Save Evy’s Tree: Less Than TWO DAYS LEFT

Holy Cow. Is the end really near? YIKES! These 30 days have come and gone so quickly, I don’t even know what to say! {Except maybe that I am EXHAUSTED and desperately needing a vacation. ha.}

So, at this point in time, we have about 36 hours left in our Save Evy’s Tree campaign, since the shop is closing tomorrow night at 11 PM PST. Here is how many more hoodies we need to sell to reach our goal:

Please remember this is just an average number as scrap boxes and tee shirts are not added in this total. Those items decrease this number and make our final numbers BETTER. :)

Whelp. I have faith that God knows what He is doing!! :) That number isn’t impossible…just a huge feat, but nothing is impossible with Him. To those of you who have bought something over the last 30 days THANK YOU!!! I wish I could say more than thank you, but really that’s the best I’ve got at this moment, but know this, my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

So what’s going to happen now? Well, there’s a couple things I want to make really clear first:

1. We are not giving up {or closing permanently} yet!! We still have a full day and a half left to reach our goal. We are getting a lot of emails from customers saying they are sad to see us go. While we are SO THANKFUL for faithful, loyal and loving customers, please remember this: the Save Evy’s Tree campaign was intended to GROW Evy’s Tree and raise money to keep it healthy and whole for future success {Read HERE for more info}. Although we couldn’t keep going as we were, if we reached our goal with this campaign, it gave us the ability to continue making Evy’s Tree the clothing line you love and want to wear every day {like many of you tell me :)}. So we are praying we can make it by the end of this week. Also, we are getting a lot of people telling us that they are confused as to if we are going out of business. The answer to that one right now is: We don’t know, but hope not!! After we close on Friday, gather up all our numbers and clear all our inventory out next week, we will have a concrete answer to that one. I plan on letting you all know the final answer by Thursday or Friday of next week {July 12 or 13}.

2. Clearance Sale: Starting Saturday evening {July 7} we will sell everything we have left in our studio, both “raw” {American Apparel hoodies that have never been embellished} and finished items {hoodies that are completed and have not sold}. We will also sell some scrap boxes. I can’t give you prices at this time since I haven’t had a second to figure out what I paid for them all, but we will sell them ALL {including the Evy’s Tree embellished hoodies that did not sell this past 30 days} at near cost. What will be included? I can tell you this, we have about 300 finished items that are sitting on our shelves. Many of them are from the limited category of the shop, and there may even be some preorder items that never sold in there as well, as we are gathering EVERYTHING we have from seamstresses, shops that carried our items, etc. I just can’t say for sure what’s there until we go through it all on Saturday after the shop closes. The scrap boxes will be filled with all our jersey knits, which are very hard to find, FYI. Don’t let this clearance sale scare you. If our Save Evy’s Tree campaign does succeed, we will continue to have a handmade line in the future, but we do not need everything we have on our shelves at this time. Also, we need to make room for all our manufactured goods to be stored, so this is not necessarily a going out of business sale. :)

3. Shipping Times: We have had many people contact us regarding shipping times. First, if your adult item cost $54.95 {or above} and your kids item $44.95, then you have a PREORDER item with at least 4 week turnaround time. Unfortunately, in our hurry to get things listed last month, we neglected to take down 3-5 day shipping notification from the listing and it has caused a lot of confusion. I’m so sorry about that!! There were also a few limited items {items that we had in stock and were ready to ship} that oversold and we had to make more them, so some of them have taken a little longer to ship. On Saturday, Maddie and I will be going through all the orders and will be contacting you if your item will take a little longer than expected to ship. Also, if you ordered a limited item along with a preorder item, then they will all ship together when the preorder item is ready. If you are concerned about your item PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact us {}. We are trying to return all emails within one business day, and we want to make sure everyone is getting excellent customer service. A huge, giant thank you to all of you for patience!

4. What’s Next?: That is another question we are being asked A LOT. Remember, manufacturing is our first goal as well as keeping a small boutique handmade line. If we hit our financial goal to get Evy’s Tree healthy, those are still our targets. The shop will close for at least week, maybe two weeks, after the clearance sale. Honesty here: I am so tired, and my family is tired of me being tired. ha. I need to have some time to recharge my batteries and not think about profit and loss statements, or hoodies of any kind, for a little bit. :) Also, our poor house {and especially back yard} needs so much attention, so I need to take care of the home front here for a bit. ha.

I hope this helps clear some things up. Remember the shop will close tomorrow night at 11PM PST and the clearance sale will start Saturday sometime. Also, preorders will end tomorrow night when the shop closes. If there is something you want in that section, I suggest you order it tomorrow, as I cannot promise you if they will appear again! Want to shop? Click HERE.

Big hugs everyone! xoxo

2 thoughts on “Save Evy’s Tree: Less Than TWO DAYS LEFT

  1. 1
    Sarah Reynolds says:

    I wish you all the best whatever the outcome!

  2. 2
    Lana says:

    Wishing desperately I could afford another item. Hoping I can finagle a T-Shirt out of my boyfriend. Praying all goes according to the Lord’s will.

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