Our Last Night

…in our beautiful first home. We have lived here seven years almost to the day. I have never lived in one house that long EVER, besides my family’s vacation home in Lake Tahoe that I considered my home growing up.
Our home in Tahoe, that my dad built with his own two hands. This is a winter picture so you can’t see the beach or water, which was part of the beauty of the house.

I have written a little about my Dad and his “job” {HERE}…in short we moved a lot. The longest we ever spent at a home was 4 years. As a result I really, really, really hate moving. I hate change in particular. It probably is just in my makeup as the rest of the kids don’t really feel that way, but I guess its the homebody in me. 
Anyway, this first home of ours will always be so very special to me. I always considered our Tahoe home my “childhood home”. This Stockton home I will consider my “baby home”….a place where two of the beautiful beings became part of my life. I love that. 
Thank you Lord for allowing me to spend so many years in a wonderful place. I look forward to new adventures in our new home. 
P.S. I mentioned in the last post that we might not have a kitchen for a week. It looks like that will stretch to two. ugh. Prayers will be appreciated…camp fire here we come! :)

2 thoughts on “Our Last Night

  1. 1
    Carisa says:

    I remember our vacation there. That was really fun. That house is fabulous!!

  2. 2
    Kassie says:

    Love that house! I'd love to have a vacation home near the water…
    Good luck with your kitchen. I didn't have a functioning one for 4 months and it was awful! It's still not finished, but getting there! <3

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