Slide Time

Brandon’s sister and brother in law, their kiddos and Brandon’s mom came up last night. Today we stopped by the pumpkin patch.

We had so much fun. The slide was a huge hit. Of course, we need to credit David for these great images.

I think I have a dare devil on my hands

And Grandma got in on the fun too….

And Bryony. She is intensely terrified of heights, but Lincoln HAD to have her join them on the slide…

And if that doesn’t share the emotion she was feeling, how about this one?

{Oh and we should mention that Lincoln left his shoes back in Stockton, so he borrowed Evy’s hot pink Nikes. Didn’t phase him. ha}

Oh and we can’t leave out our photographer’s self portrait…

I was watching from the sidelines and taking selfies…

Love him for putting up with me.

Grandma and her babies….

Left to right, Jacob, Scout, Evelyn, Lincoln, Levi and Grandma

So afterwards we hit up the local taqueria and then Bryony insisted on us having this…

We cut them all up and taste tested them. Like wedding cake tasting. It was so delicious. Ignore the look on my face, I know I look slightly scary.

And in case you were wondering what our late nights look like over here. Well….here you go. For your viewing enjoyment.

Over and out friends. Love you all.


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