The Diana Wrap and Brilla Cut Offs

Well, everyone. This is it. The end of the Spring Previews.
I have to admit I do have a couple more items to add to the line up, but American Apparel has had some trouble getting grey thread and one of my new items is on backorder, so I will wait to show you that one. :)
Before we venture into the last two designs, I just want to say a couple things. First, THANK YOU to all of you who have left kind words on my facebook wall, the comment section of this blog, or via email. As a mom of two little ones and wife to a very busy youth pastor, I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to pull my hair out and wonder why in the world I am doing what I am doing!? ha. But seriously, you have warmed my heart with all your love and support and I really wish that I met all of you in person and give you a big hug. I really, really love and appreciate you all, so very much. And I do pray for all of you, that God blesses you as much as you have all blessed me. :)
That being said, I feel I need to explain a little bit about myself.
I am a VERY casual person, but yet I LOVE femininity. On any given day, you will find me in a comfortable top, comfortable ballet flats, my Tom’s, or my uggs, with a ruffle-y skirt of some sort. Girlie stuff with a effortless edge is ME. And everything I buy MUST be versatile to dress up or dress down and be comfortable. MUST. My lifestyle does not allow me the time to change much and, since I work out of my house, I must be able to look decent at any given moment, but yet still feel like I can crawl all over the floor measuring material, change a diaper, find a lost toy, etc.
My house? Ever heard of Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic? Well, I subscribe to her EVERY design idea. Old broken down, un-liked  items? They find a place in my house. Old flakey, wicker chairs? They serve as my dinning room table chairs. Vintage, cracked paintings? Framed in my house. My mom’s old cast off dishes? Loved and cherished by the Miraflor family.
Hopefully this is helping you understand me a bit better. I tell you all this because I feel its the motivating factor behind Evy’s Tree. You see, Evy’s Tree has taken something as boring, plain, blah as the hoodie and made it something you would feel proud to wear out of the house. To work even. Maybe even out to  dinner. Nothing about these hoodies are meant to be perfect. They are cut up, chopped off, redone. Edges are left raw, detail is at a minimum. Don’t like something about Evy’s Tree hoodies?? We encourage you to grab your scissors and chop away until you find the right size of the ruffle, the correct sleeve length, etc. And washing?? Please do. It just makes Evy’s Tree items look better. Iron? Uh, no. Don’t bother…they will all come unwrinkled if you simple spray with a water bottle and hang for a bit.
So that being said, I’d like to introduce you to my first made from scratch item here at Evy’s Tree. It’s called the Diana Wrap, after my mother in law Diana. She is the one who has taught me to sew and she helped me create the pattern for this item. In fact, I would not be sewing if it wasn’t for her, she taught me everything I know. I love her. This wrap is not a new idea, I have to admit. I bought a similar one from Nordstrom several months ago, but it attached with a button, which I hated, as I wanted to wear it open with my PJ’s or be able to throw it over my shoulder when I was running errands. I’m sure there are many of these out there, but this is Evy’s Tree version. I hope you all love it.  I love to wear this with my ruffle denim skirt, leggings and flats, but you could wear it with your jeans, dress pants, PJ’s whatever. It’s oh so cozy and looks simply AMAZING on. It comes in four colors, sizes S-XL. They run true to size and come with a kiltie pin to pin the side if you wish. They DO NOT come with the ribbon I used to embellish it with. That’s up to you to do if you wish….I love to wear mine that way. :) They can be worn pinned on the side, thrown over the shoulder, or open.
The Diana Wrap
…in charcoal
…in silver peony
…in Coral Rose
…and lastly, in grey. This one is made out of sweatshirt material. PERFECT Saturday morning wrap.
Oh boy, I LOVE THESE WRAPS. Kelsey, my assistant, says she wants one in every color! :) ha.
And lastly, a little fun. People always tell me they love the Brilla flower but want something a little more understated than all the ruffles that comes on the Brilla. So if that’s you, you’ll love this next one. This is made out of a pullover hoodie with the hood cut off, the lower arms cut off and replaced with tight ribbing material and finished off with a Brilla flower.
Can I be honest??
Seriously. I wear it at least twice a week. It looks so cute thrown over a tee. And it’s supposed to be slouchy, BTW. The small is what I wear and I think I want my next one to be a medium, I want it slouchier. :) I also have this one in black, but will debut that one next week. Oh, and I only have several size run of these guys, so buy while you can as I found the arm material in L.A. and bought every last bit. :)
The Brilla Cutoff
…in navy.
and in grey…
Well everyone. That’s it. WHEW. I’ll be glad when these are all listed and DONE! ha.
All the Spring items will be listed on my etsy site {HERE} for preorder with a 3 week turnaround time tomorrow, Friday, February 11 at 1PM PST {California time}. Only one size run of each item will be listed. 
Oh yes, I have been asked about pricing. I will do a blog post later tonight with all the prices, so stay tuned.
Ok…want to win one of these items?? Well, here’s what you do:
1. Click “Share” under this photo that is listed on FB…
… and tell all your friends about Evy’s Tree, then come back and comment under the photo ON FACEBOOK saying you did.
2. Blog about this blog post TODAY, using at least one of the pictures from his post and link back to this site, then come back and comment on this post saying you did. 
3. Follow this blog and say that you do under this blog post = extra point
4. Tweet this giveaway and come back and say you did on this blog post=extra point. Can be done daily.
Giveaway for one of these hoodies will end Friday at 11AM PST. I will pick TWO winners on Friday and name those winners in a blog post tomorrow just before I list the items. 
And the winners of the grey cardigan or Geometric Brilla?
On Facebook the winner is:

And the blog giveaway:

Congrats ladies!!! And super excited about this winning as Alisha is actual a very dear friend and I know she will be very excited!! :)
See you all tomorrow on etsy!
love to you all!!

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    And I wasn't on the computer yesterday, but I just have to tell you how in LOVE I am with all of the new hoodies and the cardi! I am trying to decide which hoodie I can't live without (I think it's all of them, but my PayPal account and husband would disagree!)


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    I'd like to have the dark blue with the light blue flower! Love it! Hope I win! Katherine

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