TEAM ASHLEY: Auction Sneak Peek and Info

The auction is just a couple days away…are you ready? How about a little preview of a couple items that will be available? Seriously, the items offered are AMAZING. As I have said previously, we have over 200 items up for grabs, we sincerely hope that you find something you love in the auction that you are willing to spend some big money on.

BUT…can’t keep up with auctions? Feel the prices get higher than you can afford? No worries…give whatever you can through the donate button on the sidebar! We’ll keep that button up for a while, so even after or during the auction is acceptable. Hope this helps some of you who want to give, but not through an auction.

Now, the auction….

First, I have to mention a very special touch you might find throughout the auction. Many of the talented designers have used this amazing fabric created by Stephanie Corfee {who is also AMAZING, more on her in a second}. It is an exclusive fabric so keep an eye out for it on auction pieces…

 Now on to some sneak peeks of items that will be up for grabs in the auction.

This stunning quilt from Jaybird Quilts.

The fabulous set from the oh so popular Chimi and Changa

Remember Stephanie Corfee?  She put together this gorgeous set, one of a kind of course! See? Amazing, right?

And last but not least…hold onto your seats doll lovers. A one of a kind Bamboletta doll made just for Team Ashley. WOW!

And that’s just a fraction of what will be up for grabs!! Oh, there will be some Evy’s Tree…BTW! :)

Again, don’t want to particpate in the auction, but still want to help? At risk of repeating myself, DONATE BUTTON. ha. :) But you can also purchase some Evy’s Tree hoodies {read HERE} as well as hop on over to Soren Lorensen…she is doing a little fundraiser for Ashley as well {click HERE}.

Need to catch up on all the auction info? click HERE

Again, every little bit helps! Big hugs to you all and be sure to come back on Monday for the auction shopping cart reveal and the auction! WHOOHOO! :)

PS…PLEASE pin this!! Click pin it below…pinterest is such a great way to help spread the word about Ashley. If you are feeling really gutsy, pin all the photos individually. Thanks friends! xoxo

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2 thoughts on “TEAM ASHLEY: Auction Sneak Peek and Info

  1. 1
    Vicki Turner says:

    Amy, I would like to donate money for Team Ashley, but don’t want to use PayPal. Do you have an address where I could send a check? And, who would I make it out to?

  2. 2
    Heather G. says:

    Love it all! GOOOOO Team Ashley!

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