Preschool Pickups, Adult Acne and Other Tidbits

Hello everyone. Amy here. Don’t you love how much I’ve been posting lately?!?! ha. YIKES. Just a lot going on around here I guess.

So I’ve gotten my DIY post checked off my list and my Team Ashley post done {PLEASE do whatever you can to help Ashley, whether it’s donate through the button on the side bar, buy a tee or some cards…whatever you can do would be awesome!!}, and now I just need to add a little venting post. Aren’t you excited?? ha. Right.

Anyway, am I the only mom who stresses out about Preschool Pickup time? Seriously, It kills me. See Brandon, when he is in town, usually takes Jake to school and picks him up, so when it is my turn to do it, I go through the same emotions all over again. Like I have never picked up my kid from school before or something. It’s super similar to the same feeling you got the first day of high school after a long break. ha. I jokingly call this Preschool Pickup hour “Mommy Comparison Time”. Haven’t heard of it? Well, let me fill you in….Preschool pick up time is when all the moms {and some lucky dads} converge on their kid’s school and pick up their children. Oftentimes, if you are either a stay at home mom or mom who works from home {like me}, this is the only time you get out of the house {other than the grocery store} and communicate with parents who are in the same boat as you. It’s a very interesting moment…and here’s the emotions that go through my mind prior to arriving:

  • About 20 minutes before 12 PM {Jake’s pick up time} I look up from my work and realize that I need to get in the car and drive the 10-12 minute drive to Jake’s school. Usually I have not gotten dressed yet, combed my hair or put any concealer on skin blemishes {more on that momentarily}.
  • Running around the house in a panic, I scan my closet and end up putting on the same thing I wore a day or two ago, hoping no one will notice.
  • I also sprtiz myself down with perfume. Because nobody likes the “I’ve been too busy to take a shower” smell.
  • I drive like a maniac to the school and while in the car, I cover my blemishes and curl my eyelashes.
  • If I have time, I will twist my hair up or attempt to look like I cared about it at least.
  • I park in the same parking spot and quickly glance around to see who’s there and who will notice how unkept I look.
  • I sprint to the preschool classroom and try to make it before they charge me for being late.
  • Once in the classroom I smile and say hi to all the moms. You know all the moms that know each other because their kids went to school together last year and we’re the new people. Right. Thankfully they are SUPER nice, but I am still at the getting to know you stage and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I feel like they must think I am a walking BASKET CASE. ugh.
  • Wait for the teacher to tell me how Jake did for the day and then grab him by the hand and start walking back to the car.
  • I say hi and chat with parents who obviously know my son {he’s Mr. Social, remember} but who are wondering who in the world I am. I reintroduce myself, chat and be friendly {To have friends you must show yourself friendly remember?}.
  • As I walk away I think about how cute all the moms look and how they MUST wonder why I don’t comb my hair or bother to wear a different outfit every now and then.
See, Mommy Comparison Time.
Well, today, as I running away from the school with my child by hand…I noticed a group of moms by the grassy area out front of the school. Jake begged me to go over so he could play with his friends, so I thought, “sure, why not?” and walked over and joined the moms. I said hi and chatted for a bit. The moms at our school are sincerely really sweet and fun to chat with. Anyway, most of the moms in the group started to head towards their cars with their kiddos, but one mom in particular lingered and we started talking.
I have noticed this mom before. In fact, at one of the class parties we chatted for a bit. Although I couldn’t remember her name, I remembered she went to a local high school and we graduated around the same time. She’s very pretty. Her husband is a nice looking man, very distinguished looking and they drive a very nice car. I always thought they were most likely affluent and had their set group of friends.
But today, while our kids played, we chatted for almost 45 minutes about life, how tough the economy is right now, school choices for the kids and the Lord. She was not anything like how I precieved. I loved it. She was awesome.
Oh and she’s a working mom like me. Double bonus.
I came home and told Brandon how Preschool Pickups are so not what you think they are. These other Moms are just like you and me. They struggle like us all. And they are just as self conscious about themselves as you are. How do I know? Because this mom and I chatted about that. It’s not just me that feels this way. And guess what? She told me, “I have been thinking the last couple times I see you that I love your style”!!!! HAHA.
Things are so not as they appear.
I told Brandon that if I gave into the “let’s just get out of here” feeling that was going through my mind while walking to the car, I would never have had such an encouraging conversation, relaxed for a moment or made a new friend.
What a good lesson, yes?
So I encourage other Mom’s out there…don’t give into the “Mommy Comparison Time” at Preschool Pickup. Get to know the other moms…they are just like you!
Oh…and I did this all with this beauty on my chin {and this is WITH concealer on, FYI ha}
Yes, my friends, that is what is lovingly called “Adult acne”. Right. So somehow, with my sensitive skin and all, a little clogged pore on my chin got out of control and blew up to the size of a golf ball {or at least it felt that way}. Since I am picker, I attempted to help relieve the pressure. Um, right. Didn’t work. Note to self, DON’T PICK.
And with ALL that said, I bring this to a close with this: I have decided to offer advertising on my sidebars. I’ve been approached several times regarding it, but just never wanted to get into it. But after some thinking and praying about it, I feel that now is the time. If you are interested in advertising on my blog, send me an email: I am also offering some giveaway slots. If you would like to do a giveaway on my blog, please let me know and I can see what I can do for you.
All inquiries will be reviewed by me and I reserve the right to turn away shops that do not jive with the overall look of my blog and/or my values. Thanks for understanding….
Well, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed my preschool pick up and adult acne venting. ha. oh boy. Until next time {at this rate that will probably be tomorrow,ha } xoxo

7 thoughts on “Preschool Pickups, Adult Acne and Other Tidbits

  1. 1
    BrandyRose says:

    Love how honest/real you are. Truly hope we get to hang sometime. You’re awesome. And that’s all for now. =)

  2. 2
    Rachelle says:

    Well, I have been taking medication to keep my acne under control since I was 16. It is finally under control, thanks to getting older and yaz. Angry skin can be very traumatic! Sometimes, if I get a giant angry ouchie blocked pore that doesn’t have a head, I use campho phenique. I don’t know if I spelled that correctly, but it’s a medication for cold sores. It uses a drying mechanism, that will help relieve the ouchie factor and cut back on the amount of time til it is gone. It’s a tiny tube for $3.50 or do, but you only need a tiny amount several times a day.

  3. 3
    jenni says:

    love your realness amy!

  4. 4
    Bonny Smelser says:

    Amy I love your blogs! Over many years of picking my children and my grands up from school I have found that a smile will cover a multitude of “I shoulda’s, I wish, oh dears, etc.). Trust me there were times I wish I had a disguise but the car or precious one always gave me away…..that would be the day some Mom would say you always look so put together and I just smiled and said Thank You … Hoping she wasn’t losing her eye sight or I looked so pitiful she felt compassion! Don’t be so hard on yourself – you area beautiful girl and sensitive to the needs of others!!! Have an extra special day!!! xoxo

  5. 5
    Sarah Regnart says:

    Love you Amy!! Oh and I <3 the blog too. Hehe ;) miss you…

  6. 6
    Heather G. says:

    Oh, I love this post!! You’re so sweet, and genuine, Amy. Beautiful on the inside and out. Mommy comparison time, aka pickup time can be rough. But I’ve made a good friend thanks to it.

    BTW, I have NO makeup on today, and dirty hair so I wore my giant sunglasses to drop Leila off this morning, hoping I could just get in and get out. But I made the mistake of wearing an Evy’s Tree hoodie so three people stopped and asked me about it. Haha!!

  7. 7
    Randal Hildebrand says:

    Adult acne is caused by sebum, an oily substance produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands. Sebum clogs pores, which attract bacteria and become inflamed. For some adults, breakouts are a result of hypersensitivity or overproduction of androgens (male hormones). But an imbalance in both male and female hormones (estrogen) can also cause breakouts. For women, this can happen during pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause. Some medications, such as corticosteroids, and cosmetics can also contribute to the development of acne.

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