Save Evy’s Tree: Where Are We At?

If I have been asked one question over and over throughout the last couple weeks it’s: “So how are we doing? How many have we sold?”. In fact, I was at a wedding last week and several people that I have never met came up and ask me that exact question. It sincerely warms my heart to know that people care and have been so willing to help save Evy’s Tree.

First, I have to shout from the rooftops:


Seriously!! Over the last couple months, I have wondered if Evy’s Tree has hit the proverbial “roof” so to speak and that there was no more interest in our product. But you have proved me wrong. I have sold in the last two weeks more items than I normally sell in two months during the summer. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! As I go through all the orders and prep them for shipment, I am in awe of how many of you believe in us. There really are no proper words to thank you. I wish I could open my home to you have a giant big celebratory party JUST FOR YOU, but obviously that won’t work with the logistics of it all, so please know I will be forever thankful and I am standing up and applauding YOU.

So where are we at? Well, unfortunately I can’t really give you a number of hoodies sold and needing to be sold. In the beginning I had in my mind that the 1500 hoodies I had sitting on my shelves {both finished and raw} would equal a certain amount of money and that amount hovered around the amount I needed to manufacture. However, what I did not anticipate was how many of you would purchase small things in the shop {such as tee shirts and scrap boxes} that I did not originally count in the 1500 pieces, all which greatly added up to the amount we need to reach our goal. Or how many of you would insist on paying full price for an item just to help us get a there a little sooner {have I said you guys are awesome?!?}. Also, our preorder items have shot through the roof, which means we make more on the plain raw {or unfinished} hoodies as a preorder than by itself, all which catapults me to reaching my goal so much sooner. SO…very early on I realized I needed to chuck the whole “this is how many hoodies I have left” and focus on the “X” dollar amount I need to manufacture. With that being said, I will keep you updated on our progress over the next two weeks with percentages. {Mathematical friends are jumping for joy, I’m sure, ha}

 I am so proud to announce that we are 50% of the way to reach our manufacturing dream!! WOW!!!

There are no words to express my shock and excitement. Sincerely, I really did not expect this AT ALL!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR FRIENDS!! I wish I could reach through the screen and hug you all. I love you guys so much.

So what now? Well, we have two weeks left and obviously we aren’t there yet. Can you still help? We are still taking preorders in the shop for items made in times past, but I am considering closing that option after one more week and focus on getting rid of the all ready made items on our shelves. And scrap boxes are still available. In fact, I am thinking about offering some jersey scrap boxes as well, so keep your eyes open for those. :)

Also, tomorrow {Wednesday} we will have Evy’s Tree screen printed items available.

This is one of the two logos that will be available, hand drawn by the amazingly talented¬†Stephanie Corfee. We are hand screen printing them onto leftover items in shop, so they will be unique and limited. They will also be a cheaper price point than the other items in the shop…so if you haven’t been able to afford something earlier, this may be your time. Every penny goes towards our end goal. I will do a blog on the screen printed items tomorrow and include more info.

Lastly, if we reach our goal for manufacturing, I will need to clear out my shelves to make room for the thousands of pieces that will fill them. So please stay tuned, as my original plan was to sell at cost all the plain {or what we call “raw”} American Apparel hoodies that sit on my shelves. If there is anything left after preorders, I will likely still do that next week.

In closing, If you have a chance, could you share about Evy’s Tree again with your friends? Many of you have big blog, twitter and facebook followings….do you think you tell them about this? Even just calling your best friends and asking them if they have ordered yet helps. :)

Again, thank you and I love you all. I appreciate your love, prayers and support.


Oh PS…a couple hundred items are shipping today and throughout the week. You should receive a shipping notification email to the paypal email that you bought the item with, but please be sure to give the email 24 hrs to land in your inbox, as sometimes they do take a bit to show up. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us: and we’ll look into your item. Thank you!!

2 thoughts on “Save Evy’s Tree: Where Are We At?

  1. 1
    Adam says:

    So pumped for you guys!! Steph and I are praying and I know Steph has been promoting your brand up here in the Great White North for the past couple of weeks. Can’t wait to buy more Evy’s Tree.

  2. 2
    Stephanie L says:

    So excited that it’s getting there! I’ve been praying for you guys, that God will provide a way. He’s got the plan! I look forward to getting my order whenever it comes along. Evy’s Tree is always a fun addition to my day (and always gets compliments!). =D

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