Save Evy’s Tree: The End

The Save Evy’s Tree Campaign is officially over!! How did we do?


I have been waiting to blog about how we did until I got my profit and loss statements back from my bookkeeper. I knew we did good, but I didn’t want to get too excited…you know I needed to make sure that what came in didn’t go right back out again and all that good stuff. BUT WE ACTUALLY MADE IT. 

I am blown away. I sincerely have no words. I’m at a super huge loss for words. Early this morning when I got my statements back, I just sat there staring at them in awe. We sold over 900 items in one month’s time. We have never, EVER sold that much in one month, much alone six months. EVER. This is a huge thing…especially after finishing every month over the last 6 months in the red…I’m super blown away. It’s kinda what I call a modern day miracle. Honesty here: over the last year I have questioned over and over, “Am I supposed to be doing this God?” I mean, I felt 100% that God had placed this in my lap. But when I saw the business not flourishing you wonder, you know? This Save Evy’s Tree campaign was my way of placing this business back in HIS hands and letting him do what He wanted to with it. My way of asking, “Are you sure, Lord?”…because it all boils down to this, I just want to do what HE wants me to do. I love Evy’s Tree…but not enough to make my life miserable. Because we all know, you will be miserable if you are not doing what you are meant to do. But, the last month I have felt HIM walking so closely, right by my side. It’s an amazing feeling. I’ve thought several times, “this must be how Abraham felt”…to be led by the Lord is the most important thing… EVER. The fact that this campaign was successful is a huge sign for me. I cannot tell you the relief to know that I am doing what He wants me to do. 

So where does that leave us? Well, we can move forward with the manufacturing….

Want to hear something really cool? My samples and prep were just completed last week and this coming Monday I need to write the check to get the ball rolling. Everything just fell into place at the exact same time. AMAZING!

And now that we have what we need for manufacturing, Evy’s Tree will carry on as planned. WHOOHO!!! What does that mean? We will still have a very small boutique hand made line {you know those Diana Wraps you all want? Right} and we will continue to develop a manufactured line. Although I am very leery to give dates, as it tentatively stands right now, our manufactured goods are slated to be here the middle to end of November. We will have pictures and samples available much sooner than that, and will start preorders for everything several weeks before they arrive. They will ship {hopefully} just in time for Christmas. We will give you exact dates and more info as we get closer to that point. But let me say this: the hoodies are going to be AMAZING. Simply stunning. The fabric alone is so luxurious. Evy’s Tree will be your go to item at all times. I promise, you will love them. And don’t forget…if you bought something during the Save Evy’s Tree campaign, you have a 50% off coupon for all the manufactured goods coming with your orders!!

In the meantime, we here at Evy’s Tree are going to do our absolute best to keep the shop stocked with items you will love. The Clearance sale will end tonight at 11 PM PST. There are still a very small amount of things left in the shop. You guys have cleaned me out!! ha. On Friday {tomorrow} we will close for a week or two to catch up on orders and for all of us to connect with our families and catch our breath.  When we reopen, we are planning to run things a little differently. We hope to do “weekly releases”; once a week we will send out an email blast with a preview of the items that will be listed {are you on our email list??}. We may not release things every week, but the weeks that we do, we will send out an email to everyone giving you a heads up. The items will be limited and typically just a size run of each style offered. Also: I am teaming up with some other talented people and up and coming designers. Between now and November, I hope to highlight several designers with a unique and limited line that they have created only for Evy’s Tree and sold directly off our website. You know those brooches you all love? She will be our first designer highlighted in the month of August. {interested in being a designer highlighted? Email me!}

In closing, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I really can’t say that enough. You guys are unbelievable. To be honest, as I was going through orders last night, I kept thinking that most of them must be from friends…but really, I don’t know most of you!! Where did you come from?? ha. More importantly…I’m SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE!! I hope you love Evy’s Tree!! I am so touched that so many of you felt compelled to help and even more touched that you love our stuff. That’s amazing. I love you guys. Thank you again.


Oh, I need your help and thoughts:…you may remember in the beginning I had mentioned that I had 1500 hoodies available. 2/3 of those hoodies were unfinished {raw} hoodies. I had planned in the beginning to list them as raw items at cost {like they are selling HERE} but you guys bought SO MANY preorders that we hit our goal without needing to sell everything and ending up using half of the raw hoodies for those preorders. That still leaves me with nearly 500 hoodies that haven’t really sold in the clearance sale and are still sitting on my shelves {unless someone buys them all today, ha}. My first thought is to keep them, but we really don’t have the space, especially once the manufactured goods get here I will have to find a home for them and there are too many bins for my seamstresses to keep at their homes. The second plan has been to sell them on ebay, but last night as I was going through my emails I archived more than a dozen emails from people asking for a preorder hoodie that they missed. The thought occurred to me: after my seamstresses go through all the current orders and make sure we have enough fabric, we could open preorders back up for a week or so and let some of you who missed out get what you want. So here’s your chance to be democratic here on Evy’s Tree again…would you be interested in another week of preorders? 


Big hugs everyone!! xoxo

Oh, are you in need of something today? I encourage you, ask HIM! He has the answers and is wiling and able to lead and guide you. Don’t believe me? Read back through the Save Evy’s Tree Campaign. He takes care of us and guides us! ALWAYS.

“My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Jesus Christ.” Phil 4:19

7 thoughts on “Save Evy’s Tree: The End

  1. 1
    Paula M-B says:

    That is such great news!!! I just got my hoodie and Diana wrap from you yesterday:) And I love them to death already!! I’d love to see another week of pre-orders as my daughter saw mine and is definitely hoping for a matchy one of her own for Christmas:) It’s a black brilla with polka dot ruffles:) Thanks so much and all the best as you venture out with your business!!

  2. 2
    Sarah Reynolds says:

    So happy for you and your family! I ordered 5 items in the last month and am so excited to recieve the last 3! Good luck!!

  3. 3
    Lauren Zoghbi says:

    I was asked by Emmy at Much Ado About You to “save” Evy’s Tree. I am so thankful I got that post on FB. I ordered 5 because I had to narrow down my choices for budget purposes, however, I would still love an Olympia for my daughter. I sent you a separate e mail as requested. Let me know when you start taking those orders. These are such great and unique gifts. So glad to see that you were “saved” and we have option in the future to see your great stuff. God IS good!

  4. 4
    Shanna simons says:

    YES!!! I want a Pre-order either another Lacey or a brilla I missed the clearance sale it went SOOO FAST!!! :)

  5. 5
    Alana Escalante says:

    Amy, I am so happy for you. God is definitely in the miracle business. We have been pulling for you this entire time, even though we haven’t be online much. Love you tons. May God continue to pour out his richest blessings upon you and your family.

  6. 6
    Eileen says:

    Let it ride!!! with all the interest drummed up over the last month, you stand to gain a lot from 1 more week of pre-orders… that is, if your sanity can spare it :) AWESOME!!!

  7. 7
    Chacoy says:

    I was in the hospital during your sale & because of it have been strapped financially:(
    I am a faithful customer who loves Evy’s Tree & would love another chance, but I would also love to have some raw(if they can be spared & are in sizes I would need.)
    I am so happy for you that God has listened to your prayers and has inriched your life in the way he had/has planned for you and your family.
    I look forward to whats to come from the amazing Evy’s Tree and the featured designers as well!

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