton. HAHA. That gave me a good laugh. Love you Joy.

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