Hello all. I know, I know, I’m on a blogging roll. Don’t get too excited, just when I get geared up and off and running, I poop out for a couple weeks. So expect an absence coming up shortly. ha. 
Anyway, I want to mention a huge thank you once again to all of my kind friends who commented on the “Can Not” post. I also appreciate those of you who read the post and texted or called me. That really meant so much to me. I love you guys and really appreciate your love and support, but especially your honesty as many of you have felt the same way and it feels so good to know that. 
Sometime yesterday I was going through my emails and I came across an email blast from Baby Center advertising THIS ARTICLE on their website. I don’t normally read these email blasts as they come to my old email account and to be honest, I get so many blasts from so many companies in that account I tend to just end up ignoring most of them. In fact, I think I have 4,000 emails in that account that I need to clean up! ha. Oh boy, I digress as usual.
Anyway, the headline in the email blast really caught my attention: “Life Made Easier, Real Mom Tips”. Sheesh who doesn’t want an easier life?!? So I skipped over and read the article and boy did I get me thinking. I was still thinking about it last night as I went to bed and told Brandon about it, and this morning when I woke up I had a good talk with the Lord regarding it.
The article deals with a schedule and how to stay organized. I found it very interesting as Amber Gilliam {who was my first commenter on the Can Not post} talked about how she, “Schedules, prioritizes and organizes” and that really caught my attention since I can’t really say I am very good at that. In fact, I am coming to find out that I have a slight {ok maybe giant} fear of commitment {which explains why it took me forever to decide to marry Brandon, but again, I digress}. I don’t like to be “boxed in” in any way, shape or form. I like things to flow and, as Sam Hassas described me perfectly during one of our photo shoots, “fly by the seat of my pants”. I really love the feeling that I am able to pull things together without much planning. But we all know that NEVER helps us be successful and get us anywhere.
I find it very interesting that I choose to be a teacher as planning and schedules are the first thing you are required to do. But even then, I did mine in pencil so I could erase and change at will. Not sure why that made me feel so much better, but allowing for change is a MUST in my life. With that being said however, I have to give myself some credit. I DO have a schedule. And I DO have a way of organizing. You can read that HERE.  It’s just been a while since I’ve tweaked it, especially since Evy’s Tree is a little more well oiled and sustainable at this point, now I need to focus on me and my family so I don’t have to have a “Can Not” weekend again. You feel me?
So I am going to share my schedule with you and I would LOVE if you would share yours in the comment section.  What areas do you feel you are good at, what do you need to improve? Do you work?  Or maybe work from home like me? I’m interested in how you make it all work! After reading the Baby Center email, I realized I lack in one huge area: Food Preparation. In fact, I haven’t been doing much cooking at all, mainly because I don’t want to smell up the house and send out stinky hoodies {even though they are mostly in the garage and in bins, I do worry about that} and also because I am so tired by the time dinner time comes around, we end up eating take out or something VERY easy, like mac and cheese. Ugh. I hate that. 
NOTE: this is the “ideal” schedule. As all schedules are, its very fluid and can change a lot. Just want to mention that ha. 
6:30 AM: Brandon’s alarm goes off. We get up somewhere between 6:30-7 depending on the day.
7:00 -7:30AM: Wake Jake up for school. While Brandon is showering, I dress Jake, get him fed and make his and Evy’s lunch. He is waiting by the door usually by 7:30 ish.
7:35ish: Brandon and Jake leave. Brandon takes him to the church and Jake stays there for a bit until its time for Brandon to run him to school.
7:30-8:30: I pray, read my Bible, eat, exercise {if I have time, must work that in better!!} empty dishwasher, make bed.
8:30 Evy up. While she eats, I take a shower and dress {sometimes. ha. Sometimes I take her to sitters in my PJs if she isn’t cooperating and then shower when I get home. :)}
9:00 leave for sitters. Drop Evy off.
9:30 Start work. Jen, and now Sarah as well, are usually here by 9 and start without me.
12:30 PM- 1:00PM Brandon picks Jake up from school and comes home for a quick lunch.
1:45 PM Jake and I pick up Evy from Sitters.
2:00 PM  Kelsey arrives and starts organizing inventory, ruffling, or cutting. Naptime for both kids. I usually have to lay down with Jake to get him to settle down. This takes about 20 mins. Team works without me.
2:30 PM Kelsey and I keep working.
4:00 PMish. Kids up from nap, give snack, start a video, usually Leap Frog as its educational and I like that. :)
**NOTE: This is when I should start dinner. I do not. I usually keep working. MUST WORK ON THAT!!
5:30 PM Brandon comes home from work. I scramble for food {see, not good. :(}
6:30 PM Kelsey leaves, we eat dinner.
7:00 PM bathtime. Brandon bathes the kids while I clean up the kitchen area.
7:30- 8:00 or 8:30 PM: Play with kids. Maybe watch a video, color, or just connect. If Jake has really destroyed his room that day, we spend that hour cleaning it. ALL of us. ha. Even Evy.
8:30-9:00 Bedtime. Evy goes RIGHT to sleep, Jake comes out  A LOT for random things. 
9:00- 10:30 or11:00 PM- Adult time. Usually we spend the first 30 minutes cleaning up the living room and I’ll clean the factory really good and maybe vacuum. Sometimes we do laundry or just sit and return emails together. Yes, we live a charmed life. HA. 
10:30 PM- I really try to be in bed by 10:30, but sometimes it’s 11. 
Some things I feel I could change:
1. Menu planning on the weekend. I think if Brandon and I could sit down and plan the entire evening meals for the week on Friday, when I shop I could be more organized and then it wouldn’t be such a stress to make things at the last minute.
2. Bedtime. It’s very hard for us, as youth pastors especially, to get to bed early. Brandon is NOT a early to bed kind of guy, and I have to confess that I really love the quiet of the evening hours while the kids are sleeping. When we have youth functions, its just too hard for us to move things around for the kids, so its better to keep our schedules a bit more open in the evenings. With that being said, I’d really like to shoot for 10:30 bedtime. I think I would be popping out of bed at 6:30 instead of dragging!!
3. Exercise. I would like to try to make more room for it. 
So anyway, I’m interested in your schedule and how you make it work. Would you please give me a quick breakdown of your day? It doesn’t need to be long and drawn out. {Ahem, AMBER GILLIAM please reply. haha.} I’m super interested in how you all prioritize, etc. 

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    Lana Lyman says:

    I have 2 kiddos and stay at's a run down of our daily schedule (M-F, weekends flex more)

    7a.m. Shae' wakes/eats
    7:30a.m. I lay her on playmat while I fix myself/Carter breakfast
    8a.m. Carter wakes, we eat breakfast together
    8:30a.m. Carter watches video, Shae' is still in floor playing, I check emails, FB, make beds, start laundry, clean kitchen, etc.
    9a.m. put Shae' down for nap (usually have to rock her for 5-10 min)
    9:30a.m. Playtime for Carter in basement while I get on treadmill (also in basement), then I do more cleaning (bathrooms, dusting, etc)
    11a.m. Shae' wakes/eats
    11:30-11:45a.m. Fix lunch for Carter/myself
    12p.m. We sit down to eat lunch together, Shae' sits in bouncer on kitchen floor
    12:30p.m. Carter has roomtime, I clean up from lunch and vacuum/mop, Shae' sits in bouncer still watching me
    1p.m. both kids go down for nap, I shower, have my devotional time here and occasionally will lay down for a quick catnap
    3p.m. Shae' wakes/eats
    3:30p.m. Baby Einstein for Shae'/playmat time/mommy time, bathtime for baby (any of these can happen here)
    4-5p.m. Carter wakes sometime during this hour, has snack and watches a video
    5p.m. Shae' goes down for catnap, I prepare dinner, carter plays
    5:30-5:45p.m. Shae' wakes, sits in kitchen with me while I finish dinner
    6p.m. Tom gets home, we sit down to dinner
    6:30p.m.-7p.m. I feed Shae' and put her to bed, then clean up kitchen (sometimes I can get this done before feeding her)
    7p.m. Carter gets a bath (usually given by daddy) and we enjoy a few minutes together in the living room
    7:45p.m. Story time for Carter, prayers, etc.
    8p.m. Carter is in bed, lights out
    8-10p.m. Adult time
    10p.m. Wake baby for a quick feeding (she sleeps the whole time) change diaper, put her right back to bed–this takes about 20 minutes.
    10:30p.m. I'm in the bed, lights out

    ***This varies at times….days when we go out, the evening can vary quite a bit (I've had Shae' in bed for the entire night by 8p.m. the last 2 nights and it's been wonderful!)

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    Nicole G says:

    Ha, I don't think my schedule would help you. With working 30 hrs a week, a hubby that is gone most weeks Monday – Friday, 2 kids in school, and extracuricular activities….mornings get pretty crazy for us.

    One of the best time saving (and sanity) saving things I do is to get EVERYTHING ready to go for the morning the night before–hang my purse/keys and the kids backpacks by the door, pack lunches, lay out the kids clothes on their floor. I also have a bfast schedule so the kids (and I) know exactly what they are having based on the day of the week.

    My big struggle is dinner also. I am soo with you there!! I am often too tired to really cook, but hate doing prepackaged stuff too often. I am always on the lookout for 20 min. meals that are healthy and kid friendly.

  3. 3
    Jen | Our Life Accounts says:

    Since I don't have kids, I'm not sure my schedule day-to-day would be very helpful but I offer up some suggestions. Meal planning, organizing and priorities are what keeps me sane. I used to meal plan by the week, I now meal plan by month. That may seem overwhelming but in reality each week follows a breakdown of the following:

    Chicken/Fish: 2 nights a week
    Pasta: 1-2 nights a week
    Soup/Casserole/Other main dish: 1 night a week
    Vegetarian: 1 night a week
    Leftovers: 1-2 nights a week

    Meals are planned around the upcoming months schedule (nights my husband has hockey games and needs the right amount of protein and carbs, what nights we're out and need something easy, nights we're working late and need a 10 minute meal, what nights we have events that we need to take food to, etc.)

    Doing it this way, it's a cinch to pull a few recipes from each category of my recipe binders. I grocery shop monthly and then supplement with the fresh stuff every other week that won't last the whole month. It takes nearly the same amount of time that it does to meal plan for the week since the bulk of the time spent meal planning is pulling everything out and looking through the books anyway…not that much more work to pull a few more recipes. Also, a months time gives us enough flexibility to change things around if we don't feel like something one night. I also can buy groceries that coordinate together so I'm not wasting much.

    I'm not a morning person so in order to not feel like I'm schlumping through the day, I set out clothes a week at a time so that I can get up and get the day going without spending way too much time attempting to get my brain to work.

    Freeing up this time has made exercising in the morning a real possibility for me (which means it will actually happen, by the time I'm done work for the day I'm starving and exhausted and still have to cook dinner, pack lunches for the next day and get the rest of our life in order in a few short hours, I am rarely ever in the mood to work out thus it doesn't not happen as often as I would like).

  4. 4
    Jen | Our Life Accounts says:

    Maybe I should start posting my meal plans with recipes…most of them are time-friendly, straight forward and kid friendly (after YEARS of cooking for 8 kids-half of them pretty picky)

  5. 5
    Amgilliam says:

    Oh dear. I am a "fly by the seat of my pants" kinda gal too.

    My schedule is VERY loose. But I also kinda plan ahead for things.

    I write lists…which usually end up in the bottom of my bag…but the fact that I wrote it down keeps me more accountable to it. Lists in my phone do not work for me.

    Mon-Fri Schedule
    7:15-7:30 Get up, get dressed
    7:45-7:50 Wake Jon
    8:00-8:05 Leave for school and I go to work
    I spend my lunch hour sometimes eating lunch but usually running errands or "having me time". :D I like to thrift, so if I need a mini-vacation, I spend the lunch hour thrifting (or getting a manicure) and bring lunch back to my desk. See…I schedule it–where it fits for me and my family! :D
    4:15 Home. Decide what should be done about dinner. We eat out a LOT. Sometimes I cook. I never plan meals…I just find something to throw together depending on when I last bought groceries (which is seldom). I have Safeway deliver my groceries when possible.
    The evening is varied…depending on whether Trent is preaching somewhere (our church on Tues nights, somewhere else on Wed nights) and what needs to be done around the house.
    Bedtime is sometime around 10:30 or 11 for ALL of us. Even Ella. She goes to bed late and sleeps in for Trent the next day.

    We live a very "evangelist" lifestyle…staying up late and getting to bed when we can.

    If we are traveling to somewhere or back from somewhere (preaching) we may not get in the bed until midnight or later.

    I make up sleep as I can thoughout the week and the kids have adjusted to it.

    The one thing I lack and we are in desperate need of is "Adult time". Trent and I are apart quite often because he preaches out and I cannot go…and when we are together, we are always with the kids. We don't have family nearby and rarely will get a babysitter. We just like to be with our kids.

    So, schedules are good, and important and even vital…but as long as I mentally plan for things to get done…they get done.

    The most recent thing I said "no" to was eBay. I was doing that part-time (selling) for a long time. It's nice to not have to worry with that (for now). I may pick it up again later…but then again, maybe not.

  6. 6
    cheyenne says:

    6 am…Mommy time
    7 am…kids and daddy get up
    7:30…breakfast/playtime (daddy leaves)
    8:30…get dressed
    9:00…school lessons
    10:00 snack/playtime
    10:30 school lessons
    12:00 lunch/playtime
    1:00…quiet time
    2:00…daily activity
    4:30…dinner prep/tv time
    5:30…daddy gets home and has daddy/kid time
    7:30…adult time
    10:30 sleep

    I don't always get up at 6. I try to, but you know. :) And the rest of my schedule is very free flowing. I try to stick to this outline, but I don't stress if I don't. Our daily activities include days for baking, cleaning, errands, crafting, and laundry. Weekends don't really have a rhythm/schedule. As far as dinner goes…I've been having a hard time with that, so I just started making certain dishes on certain nights. Sundays we have breakfast for dinner. Mondays are enchiladas or quesadillas. Tuesdays are pasta. Wednesday are tacos or burritos. Thursdays are soup or casserole. Fridays and Saturdays we either eat out or cook something really yummy together.

    Another good idea for dinner is to subscribe to Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine. It has a weekly menu and the grocery list. Lots of great recipes!

  7. 7
    cheyenne says:

    I guess I should add that during the kids' playtime I am either playing with them, lesson planning, cleaning, reading or surfing the web/facebook (my weakness)! And quiet time is when Huck naps and SG plays quietly in her room. I will try to get some more of my things done during this time…or blog/browse facebook like I am doing right now. :)

  8. 8
    Sheree says:

    I am not Amy but thank you all for posting your schedules/routines. Since having my 3rd girl my life has been chaos. I now see the areas I really need to work on. All of it. LOL!! I use to have my day planned out but this last baby and becomming pastors to a church have really messed with my routine.
    The one thing I do faithfully is shopping for and cooking dinner. This our family time and I really make it a point to have a nice dinner 5-6 nights of the week. I usually sit down either on Sat or Mon to plan my menu and then shop on that same day. I love the idea of planning out for a month. I also have to give a shout out for Every Day Food by Martha Stewart. It is a staple in my house hold.
    Amy thanks for the last two blog post I really needed them. They have helped me gain some perspective. I feel like I have been suffocating with everything I have to get done and trying to start my own business. I feel like maybe I can schedule and tweak some areas of my life to give me some breathing room. Again, thank you Amy and thank you ladies for your input. I am going to stay tunded to see what others have to offer.

  9. 9
    Amy Stoops says:

    Crockpot, crockpot, crockpot….that's the only thing that keeps this working mom of two sane. (I have 6 of them). Some genius came up with liners for your crockpot,which means no mess. I sit down on the weekend and go thru, plan my meals, and make my grocery list. Oh the time it saves!! As the wife of a minister who's schedule is all over the place, I accommodate by having no planned schedule. Not a great plan, but I'm going to work on it.

  10. 10
    Amy says:

    WOW!! THANK YOU ALL for all these great comments. First, I went to Martha stewart and got the everyday cooking app for my ipad and also subscribed to her email blasts. That sounds amazing!

    And it's so comforting that so many of you struggle with dinners and exercising. That really does make me feel so much better! Thanks for letting me know your thoughts on that!

    Amy S. your "no plan at all" idea sounds WONDERFUL! ha. that's awesome, love that so much.

    And some of you must have amazing clean houses as you clean a lot. I wish I could add that in. :( I need to find more time for that. It's just not my forte unfortunately. ugh.

    love you guys!!

  11. 11
    Kelley says:

    Wife of 30 years
    Mother for 27 years
    Mother of the Bride in two weeks
    Empty nester
    May I introduce you to The FLY Lady (FLY=Finally Loving Yourself)? Google Marla Cilley and get all her stuff. She will change your life. It all starts by shining your kitchen sink.

    When my family was younger:
    –Monday was always breakfast for supper. Breakfast is the cheapest meal to fix. It's a no-brainer.
    – Tuesday was whatever, but it was planned, like chicken or beef or Italian, etc.
    – Wednesday was our Fast Day/Quiet Day. From the time our children were VERY little we taught them the importance of fasting. We didn't force them; we trained them. "When ye fast."

    Wednesdays were church nights, so the entire day was our Quiet Day. They were allowed to read, color, sew, etc. We didn't listen to music; we were quiet all day, and it was a day we excitedly looked forward to each week.

    Mommy was fasting, but the kids were offered their normal meals and snacks (we home schooled) and they could fast if they chose. At around 3 or 4 p.m. we all three laid down for a nap. My children were well rested churchtime and no one was crabby after church either. Even when their daddy got home from work, he laid down for a power nap before church. There was no rushing around with dinner and dishes because it was Fast Day. After service, we ate a light dinner of soup and crackers or a light sandwich and fruit around the table before bedtime.
    –Thursday was usually family or game night. Some nights we played with playdough, Candy Land, Trouble, Legos, etc.
    – Friday was video night. We watched ONE video that night. In summertime, that video was always the episodes of "Five Mile Creek" (20 volumes). Our family still loves that series today!
    – Saturday was a rest day, prepare for Sun-day.
    – Sunday was never a restful day, but we always laid down for an afternoon nap.

  12. 12
    Kelley says:


    Some tips:
    Tomorrow's day starts tonight. Everybody's on board with getting ready for tomorrow tonight.

    Do laundry one day/week. Let the kids select their own laundry basket, bath towel, hand towel and face cloth. They use ONE towel all week long to dry a clean body. It's washed on laundry day. Teach them to hang up clean clothes and towels to dry. Only stinky, dirty clothes go in the basket. Be a good steward of the clothes you and your children have. It's the washer and dryer that are so hard on our clothes. Let the kids fold and put away their own clothes.

    {I did a ladies event in Oklahoma once where I mentioned that by 12 years old your child should have their own laundry day and be doing their own laundry. One family approached me after service the next day. "We have four kids ages 11 down to 5 and they ALL do their OWN LAUNDRY! We were so proud of ourselves to know we were ahead of you, Sister Dibble!" I loved that! That was a happy, well-oiled machine, that family!}

    My children were read to from the time they turned 3 months old. Every night of their lives. They were extremely young when I began reading chapter books to them; they heard all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, LaJoyce Martin Books, E. B. Wilder, etc. The world is available to your kids through books! Over holidays, we'd prepare the simple meals Laura had growing up in that Little House on the Prairie or By the Banks of Plum Creek. Hearing books read to them teaches your children gratitude, provides bonding time, shapes their language and vocabulary skills, and offers an opportunity for their questions to be answered by their parents.

    Mothers, you are mandated to teach and train your children. I had a different scripture written on a 3×5 card which I put on their dresser's mirror. We memorized that scripture for the month by saying it together before we said our prayers at night. The first scripture we memorized was probably Psalm 4:8, "I will both lay me down and sleep for thou Lord makest me dwell in safety."

    Your children should have a house blessing activity they perform, whether that's emptying/loading the dishwasher, setting/clearing the table, vacumming, sweeing the front porch/back patio, whatever. Train them to make their beds each day, and don't go behind them and "do it right." Give them verbal praise and loving affection as their reward for a job well done.

    And remember, your husband's home is his castle. His happiness is your delight. You are his queen. If your house is trashed all the time, and he's not fed meals regularly, and your kids are crank pots, you need to sit down and take inventory of your priorities. Church and your outside job is not your top priority. Your head is, and that's your man. Feed him food on time and give him REAL GOOD lovin' regularly ("the Lord loves a cheerful giver" and so does Hubby!) and you'll have peace there in that castle.

    In conclusion, no, I didn't do everything right! Believe me! With a heart of love for you young ladies, I shared these things. xo

  13. 13
    Stephanie Shaw says:

    Our schedule is quite open because we do not have children yet =). Because I work full-time outside of the home, I also struggle with having dinner meals planned in advance. I am never home during the day and when we come home after work, I find that is the best time for us to exercise (while we still have the energy!!). We often eat suppers a bit later because of this. I heard someone say that relaxation is not doing nothing, it is simply a contrast of normal activity. If my day is filled with the chaos of administration work, church work and housework then my relaxation may be sitting on the couch returning emails, weeding my little garden, or reading blogs that inspire me to be creative!

    I identify with your post about how that your family (particularly husband) is how you do what you do. Since a single income (unless it is a large one) is no longer sufficient to survive in modern society, a second income is a necessity. As a result of this, Adam helps out a lot around the house and we share the household duties together. To make it easier, I take care of the dishes and cleaning the kitchen and Adam takes care of the laundry. This is one task that I never have to worry about.

    I grew up in a Pastors home where both my Mom and my Dad worked outside of the home. It made for a chaotic schedule but both of my parents pitched in at home and made our life work. And believe it or not, through the chaos, all three of us kids survived just fine. Thanks to my Mom working, we were able to do all of the extra things like travel on nice vacations and go to conferences across North America! We weren’t always in bed at the proper time, we may have been tired at school the morning after church services and staying up late entertaining guest speakers, but we loved life as we knew it.

    Don’t worry if your life is busy, your kids schedule is all over the place, dinner isn't always ready on time, and you feel like you are living in a constant state of confusion. I lived through it and now that we are all adults, all of us kids look back and have fond memories of our ‘busy as a bees nest’ home! Perfection, schedule and routine (although they help) aren't what make a home happy, love is.


  14. 14
    Kamye Salyards says:

    My chaotic schedule…
    6am-7am~Get up, depending on how exhausted I am and if there are any kids up yet. Get dressed, have coffee and sometimes breakfast and cuddle/dress 2 toddlers
    7:15am~Wake oldest(Brady) for school
    7:30-7:45~Hubby wakes up, I'm feeding kids breakfast
    7:45~Hubby off to work; Brady taken to school by hubby or me depending on whether hubby has work meetings, etc…
    8:00~Me to work,toddlers to daycare or work at home (Mon,Thurs in office; Tues, Wed at home)Friday is 'catch-up on all the chaos of the week' day
    8:30~Work, video/playtime for toddlers
    12:30~Nap time for Hudson & Hailee, continue working
    2:15~Pick up Brady from school
    3:00~Continue working, homework for Brady, playtime for toddlers
    4:30~Work ends/dinner gets started (usully something quick;-/), Hubby gets home (typically)
    5:30-6:00~We have dinner
    6:30-8:00~Kids play time/bath time, clean up dinner, vacuum, etc.
    8:00~Hailee bedtime
    9:00~Brady/Hudson bedtime
    9:30-10:30/11:00/12:00??~Pick up house, finish dishes, laundry, etc./Shower. Bed.
    This is the typical schedule we have when nothing is going on at the church. Since my husband has a full time job and is a volunteer youth pastor, it requires him to be at the church on some evenings. Brady is also in Little League and that in itself is huge! We try to have at least one date night per month to keep ourselves sane. We use that time to stay connected since our lives are so busy.
    As I typed this, I realize just how chaotic life is and how I need to organize it a little better. Thank you Amy, for posting this topic. It helped me to re-prioritize and showed me I need some more "me" time! :-)

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