Polka Dot Brillas

Hello again everyone! I hope you all are having fun previewing the Spring Collection as well as getting a chance at winning them! I have to be honest and tell you I.AM.POOPED. Seriously, I have no idea where I was when I scheduled this week, but obviously I wasn’t thinking very clearly. As I mentioned in a post a while back, last week our church held a big conference and since my husband is the youth pastor, we were heavily involved. Friday night alone, my husband didn’t get into bed until 4:15 AM! So you can imagine that we are a bit hung over and tired from that week. Not really smart planning on my part to have a big week this week!
And I must confess, despite the fact that all the Spring items were designed and material prepared and pinned, NONE OF THEM WERE SEWN. Right. As of this weekend, all I had was the tees and maybe one or two hoodies ready to preview, with the rest still hanging on the rack itching to be sewn up. I guess that wouldn’t be so bad since I work best under pressure and having this giveaway has really gotten my tooshy into gear, however….as I started putting some of the hoodies together, I got sidetracked {yeah, a big problem of mine} and I started changing up some of the designs.
Right. I’m one of those scattered people. ha. Oh boy.
So anyway, needless to say, I switched up about half of the hoodies on Tuesday and just when I thought I had decided on what I like, one of my assistants, Kelsey, came over and we changed stuff up again last night. Still, maybe not much of a big deal since I got them sewn, but I also had to photograph them, and can I be honest? I really hate the photography part of this business. I would much rather have someone else do it, but my brother in law David, who took the pictures of the tees, was in Austin for the week and won’t be back until next week. Ugh. So, I’ve been attempting to take some pictures which takes me FOREVER… and then yesterday I started getting a sore throat and I feel horrible. My house is BOMBED and hasn’t been cleaned all week. My bills are staring at me begging to be paid. My husband and kids are sick of take out, and quite frankly so am I. ha.
Anyway, blah blah…
So my point.
I’m going to take Friday and the weekend off from the Preview and pick back up on Tuesday or Wednesday. David comes back Monday {thank GOD!!} so he can shoot some picks for me then. After today’s post, I have about 2 or maybe 3 more preview posts for you to check out, which should put us at the end of next week to finish up the preview.
Because I’m such a loser, I am going to leave today’s giveaway up all weekend long, until I post the next one. Which means…YOU GET TO SHARE AND THEN ENTER EVERYDAY! Yay. Gives you extra chances for this one and I’m glad as I LOVE these…..
Hope that is ok with you all?? Thank you for your patience with me!
 So onto previewing the first of the Brillas…..
The Brilla is by far my most popular item. For some reason, people love the ruffles and all the funk it brings. I don’t blame them, they are super fun. For those of you who are just joining us and wonder where I got the name Brilla, WELL…Brilla is Brittony’s, my sister in law, nickname. Two Christmas’s ago, when I first started embellishing hoodies, Brittony came to me and asked me to embellish her fave old hoodie for her as her Christmas gift. She wanted me to surprise her. So I sat on the floor for hours playing with material, trying to come up with a cute idea for the hoodie. My mom in law helped me some, and we came up with the design for the Brilla. I kinda crack up as the Brilla is my most copied hoodie, but I can proudly say, I made this design up all on my own!
Here’s the original {sorry for the bad picture, I only took a quick one on Christmas Eve and my settings were off obviously}
The great thing about the Brilla is it gets better with age. The more you wash it, the funkier it looks…I LOVE that! I am going to do a little video demo on how to take care of the ruffles here in a week or two, but in case you are wondering, with the Brilla’s all you have to do is spray it with a water bottle, smooth the ruffles out and take a hair dryer to it for a second, and the ruffles with bounce back after washing…NO IRONING…which of course I love, ha.
I have many Brilla’s this Spring and today I am going to preview three of them. I’m splitting them up in two posts, today’s focus is on Polka Dots. Next week’s will be on geometrics…I think you will love all of them! :)
Introducing the Polka Dot Brilla Collection…
The Watermelon Brilla
Confession: I LOVE THIS HOODIE. I picture it being worn over your bathing suit at the pool, or dressed up with a frilly white skirt and heeled espadrilles or strappy sandals. Pale, pale pink polka on white ruffles, sewn on with watermelon thread and finished with a lime green and bubblegum pink flower.
Sizes S-XL and unisex large and xl
The Blue Polka Brilla
Honestly, this hoodies screams FUNK! My assistant Kelsey, who is a college student, LOVES this hoodie! Pale blue polka on white ruffles sewn on with navy thread on a grey hoodie and finished with a navy and heather pale blue flower.
Sizes S-XL, Unisex large and XL
The Black Polka Brilla
So I had to have a black Brilla and since my Pink Polka is almost gone, I felt this was a pretty close candidate for black hoodie…
FYI, I have TONS of this material and it will be available for wholesale for anybody who is interested.
It will also be available in a mini 2-10.
Well, that’s it for the polka collection… :)
Oh just a couple answers to some questions I’ve been getting:
How much are the Spring items? I have no idea! ha. No seriously, I have yet to sit down and break the prices down, but I hope to have some solid prices by the beginning of next week. Thanks for your patience there.
When will the Spring Collection be ready and listed on etsy? If you have been following me lately, you will remember that I am trying to transition to in stock only items being listed on etsy. However, at the end of next week I will list one size run only of each Spring style. It will be PREORDER ONLY with at least a 3 week turnaround time. Once those are gone, the Spring items will be listed slowly as I get inventory towards the end of the month. Keep an eye on this blog and facebook as I will do a post each time I list a Spring item that has inventory.
What about sale items, will they still be listed in your shop? Yes and no. I will take some items down and save them for next fall, most likely all the fall items that are listed for sale in the shop, like the Candy Corn Brilla, and the long sleeve tees. Need to make room for Spring. The Holiday items will remain in the shop until they are gone and the year round items that are marked down to 10% off will go back up to full price at the end of next week.
Hope that helps some!
Now onto the Giveaway rules:
1. Click “Share” under this photo that is listed on FB…
… and tell all your friends about Evy’s Tree, then come back and comment under the photo ON FACEBOOK saying you did. You can share every day if you like!
2. Blog about this blog post TODAY or over the weekend or every day if you’d like, using at least one of the pictures from his post and link back to this site, then come back and comment on this post saying you did. 
3. Follow this blog and say that you do under this blog post = extra point
4. Tweet this giveaway and come back and say you did on this blog post=extra point. Can be done daily.
Giveaway for one of these hoodies will end Monday at 11:59PM. I will pick TWO winners on Tuesday and name those winners in Tuesday’s Spring Preview Giveaway blog post.
And the winners for yesterday:
The blog winner is…..
And the facebook winner is
Congrats ladies!! Please email me your choice of hoodie at evystree@gmail.com!
Thanks for reading this long post and I’ll see you all next week!!

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