Our Advent Calendar…

Is so not cool. 
ha. Unless you like Chocolate of course, like my kiddos. :)

And of course, we always have to have a little fight. Always. Seriously, these two have such a love hate relationship.

I really did have some great ideas of putting together an advent calendar…complete with little thoughts about the birth of Savior, and wonderful little treats. But I just couldn’t get it together. So I fell back on the handy dandy chocolate ones from Trader Joes, just like what I had when I was I was kid.

Too fun.

Have you seen my friend Ashley’s calendar? Or have you read about Soshawna’s? Pretty neat stuff out there!


4 thoughts on “Our Advent Calendar…

  1. 1
    David Sowers says:

    very cool and your counter tops look amazing. looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!

  2. 2
    Kelley says:

    My kids loved those little cardboard Advent calendars, too. This post makes miss them sooo much. . . .

  3. 3
    gioia says:

    i love the trader joe's calendars! i just got some for my friends kids!!

  4. 4
    cheyenne says:

    we decided to do this for advent this year… http://truthinthetinsel.com/. it gives you a daily scripture reading and a little blurb on advent perfect for kids. it also gives a great craft idea, but we are not doing the crafts…too much going on this year! chocolate advent calendars are always a great option too…yum! :)

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