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A couple of weeks back I got an email from a blogging friend, Amy, over at Buggie and Jellybean, asking if I would like to donate to a worthy cause. Her friend Emily, who blogs about her family over at The Anderson Crew and her husband were adopting a little girl from Ethiopia and they need to raise $12,000.00 to do it. The story she shared with me was just so touching and when I hopped over to her blog and checked it all out, I realized I really wanted to help with this cause.
So I sent over two hoodies, a Mini Ronnie and Pink Lemonade Brilla. And Emily packaged them into bundles and has them now posted on her blog, where you can donate to enter the giveaway.  These bundles are seriously cool and I feel actually very honored to be included in this. I hope it does so much good for her family and I hope they get that precious baby home before Christmas.
Click HERE to check it all out, including the rules.
And HERE is the Ronnie hoodie
And HERE is the pink lemonade hoodie.
I hope you run over RIGHT NOW and check it out as the giveaways close on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Share the Love

  1. 1
    emily says:

    thanks for posting about this—and for donating to our bundles! your hoodies were such a great addition!

  2. 2

    Would you be desirous about exchanging hyperlinks?

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