Once Upon A Time There Was A Skinny Girl Named Amy

So last night as I was prepping for the Vintage Photo Contest Blog, I was rummaging through old pictures and pulling out the Evy’s Tree ones. Buried within my hard drive was a gold mine of old photos. One of the albums was entitled “Ventura 2005″….pictures of Brandon and my’s trip down to Ventura California to visit Brandon’s sister Bryony and her husband David, who was attending Brooks School of Photography. We spent the day walking around downtown Ventura and exploring the beautiful California Mission there in town.

Since David is a photographer, specifically a photojournalist, our family is very used to him snapping away with is camera…usually at very random times. This trip was the first time I remember really noticing him doing this. I remember feeling a bit weird that I’d turn and notice a camera in my face. ha.

Now we all just smile or continue talking, guess that means we’re used to it! It was so funny to look back on these photos and see the awkwardness in my face….but even more funny to go back into time and realize:


I know I’ve talked about this before, but why in the world couldn’t I recognize how tiny I was? Seriously! If there is anything I hope to teach Evy, it’s to learn to see yourself for who you are. Looking back I could kick myself for not seeing it…and I wish to God I could get that tiny now. However, I’m pretty sure with the 40′s gradually approaching I’d look like one big wrinkled mess. HA.

Looking back on this trip also reminds me how easy we had it. I’m one who tends to get “stuck in the moment” thinking that life is so difficult RIGHT NOW. But if I could just manage to look down the road a bit…life is so much more complicated today then it was when we were newlyweds.

Back then we had time to pause, think, be affectionate. You know, do all those things that you can do when you don’t have kids, or a business to run, or a house to take care of. It reminds me stop and do that now…because life is so fleating.

The other day I was thinking about Abraham and Sarah. I started to consider how frustrated they must have gotten in life. You know, waiting all those years to have a child…the child God promised them. I wondered how many arguments they had about it. How many nights they cried themselves to sleep. And I smiled because I thought, God must have been watching every single one of those times.

And I was reminded that if we ever thought we were at the end of our rope…we must not REALLY be at that end, because that would mean God had no purpose left for us here on earth and we’d be gone. He has a reason for us to wait, just like he had Sarah and Abraham wait. It seemed silly, but God wasn’t done yet.

Sure gives you a little hope to think that way, doesn’t it?

So I guess my point about all that is this: don’t be discouraged when you don’t get what’s going on. Things really aren’t what you think…God is working in the background, tying up loose ends for us, finishing things, working His miracles. And someday you will look back on those days you thought were tough and say,“He was there all the time”. Just like I do when I look back at these photos.

Our famous awkward romantic photo was taken on this trip. And yes, that’s Bryony’s forehead front and center. :)

Oh and did I mention that I was VERY VERY skinny back then?!? SHEESH! ;) xoxo

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3 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time There Was A Skinny Girl Named Amy

  1. 1
    Meagan says:

    You had me crying. Thank you for your words! They were just what I needed to hear.

  2. 2
    Jen Lord says:


    I just received my lovely Diana wrap in the mail today…. Thank you!
    And thank you for this post. This is the 2nd blog post I’ve read in the past couple days that mentioned Abraham and Sarah. Boy, is the wait looooong and hard…. But it’s all in a matter of perspective, right? Thanks again!

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