Rest…And So On

Beware…lengthy post ahead. oh boy.

We have officially been moved in to our new home for four weeks. It’s coming along nicely over here, I guess. We finally got a refrigerator last weekend…. and it was a beast to bring into our house, but it did get settled securely in the space we created for it, thankfully.
We quickly realized somewhere in that first week of moving that our antiquated heater that came with house was about 30 years old and in desperate need of help. LOTS of help. Ugh. My dad’s heating guy literally spent every day at our house for the first week replacing part after part. Realizing that by the time we replaced every part needed we might of well have bought a new heater, our heater guy {his name is Gary, ha} found us a nice gently used heater that he said he would give us a great deal on if Brandon would do all the wiring in the attic. Three days full of work later, we got a new heater…
The second week brought our marble lady to our house to bring in the countertops and the sink. However, the first time she came with the slab, she realized that it was cut wrong, and had to take it back to fix it. Another week without a countertops, but I can proudly say that yesterday, we got our countertops and sink. So beautiful!!
Now all that’s needed in the kitchen is for the plumbing to be done, the backsplash to be added, the hood for the stove added and then range brought in. Oh and did I mention Brandon will have to repaint everything? oh boy.
We have also been spending a lot of time at the dump. I sincerely feel like we uproot more garbage by the day. Where does it all come from?
Oh wait, it comes from all these boxes we keep unpacking. Sheesh…here are all the books unpacked and waiting patiently to be put away in the bookshelves. Yes, we like to read. So shoot us. ha. 
So you can understand that in between all this unpacking, putting away, remodeling, settling in…oh and did I mention I am training a new assistant? Right. It’s been interesting over here.
To be honest, my emotions are a bit up and down. I feel like I have been on a scavenger hunt of sorts. Like we followed all the clues to end up where we are…and now we are looking for the next set of directions. Kinda like, “Ok God, we’re here…now what?” I can’t believe I am saying this about my own hometown, but I still don’t feel 100% at home yet. Not because I don’t want to be, but you would be surprised how almost 10 years away from where you grew up can nearly erase all memories of where things are. And then when you finally remember where something is, you get there and realized they moved, or went out of business or whatever. So all of this uncertainty has made me feel a bit unsettled. I have to admit, I don’t like change. AT ALL. I don’t like the fact that the Santa Rosa I remember as a teen and young adult isn’t the same as it is now. The truth is it’s better, but I am learning about this better, you know? 
And then there is the whole ministry bit. For as long as I can remember I have been involved in ministry in some capacity. But with Brandon’s ministry now being a traveling evangelist…and we can’t go with him that much, I find myself in a new place contemplating what God has for me to do in His Kingdom. Its unnerving a little, not knowing what God has for me. In fact, its a bit frustrating. I catch myself reminding the Lord, “We have completely halted our lives to do what you asked, please don’t forget us.”
When Brandon and I called all our close friends right after we stepped down from the youth ministry, one of the first things a good friend told me was, “Amy, God worked like crazy for 6 days, and then on the seventh day, He RESTED. ” He then said, “Don’t be afraid to take your time to rest.”
I have to be honest and say when he told me, it didn’t completely click. But last Sunday, during the first service at The Promise Center, I started to feel frustrated again. You know, the what am I supposed to do? Feeling. In between services I was outside in the tent chatting with people and desperately trying to remember everyone’s names and get the feeling of the community, when I started to feel a bit frustrated. I have spent the last 10 years knowing my community 100%. But now, I feel like the new kid on the block and don’t know hardly anyone. I feel a bit left out. A bit out of place. A bit useless.
Anyway, as I sat out there, trying to focus and connect, a dear friend of ours came up and asked me how I was I doing. I told him I felt “useless” and needed to figure out what ministry I was supposed to fit into. Here I was, by myself, while Brandon was away being used and preaching the Gospel…I was here. Doing nothing. I told him, “When do I start to feel like I am REALLY here. I mean, why am I here if I am just being useless?”  He said, “Amy, you are here for you. And you will be useful once the very last box is put away and the very last piece of your kitchen is finished. You will know your place will be at that point and be able to focus once God has allowed you to REST.” 
Crazily enough, my Bible reading the week before was in Joshua 1. And I had highlighted the following Scripture: The LORD your God will give you rest by giving you this land.” Joshua 1:14. Think God is trying to tell me something, yes?
So here I am. Resting. I am focusing on my kids being settled, and my husband feeling supported in his new ministry, and my house becoming a “home”. I am focusing on family first. On ourselves. On OUR.SELVES. Boy, that’s a hard one for me. I am usually so focused on everyone else. On helping people. On ministry. But right now I need to focus on me. And you know, its not that bad. :) 
So here’s what we’ve been doing in our “rest time”….
Cupcake Emma Love, Captain Jack Sparrow Jake, Princess Belle Evy, Monster Jude and Stormtrooper Joshua at Santa Rosa Christian Harvest Party.
Brandon and I celebrated our anniversary a couple days after our date. He took me to the city for dinner at the Cliff House, the same place were my grandparents got engaged in 1927 and where we got engaged 7 years ago with my Nannie’s ring….

After dinner, Brandon walked me down to the cave where he proposed. The one regret he has about his proposal was the candles he had his friends put in a heart and “attempt” to light on a SF windy night on the beach. Unfortunately, they never lit, so this time, Brandon had our good friend Josh Hernandez drive up to the city before us and put these battery operated lights in a heart for us. Yay, it worked this time! So sweet!! :)

And my girl. I don’t get it, but one her favorite things to play with are feminine products. Uh, yeah, I don’t think she’ll like these in about 10 years! ha. 

And Jake had an gymnastic show at school. They offer gymnastics once a week on Tues and they showed us all their moves. So cute!

And lastly, the view out our bedroom window…the sunset. Isn’t God amazing. I’ll say this is a wonderful way  to “rest”.
Thank you Lord for this much needed rest time. You always know our needs. 
Much love friends. 

2 thoughts on “Rest…And So On

  1. 1
    Kelley says:

    Sooo there. Soooo relate. Great lesson, sweetie. I'm FINALLY 'through' all my 300 boxes. Phew! Rest is vital to my spirit. And yours.

  2. 2
    Heather says:

    Wow, amazes me how God allows my path to cross people who are walking in the same experiences as I am! I love reading your blog- it seems to confirm to me what I feel in my spirit and what is happening in my life at just the right moments…thanks for being transparent and sharing!

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