Reclaimed Infant Headbands

It’s a lovely, cool, rainy day here in California. I just LOVE this weather, as I’m sure you have heard me say before. I was raised in the Bay Area fog and sometimes I miss that wet, misty weather that rolls in during the afternoons and stays until late morning. So when it rains, I feel perfectly at home.
It also gives me a good excuse to play a little.
A couple weeks ago I went through Evy’s headbands and got rid of every single one that she never wore. I gave them to a good friend who just had a baby girl. But I was at a loss as to what to do with all the gorgeous headbands that Evy used so much as an infant but were too tight for her head now. The most logical thing, I guess, would be to cut the bands off and replace with a larger band, but to be honest, her hair is at such an awkward stage. Seriously…her bangs flop right into her eyes. She really needs a clip to hold back all that craziness. 
Oh…speaking of the hair in eyes issue, I have had a lot of people tell me to just cut bangs for Evy. We don’t do bangs around here, for many reasons, but one of my main reasons is this picture:
Right, that is me at my second birthday party with my younger brother Brad {who hates seeing pictures of us in matching outfits, ha} and my beautiful mom {who will probably kill me for putting this up}. Anyway, note my bangs that my mom just cut a couple months before. Well, she managed to cut whatever hung from the crown forward, which ended up being a massive amount of hair…so guess who had bangs for the rest of her life? And when I say bangs, I mean BANGS!?! Seriously not cute. I was 15 when I got the guts to grow them out. Boy oh boy, was that a chore. ha. 
Anyway, I digress as usual…
So no bangs for Evy was my point, so she’s really needing the whole clip action. And that made me think about all these adorable headbands that I love so much and still wanted to use…so I decided to make them into clips. 
Here’s what I needed:
Glue {THIS is my favorite glue}
Clips {I used THESE}
Glue gun
This headband was from Halle Jean. It was one of the first etsy buys I made for Evy. It was TINY, as I bought it right when she was born and she wore it with a darling little Tea outfit. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit anymore, so time for a renewal. :)
Cut the headband off like soo…..
Add some fabric glue on the back

Then take a circle of felt about the size of the back of the flower and press it onto the glue. It will take a few minutes to dry.

Then take another piece of felt and snip a little opening with the tips of your scissors.

Slide your clip into the opening….it will look like this:

And then cut around the clip like so, leaving a little border around the edges

With your hot glue gun, add some glue to the top of the clip

With the snap open, press the hot glue onto the back of the flower and let dry. You don’t want to close the snap until its dry. 

Since the flower is a bit thick on top, the snap does close slowly, and that will be normal. If you have that much material its normal for it to not bend very well. Also, I know there are metal snap clips at Joann’s that I should have used, but I was at Target and grabbed the black ones….really wish I had used the silver ones they are much stronger. 
Here is another clip I made from my first ever Joyfolie {formerly Mia Joie} headband. I loved this one. It looked so cute on Evy. It’s much too tight now, so I thought it would look darling as a clip…. hopefully Jessica doesn’t kill me! ha. {sorry girl! :(}
For this one I wanted a very clean circle so I put glue on the back, placed it on the felt and then cut. I created the same clip as I did the others.

Here is another DARLING headband from Halle Jean. I love this one so much, but it has gotten way too tight on Evy. The purple band is my favorite part about this clip, so, even though no one will ever see it, I added purple felt to the back.
Also, with this one I removed ALL the backing from the band and show felt. I wish I had done this with the others. It makes the snap close a bit better.

And last but not least, have you ever shopped at Lou and Lee? If not, you MUST! Their headbands are amazing. Totally beautiful stuff. I have this headband, which I love so much, but the band was much too small, and so needed my clip refashioning! :) This time I used black felt like so…unfortunately the glue got a little messy on this one. :(
So here you have my reclaimed clip collection!

And because you all are so sweet to follow along with me on this little endeavor, I thought I would offer a clip to you:
The first person to comment WITH THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS will get this lovely clip made by me from a beautiful Halle Jean headband. Jen will email you tomorrow with your address and get this out to you. I hope you enjoy it. :)
So are you going to create any reclaimed clips?? Send me some pictures of what you do, I’d love to see it! 

14 thoughts on “Reclaimed Infant Headbands

  1. 1
    Bree says:

    breewilder (AT) GMAIL.COM

  2. 2
  3. 3
    Family Fashion and Facts says:

    I missed it lol darn logging in ;0)

  4. 4
  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    I would love it!!

  6. 6
    Carlee says:

    These are wonderful!
    I will have to give this a go!

  7. 7
    KyrstenBarnes says:

    I wasn't sure whether to comment on here or on facebook, so I'll do both :) My email address is

  8. 8 says:

    aw man, i missed it. ha ha

    good idea. i needb to fix all of rescues bands now

  9. 9
    Amy says:

    Congrats Bree! And I'm sorry, I wish I had one for everyone! :( But just to let you know, I'm doing another little tutorial sometime within the next week and I'll be giving away something else I'm doing for Evy's room, so please try again! :) I"m hoping to do a little something fun like this once a week.

    Oh, and the picture is circa May, 1978. ha. That explains my hair cut… didn't really say that. :)

  10. 10
    Michelle says:

    I missed it too.

  11. 11
    Susan says:

    Can't wait to have a grandbaby girl!! These clips are adorable.

  12. 12
    Kathryn says:

    what a wonderful idea! Precious!!

  13. 13
    Bree says:

    Yea! I won! Can't wait to get it!

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