We have had an exciting week, that’s for sure!
Brandon had this week off. It was WONDERFUL! I forget what it is like to have all four of us at home for days time as we NEVER get a day anymore to just lounge around it seems. You would think that with both of us home we would have the most immaculate house on the block.
Instead, the kids AND Brandon wrestle around, throw pillows, toss cereal at each other, race through the house and cause all kinds of rukus. The dishes get piled up and the laundry overflows- but we sure have fun.
So it’s all good.
But something very, very exciting happened this last weekend and I must share it with you. My sister and her family have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a litter of puppies. Their beloved dog Bella has been waddling around for days and poor thing, has seemed awfully miserable. Well we found out why…after over 12 hours of labor, Bella delievered FOURTEEN puppies…yes, you heard me…that’s 14!!!!! Amazing. My sister, her family and some of her good friends were up all night last weekend delievering these precious bundles. Apparently it was quite an ordeal as several of them were breech and my brother in law had to resuscitate them. Unfortunately, one didn’t make it…but they were left with 13 healthy little puppies for all their hard work.
Bella is a beautiful throughbred, papered Golden Retriever. If you are familiar with the breed, you know that the amount of puppies she delievered is unusually high. Poor Bella is feeding non-stop and my sister and her family are helping relieve the load for Bella by bottle feeding as well.
So since Brandon had the week off, we coudn’t resist driving over to Santa Rosa to spend some time with the new additions. Jake was especially excited. Here’s some pictures of our visit.
Jake seeing the puppies for the first time.
Checking out the litter….
The proud momma and some of her babies.
My beautiful sister and my Evy
Evy’s first look at the puppies…
These puppies get LOTS and LOTS of love. They are all held constantly. My nephew Brandon pretending to sleep like the puppy.
Upclose of one of the puppies. Isn’t he beautiful?
Jake’s first attempt at holding the puppy. He said,”Look at his little fingers Mommy!”
Me getting in on the fun.
Can’t stand the cuteness of these things. They smell sooo yummy!
Jake told my sister, “I have my own puppy!” and then asked Brandon to go get his fave stuffed animal from the car. He had to have him in the pen with the other puppies.
Jake’s puppy joining in on the feeding fun.
Finally, we had to get Evy in there for a touch.
If you are interested in the puppies, Pam and her family would LOVE to have you come by and check them out. The puppies are all purebreds as well and papered. They will be ready for a good home in 7 weeks. Please feel free to contact my sister, Pam at  pdoug447@gmail.com  if you are interested.
Hope you all had a wonderful week!

2 thoughts on “Puppies!!

  1. 1
    Emily says:

    I am drooling over those puppies…cuteness!!! …but I have to remind myself that I don't like having pets :(

  2. 2
    DP & 3B's are WE says:

    Cute, cute, cute!! Loved sharing them with your adorable kids! So glad that you came! Love you!

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