Signs Of The Times

Signs that I am getting old:
1. I lost my sunglasses several days ago. This is a BIG deal as I have had these sunglasses for over 4 years {amazing record for me} and I am very attached to them. Not to mention that I seriously cannot see while driving without them. It is a hazard to have me on the road sans glasses. 
Anyway, you would think I would be jumping up and down for joy over the fact that I have lost them as it really is time for a new pair and who doesn’t love getting new {and a little more stylish, in my case} sunglasses?
Um, no.
This was a very horribly depressing thing to me. I loved my glasses. And when I arrived at Nordy’s tonight and started looking, I about had a heart attack over the prices and the massive amounts of choices. I practically wear the same thing every day, for crying out loud. Obviously I don’t care much about my looks. I just wanted my old glasses back. 
So as I tried on every pair in the case {while Brandon waited in the car with two out of control kids}, I finally found my old pair. And they were the cheapest pair there. Even though the two very hip sales associates assured me that several other pairs looked much nicer and much more “current” {their words}, I walked out with the same glasses I have had for 4 years. 
Like a little old lady. Oh boy.
2. I occasionally succumb to the fashion trends. Only because I am desperate and don’t care anymore if they are REALLY my style or not. I want comfort. Even if it means ugly. Like my Nannie had every color boring Ferragamo flats under the sun when she got older {because they were “comfortable”} I will be the old lady with every ugg, every puma, basically anything comfortable that is showcased up and front at Nordy’s.
{And yes, I buy anything at that store. Maybe someday we’ll see Evy’s Tree there…by faith! ha.}
Anyway, tonight I saw a mob of people surrounding a table and peeked over their shoulders to see what the fuss was about. Oh boy. Toms. 
Confession {and you can stone me for this if you’d like. And yes I realize I am using a lot parenthesis tonight}: I kinda think they are ugly. But we are going on a family vacation in a couple weeks and I needed something a little more versatile than my uggs and my pumas. So I tried them on. And they were super comfy. And they are hip. And in. So I don’t have to think about if they are considered cute or not. It was obvious by the mass of 20 somethings that they were. So there you have it. 
I have now become a bonafide blindfolded consumer. And to further put a nail in my coffin, I bought Evy a pair too. 
3. This is by far the worst. Brace yourselves all my dear friends who know me so well. 
I willingly chose to get a “green” tree this year. All by myself. I suggested it. And by “green” I mean a NON flocked tree. 

How can this be you ask? Well, several reasons but the top two are : Money and Mess. Which means the green tree without the flock is less money and less mess of white specks everywhere. Why does this matter? Well, every penny we have goes back into Evy’s Tree and the Evy’s Tree “factory” is in the living room so I do not want ANY white flocked bits floating around. 
So green it is. Again, WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?
I guess this all means that I have really grown up and am starting to look at life through different lenses. Tonight as I wandered around the mall with my overburdened stroller, my two wild kiddos who ran like maniacs around, and my very handsome husband who kept reaching over and giving me little kisses on the cheek here and there….
I realized that life is not about what I thought it was many years ago. It’s not about the things that used to be so important. It’s about family. And love. Faith and happiness. And “beautiful” or “expensive” things aren’t always top on your list with those other things. 
I guess I am thinking about this because 10 years ago I used to be so fashion forward. I shopped all the time {because I had money and time! ha} and would die if I had to wear the same thing twice. But tonight as I walked around the mall, I could care less if I stepped foot in H&M, JCrew, or Anthro {well, ok, I could sit peacefully in Anthro for hours, so that’s a bad example, ha}. I had way more fun in Pottery Barn kids watching my babies play with the kitchen, the dollhouses and the wooden cars. 
So I guess I am proud to say that I am “old”. And I suppose that in itself is a sign of the times.
But please…
shoot me if my shoes EVER look like this:

These are my Dad’s 30 year old beloved penny loafers that apparently he bought at Penny’s a while back. Before we were leaving for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, my mom looked at my rug and said, “Oh, Ron, you must stop walking you are tracking dirt around everywhere!”
My Dad stopped for minuted and examined things and nope, it wasn’t dirt…it was the bottom of his shoe! It had literally exploded from age!! ha! And because my Dad is such a frugal person, he wore the shoes to dinner at Wine and Roses. When we left there was rubber scattered all over that floor and my Dad’s sock was showing through the bottom of the shoes.
No, I’m not kidding.
We kept telling him good thing he wasn’t on an airplane when it happened as the TSA would probably arrest him for being a shoe bomber! haha. 
But again, I guess not caring is a sign of the times because my Dad obviously doesn’t care one bit. About anything like that really. Must be a really peaceful life.
So pass the sofa and Centrum….it’s a wonderful and blessed life! :)
Oh PS hopefully tomorrow I will share my tree with you. It turned out really cute!

6 thoughts on “Signs Of The Times

  1. 1
    Dear Lillie says:

    Haha – laughed out loud reading this post several times! I feel your pain – I am getting so old too!!!!!!

  2. 2
    cheyenne says:

    ooh we love our toms…i have 7 pairs! robert is the same way! they are all we wear. we have our "dressy" toms and our "casual" toms. one pair has become my gardening toms because i wore them out like your dad's penny loafers! :) so congrats on joining the one for one team! it really is a great cause!

  3. 3
    Emily says:

    You are so funny – and this post was SO ME…

    I go through phases where I want to be fashionable and wear the trends and such, and I'll try for a day or two…then I'll give up when I realize that I JUST DON'T CARE. I'll wear the same shoes until my sister yells at me for wearing the same old trashy shoes for YEARS. Then she'll pick out new stuff for me. haha :) Or I'll go shopping and text pictures of stuff to my more fashionable friends and ask, "are these ugly?"

    I have to admit I was just online looking at Toms, and I decided that I do like the wedges, but I'm CHEAPO and don't want to pay the price for them. Seriously $30 for shoes is kinda my max. (which is probably why my feet always hurt!)

    Anyway, sounds like your priorities are where they should be my dear. love ya :)

  4. 4
    Jenni says:

    cheers to being "old" friend! ha! i am in the same boat!

    this was such a silly and sweet post to read and i feel you on the sunglasses (mine are from the swapmart when they were going out of business 2 for $5)! never heard of the toms either, but am off to check them out!

    love the (parenthesis) writing too! a girl after my own heart! did i tell you how happy i am that you are posting again?! missed you!

  5. 5
    SoShawna says:

    Oh man you should see my closet….such old worn out clothes…lol…as I sit here in my comfy yoga pants and a tank top. Old lady clothes! But comfy is key…

    I like the Toms shoes and want to buy some eventually. Ugly? Maybe. Comfy? Yes. Good cause? Yep. So that's good priorities, right?

    Love you!

  6. 6
    Kelley says:

    Welcome to normal, dearie.

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