Our Weekend With The Sheep

First, before I start, I just want to say a great big THANK YOU for all the loving and supportive comments and messages I have been receiving regarding the shop closing. I realize that I need to give you some more details, so I promise you, stop by the blog tomorrow afternoon and you’ll get them. I just needed a couple days to put everything into words. Again, I really, really appreciate all you have done and I hope and pray you will be willing to support Evy’s Tree in the weeks to come.

Now onto this:

I believe I mentioned to you all that a couple weeks ago, our HOA brought in a couple hundred lambs to graze our open spaces. It has been SO MUCH fun to watch and the kids have enjoyed it so very much. I love to open the windows and hear them baaaaing and whining. Too cute.

The lot behind our house is land owned by the HOA. It’s absolutely stunning and backs up to a state park, so It’s a beautiful space that houses herds of deer, wild turkey, foxes and loads of other animals. We weren’t sure if the lambs would ever make it to the back of our house, but on Friday morning we woke up and they were there!! The kids were SO excited!!! Evy ran out barefooted and in her Pj’s just to check them out.

We spent most the {VERY VERY HOT} day on Friday outside talking to and watching the lambs graze. My kids were so very thrilled to have them in their backyard. There are even baby ones….in fact, I’m pretty sure that today one of the lambs gave birth to twins, as there is a TINY TINY set that can barely walk there this afternoon. So precious!

Here’s a cute little one that was making us die laughing with it’s antics. It gave us a good show.

My sweaty, dirty little girl. She had SUCH a wonderful day!

On Friday night, we had some very special friends come and visit us. My dear friend Elisha and her girls drove up to spend the eve with us. Her girls are so darling and were also excited about the lambs. Please excuse my messy two. Umm…they had quite a “farm” like day, so what can I say? :)

On Saturday, we let the kids give the lambs some carrots {shhh, don’t tell our HOA} and they got instant friends. Anytime the kids came near the fence the lambs would run on over.

I let them eat outside to watch the lambs. They loved it.

And then tonight, Emma Love came over and the kids played with the sheep some more. All of a sudden I heard a massive amount of bleeting and baaing, so I ran outside to find Jake and Emma tossing full branches full of leaves over the fence at the lambs. I think they attracted the entire herd! ha.

They were so proud, my little lamb whisperers. ha.

and the herd. wow.

We have had so much fun. I think they will be moved to the next field tomorrow, as there is hardly any grass left. :( We will miss them. Can’t wait until next year!!

Oh, and I have to show the best photobombing EVER.

Seriously. She just jumped in and started posing away. The pulling up the shorts is KILLER.  Unbelievable. Where in the world did she learn THAT?!?!? Yikes! ha.

One normal one.

I love this girl. And the two twinsies. I love them too. :)  See you all tomorrow! xoxo

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    Kassie says:

    OMW. Those pictures with Evy busting her moves are too cute!

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