Team Ashley: Boom Town Brillas

I am so excited! A while back my seamstress dropped off a couple bins of “left over” fabric. Inside one of the bins was enough strips to do one size run of both adults and kids Boom Town Brillas. I squealed for joy as I thought I was completely out of fabric.

In case you are new around here and are just getting acquainted with Evy’s Tree and/or Lil Blue Boo, last fall I designed a hoodie to match Ashley’s Fall 2011 Boom Town line. I started doing this after Ashley so sweetly asked me to collaborate with her on Spring Line last year. It’s always super fun to do things like this with another designer.

So the last couple of days I’ve been feeling a bit bummed as money is EXTREMELY tight and I would love to give something to donation fund before the auction. But just not going to happen around here this month. Maybe not even next month. Boo. So as I started pulling that fabric out I had a great idea…why not make a bunch up and donate all the proceeds to Ashley’s fund?!? Gives me and YOU a chance to do something for Ashley. AWESOME.

So if you are interested….

Adult HERE


Thanks friends for all you do to help Ashley. I’m so excited about this. It feels so good to help someone else once in a while, yes? :)


2 thoughts on “Team Ashley: Boom Town Brillas

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    Alison Challacombe says:

    Please get a copy of the article “Could this be the end of Cancer? It is by Sharon Begley and was published in Newsweek magazine on Dec 19, 2011. It is about the science of fighting cancer with vaccines and the amazing results they are having. My father has said for years that the cut burn and poison treatment for cancer will never bring a cure. After my mother passed away 15 years ago from breast cancer and watching the same treatments being used, this article gives hope. My niece sent me the hair shaving video via facebook. you don’t know me but I was moved by the video and wanted to share with Ashley that there is hope, she can research the International Cancer Advocacy Network (ICAN). There are vaccines for several types of cancer that are working, it’s not very well publicized.

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    Kristen Katula says:

    I cannot believe I missed this! :( so sad. They are adorable, Amy! Gorgeous!

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