Sometimes the Bad = Good

Hello everyone. I have been so very absent again. Life has just been insane as of late. There have been so many things that I wish I had time to blog about, but I just can’t find one spare moment to do so… between my husband’s crazy new schedule, Evy’s Tree fall line and website launch, Jake starting school, etc, its just been super hectic over here. I’m sure you all understand and probably feel similar with school starting up for many of you as well.
One of my dearest friends on the planet texted me today. Normally her texts to me are LONG {ha!} so I was shocked when this one simply said, “Are you doing ok?” I simply responded, “yes, why?” And her response was, “Ok, well even if we can’t chat all the time I ‘keep tabs’ on you through FB/Twitter/Pinterest and you’ve been absent for a couple days so I got worried, that’s all.”
HA. oh boy. I started thinking maybe I should do an update or something so people don’t worry about me. :) 
Sooo…I’ve been thinking a lot about “bad” things that happen to you and how they affect you, usually for positive. I’ve spent a lot of time the last couple of weeks thinking back on my life and remembering going through some really tough, frustrating times where I was wondering where in the world God was in all of it. I’ve been connecting the dots and coming to conclusions….
Bad often equals good. 
Isn’t that crazy?!? But it’s so true. God sometimes allows us to feel pain, frustration, confusion, etc to STRENGTHEN us and help us in the future look back and realize, “hey, that turned out alright, I’m a better person because of it!” Thinking this way really brings “all things work together for good…” {Romans 8:28} into perspective and remind us that ALL THINGS really do work together. It’s an amazing thought.
I thought about this specifically in reference to my dear friend Heidi. I’ve mentioned her before on this blog, but I’m not sure if I ever mentioned that she dated my brother for 4 years during college. During those 4 years, Heidi and I became like sisters. My mom became her mom. She became part of our family. When she and my brother broke up, I was heartbroken. When she married someone else, I was so sad…not because I wasn’t happy for her, but I felt we never be able to be close like we once were. 
But over time, our friendship reconnected. About 6 years ago, she and her husband were voted in as pastors of my mom’s church {so crazy, I know, especially since Heidi wasn’t even from Santa Rosa!!}. My mom became her Ladies Leader and Heidi started becoming part of our family again. My husband her husband have become very close over the years and our kids ADORE each other. In fact, Jacob will tell you he is going to marry Emma Love and that Joshua is his best friend. We are that close. 
What I thought was a horrible thing, way back when my brother and Heidi broke up, was really not. It turned out just fine in the end. It really is “good”. Amazing, I know.

Heidi, my mom and me.

To be honest, I’m talking about this incident because I have a picture of us all to go along with it! Ha. But really, there are so many other things in my life that I realize bad has turned into good. It’s quite amazing, if I do say so. Maybe you know what I mean?
Big hugs to you all. Thank God for His love, mercy and grace and His ability to make ALL THINGS work together for good, yes?

3 thoughts on “Sometimes the Bad = Good

  1. 1
    Kelley says:

    Identify completely. A lovely post. "All [good and bad] things…

  2. 2
    Mandy says:

    Sweet post. But, you made me laugh at the end. Cute picture!

  3. 3
    Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: says:

    Great post, and I love the picture of you three!

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