Rainy Day Winner!!

So how was that Rainy Day fun for you all?? Did you enjoy it? As I said before, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rain, and was so sad to see it disappear yesterday. :( Today it is beautiful and sunny, and although that’s wonderful too, I really do miss those rainy days and wish it would continue for just a little while longer. :)
Anyway, our winner…
In case you are wondering how I get these winners, I count up all the entries. Sometimes I do blog first, then facebook, or sometimes the other way around, but then I imput them into the random.org and then count back up the way I counted the first time. Sound confusing? Well, it kinda is. ha. But just trust me on this, it does work. :)
So the winner this time was:
And I have to say, I know this winner!!! I can count on one hand the amount of winners that I actually know personally, and the last two have been personal friends. That’s way cool! So congrats Shannon! I’m super happy for you! Please email me your address and size {wait, I think I have your address, so just size please :)} and we’ll get that out to you! amy@evystree.com.
Thank you to all for playing along. I won’t be having anymore giveaways until next month…we’ll do something special around April 15: TAX TIME. :) 
See you all then!

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Winner!!

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    Kassie says:

    I LOVE the rain, too. People find that strange for some reason. It was cold and rainy here yesterday, but now the rain is gone. :( Anyway, love the new stuff you're making. Cute, cute!

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