The Boys Go To Jr. Camp and Evy Goes to Grandma’s

Good morning everyone!

First I want to tell you about my precious boys. If you follow Brandon on Instagram {brandonmiraflor} you may have already seen this one:

Dear Lord I love these boys. They both are so hysterical. If you have met my husband, then you would know that he {literally} looks and acts like he is 17. He is such a blast to be around. Lucky for Jake, he has inherited his Daddy’s fun spirit. They keep my life happy and I promise, if they weren’t in my life, I would smile a whole lot less. They just seem to see the comical side of life. I love it.

Well, yesterday Jake and Brandon headed out to a Jr Youth Camp on the coast. Brandon was speaking during the day and he figured since the start age was 8 {and Jake pretty much looks like an 8 year old}, that he should take him. We thought he would love it. He was so excited to be with his Daddy.

According to Brandon he is having the time of his life. He even jumped off the diving board into the deep end {he is terrified of the deep end, ha}. And last night they saw these beautiful bucks. We have lots of deer around here, but it is rare to see so many bucks in one place. Glad they got to see it!

I am going to go up there tonight and see how they are all doing. I’m excited to be with my man for a bit. I miss him so much and the summer of traveling isn’t even over yet! oh boy.

And my girl.

Last week Grandma asked if she could come and get Evy for a couple days. I have to admit I was a bit nervous. I haven’t really let her go anywhere overnight like that before. But the BEST place to start with that is with Grandma, yes? So she is off on her first big adventure in another town without me. She was so excited…she didn’t care that she was leaving me ONE BIT. She has been talking about it for days and this morning when she woke up her first words were: “I get dressed and go to Grandma’s house?”. So she is in Heaven. Bless her little heart. I love that girl so much.

So I am baby-less for at least a day. Kinda weird. Anyone else feel weird about stuff like that? ha.

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