Tell A Friend, Get a $100

How’d you like a $100 credit to our shop? Well, we’ve got an easy way…do you have friends? You do?? AWESOME!! Do you have friends who have never bought from Evy’s Tree? Even more awesome!! Here’s what you need to do…

Every day I’ll post a picture up on our facebook page/instagram page/twitter account to share with your friends. Here’s where you get credit:

ENCOURAGE THEM TO BUY SOMETHING…. and then tell them to write your name in the notes to seller when they buy. THEY MUST WRITE YOUR NAME OR YOU WILL NOT GET CREDIT.

So your picture sharing on facebook may sound like this:

“Have you liked Evy’s Tree yet? GO BUY SOMETHING and make sure to mention me in the notes to seller so I can win a $100 to their shop!”

or your Instagram picture sharing may sound like this:

“Have you purchased something from @evystree yet? GO BUY SOMETHING and be sure to mention my name in the notes to seller so I can win a $100 to their shop! #evystree” **Be sure to hashtag evystree on all instagram photos!

**So here’s the thing, you don’t really have to share the photo to win, you can tell your friends in person, or call your best friend in another state…either way, if a friend makes a purchase and puts your name down, it counts. Make sense?

We will keep a running list of all the names that come in and the name with the most referrals at the end of the month will get a $100 credit to the shop. Not bad for a little PR, huh? :) We’ll try this for the month of March and if it works and we generate enough interest, then we’ll keep it going every month.

So let’s get started, yes? Tonight the Sophie is going live in the shop {HERE}, so the photo I’m going to put up on the facebook wall and on Instagram is this one:

Can you share it? Thank you friends! Big hugs and good luck! xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Tell A Friend, Get a $100

  1. 1
    Crystal says:

    Happily shared!

  2. 2
    Stacey R. says:

    I shared it! and liked it. SO CUTE!

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