Our First Loose Tooth

I am so exhausted, this has been SUCH A WEEK! Sheesh. Good news: our guest bathroom remodel is ALMOST done! Whew!! :) My in laws {Brandon’s parents, his sister Bryony and her husband David, along with their kiddos} came up this weekend to help complete it, since Brandon was out of town until late Saturday eve. David and my Dad in law did all the electrical, installed the toilet and the sink. My mom in law stayed a little longer and is doing some sewing for me. Have I mentioned I love my in laws? I seriously feel so blessed to have the Miraflor family in my life. I hope I can be half as good to them as they are to me!

Before I went to bed tonight I had to document a very exciting event that took place in the Miraflor family today: Jake lost his first tooth!!

I have no idea why, but when Jake told me he his tooth hurt a month or so ago, and we realized it was about to come out, I got all teary eyed and the reality that Jake was REALLY  growing up sunk in. Really, really sunk in. In fact, sending him off to Kinder didn’t even affect me like the loose tooth did. Am I crazy? Hopefully I’m not the only mom who felt that way when their kiddo lost their first tooth?

The day we realized his tooth was loose…


The tooth has been dangling by a thread for a couple days…

…And today after church Emma Love came home with us to spend some time with Jake and Scout, and on the way home she tried to explain to Jake how he should just pull it out. The conversation was quite comical, with Emma saying things like, “You just have to pull really hard!”

Ignore the leftover doghnut on his face, yikes!

Later in the afternoon while the kids were watching a movie and I was in the garage painting a piece of furniture, I heard Emma say, “Let me get a napkin!”. My first thought was, great, what kind of mess did they make? So I jumped up and checked on them…only to find Jake laid down on the ground with his head on a pillow and Emma leaning over him with the napkin in her hand, trying to pull out the tooth!! I didn’t quite believe they could do it, so I left them to it, only to hear about two minutes later, ”IT’S OUT!!” come from Emma. ha!!

She was so very proud that she extracted the tooth and Jake was in shock I think!!! It was awesome!!! haha. I’m still laughing over it!

Tonight we wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, taped the tooth and pinned it to Jake’s headboard {after I made him clean his room. I told him the tooth fairy does not visit dirty houses, so awesome of me, right? yikes. ha}

So I have made it to the next level, I officially have a toothless kid. Words cannot tell you how my heart has been hit today. My little precious baby boy, who I helped soothe through the process of teething, has now lost his first tooth. {insert huge sigh} Dear God give me strength to make it through the next 13 years! ha.


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