So Thankful For Family

Brandon’s family came to Santa Rosa on Friday night. I just have to tell you all, I am so thankful for them. They are amazing. His parents would give everything they have to the ones they love and when they have given all, they would give the clothes off their back. That’s just the way they are.

Brandon’s sister Bryony, her husband David and their kids Scout and Lincoln, also came, along with Angel, Brandon’s brother Bryson’s son. My mom in law bought season passes for the grandkids to Discovery Kingdom {formerly Marine World} and she was eager to get them started. It’s going to be a fun summer with those things! :)

Everyone arrived late Friday eve and Saturday morning we woke up and had Pancakes, fruit and homemade scones.

Bryony’s homemade scones are AMAZING. I’m trying to get her and David to do a Food Friday on them. I think you’ll love them!

My dad came over for breakfast and brought a snake he found in a box of some mass produced items his company had made in China. He thought the snake came all the way from China and was so excited about it. We spent breakfast time looking up Chinese snakes on the internet with the nasty thing sitting on our table hissing at us all.

Brandon put the picture up on his twitter and we figured out {thanks to some snake smart friends} that the snake is just a plain ole’ garden snake that must have burrowed it’s way into the box here in America. My dad was bummed. ha.

After breakfast and the snake excitement, the kids got ready to go with Grandma. Only the older ones went this time…. and they were excited!

Meanwhile, Grandpa went with me to get some new chairs off Craigslist…

Aren’t they so darling? I’m fixing them up this weekend. Can’t wait to show you what I do to them. One of the arms was broken and the chair was a bit wobbily so Grandpa fixed it for me. SO thankful for him.

He also fixed up this chair…I’m excited to show you what we did with it!

After Lincoln and Evy took a little nap, Bryony, Grandpa and the kids and I headed down to Petaluma to meet up with Brandon and David, who were taking picture in San Francisco. Oh, one thing about their trip to SF….they happened upon a couple in the middle of a marriage proposal on Mt. Tamalpais! Sooo cool!!

We ate in Petaluma and then wandered around for a bit. Evy loves being with her Grandpa!

One of our favorite spots in Petaluma is this old wall off Petaluma Blvd. It’s a facade of a building and a great photo op. We took a few shots of the twinsie cousins Lincoln and Evy. SO precious!

On Sunday we spent the morning together {Brandon was speaking out of town for the night}. Grandpa was able to accomplish a BIG job…he fixed all the sprinkler system around our house!! That was HUGE!! There were spouts going off to no where and some plants weren’t even getting any water. I am so glad because now that means we can get bark to make our yard look a bit better! WHOOHOO, one step closer to being fully moved in! :) And my dad and Art mapped out the guest bathroom remodel. YES!!

Just before dinner, my dad took Art for a ride in his ’36. He was in Heaven. So cute. And I’m so glad my dad and my father in law get along and are friends. That is not common and I’m so thankful for it!

Today my mom is taking the kids to the church picnic. I had plans to go, but I had an urgent business issue come up so I will be locked away in the studio for the rest of the afternoon. I hope you all remember to say a prayer for the families of loved ones who were lost protecting our country. So thankful for them!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! xoxo

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