Our Holiday House

So I have to admit {I know, confessing again, ha!}, I am not a decorator. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having our home look nice….I LOVE a clean, homey house just as much as the rest of you. And I really do have to have it decorated, I just decorate it once and then live with it that way for EVER. My dear friend Heidi is always switching around her furniture and adding new pieces. I wish I was that creative. I can only muster up enough brain cells to decorate once. ha. So decorating for Christmas is a big deal for me, since I don’t really like to mix things up. :)
Anyway, I LOVE having a Christmas tree and enjoy making it look lovely in our home, but for the most part, that’s all the Christmas decorating I do. I always hang stockings…but usually that’s it. This year I added a couple things and I’m so proud of myself! ha. I tried to take a few pictures, but I’m a really bad photographer, unfortunately. I’m looking forward to having my brother in law come and take some good pictures of the house once its all done. 
In the meantime, my pictures will have to do…. So my dining room. My favorite room in the entire house is the dining room. It has great high ceilings {something the rest of the house doesn’t have} and bay windows with a gorgeous view. I was so excited to get a tree to put in the bay windows to people could see it from the street. When we went with my in laws to pick out a tree, we picked a lovely tall frosted tree and I was so excited to put in the dining room bay window. But when we got the tree home we realized the bay windows weren’t as tall as the rest of the room and Brandon had to cut over two feet off the tree to make it fit. I dubbed the tree the “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” because it ended up being really skinny and small. But in the end, I think it looked really cute in the dining room. What do you think?
I don’t have a skirt for it, I’m saving to get one from my friend Janelle. More on that later…you’ll so want to hear about her!! {Yes, Janelle, I’m holding you to it! :)}

Oh…this will {hopefully} be the last picture you see of the dark stained dining room table, BTW. I finally got approval from my dad to paint it {it was his mother’s}, so I hope to do that next week! yay!

At night….
So what did I do with all my wonderful ornaments that didn’t fit on this tiny little tree? Well, we got a cheapy tree from Lucky’s…we let Jake pick it out…and we added all our fancy ornaments on the Charlie Brown tree and put our family ornaments on the Lucky tree. My mom strung popcorn strands {which Evy slowly ate off the tree} and Jake would come home from school and add all his school projects to it. ha. I actually love this tree. It’s horribly ugly, but very special. I think we’ll end up doing this for years to come…a fancy tree and and a family tree.

PS….don’t stress over the brown grids on the windows…they were missed by the painter, but he is coming back to fix them THANK GOD. They are hideous! oh boy.

And remember this nativity scene from two years ago? Well, its alive and kicking…under the family tree. :)

Christmas cards are a big deal in my home. I LOVE them and put them up as decoration. I didn’t know where I was going to put them this year…normally in Stockton I plaster them all over our kitchen cabinets. But our cabinets now are painted and if we put the cards on the cabinets now, well the poor paint would be a mess! So I decided to do this archway in between the dinning room and the family room. I love it! We get to see them all day long and they bring such a huge smile to my face. I really, really cherish our family and friends. 
And here’s the family room. FYI, before someone asks….NO, our house is not always clean. I clean one of two times throughout the day: naptime or night time. Today I cleaned during naptime because both kids took one thank God! 
Anyway, here’s our family room below. I bought that vintage painting and frame from a thrift store in Stockton before I was married. Brandon painted the frame white. I’ve had it sitting in a closet all these years with no place to put it, so I am so glad it fits nicely in this room. I adore it. The curtains are Simply Shabby Chic from Target
Oh, we have a slipcover for the $25 garage sale ottoman there. But I rarely put it on unless company is coming over. The kids draw all over it and I end up having to wash it all.the.time. For some reason when the cover is off they leave it alone…go figure, huh? Anyway, I forgot to put it on for you, sorry! ha. 

View from the family room into the dining room. The cards are on both sides of the wall and on the inside of the trim. Love it. 

If you read this post then you know I have always wanted a nativity scene, but could never find one I liked that I could afford. Last Christmas during the Miraflor family dinner, we had a gift exchange by drawing numbers. I drew this gorgeous nativity scene. I was so excited I cried. 
 The two inside stockings are mine and Brandon’s. I bought them at Sincerely Yours in Santa Rosa our first Christmas as a couple. The other two stockings are from Pottery Barn that I scored the day after Christmas for, get this, $11!! 
The nativity scene didn’t come with any moss on it so I hot glued some on. :)

I have always wanted a nice center piece for Christmas. My mom gave me a Anthro credit she’d had forever and I got these 4 pots for under $40 total! I knew they would be perfect! I filled them with a cream poinsettia, two paper whites and white glittered baby rose. 
The vintage coasters are a gift from my friend Gioia over at The Pillow Factory.

And since my kitchen was clean I thought I’d take a quick pic. It’s coming along! Waiting for the custom hood to arrive for over the stove {the vent is installed inside the cabinet} and the fridge needs to be built in and the baseboards added so Brandon can touch up the paint. Also, we have a few more things to do in the room before it can look complete. I want to add these darling white swiss dot ballon curtains but my mom didn’t like them…still thinking about it.

 We have a new and larger kitchen table waiting to be painted {thank you Goodwill and craigslist…more on that later} and Brandon is building a window seat for that bay window. I am going to fill it with gobs and gobs of pillows. Excited!
Well, that’s it for my Christmas decorations! Would love to know if added much this year…will you share a link to your blog if you posted them??
Oh, can’t sign off without showing off this years stellar Santa pic
Sorry for the picture of a picture, but I’m too lazy to go out to the studio and use the scanner. :)
Happy Christmas Eve, Eve! Love you dear friends!
PS…have you checked out my brother in law’s blog? He’s blogging every day. Pretty amazing.
PPS…Jake just informed me that he told Santa he wanted a squirty gun and a yoyo. Uhhh…really?? That’s the first we’ve heard about that one. I think someone will be making a trip to Target in the AM. :( 

2 thoughts on “Our Holiday House

  1. 1
    David Sowers says:

    Beautiful Amy. I love the family tree it seems so much more Christmassy. Love you

  2. 2
    Kassie says:

    Your house is looking beautiful!

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