On The Road Again

…Can’t remember why I’m on the road again?!?
I have traveled enough the last couple months. I miss my babies.
BUT….this time, its a tad different.
Even though I am gone from my little lovies, and away from my home, I am in the only place I don’t really mind going, L.A. with my husband, all alone in a lovely hotel room with, get this: 
Yes, you heard me, just us. Ha! Can you believe it?!? And I know, I’m spending the time blogging! But its so quite,  and we are enjoying the quite so much. It’s just so nice doing something in peace without having one of our precious ones crawling all over us.
We still miss them though, don’t get worried. ha.
Anyway, we are in L.A. because Brandon is taking part in the Hyphen Tour, a tour for college age students offering two days of empowering sessions and time of fellowship. Brandon is speaking tomorrow night. He also spoke in Florida, which you might remember I never made it to that one, so I am excited to hear him speak. He was actually a last minute addition as he was just working with the team this time, but was asked to fill an empty spot and I am sooo glad they asked him as I was wanting to hear his lesson and was so bummed I missed it before.
Anyway, I came for two reasons, well, maybe three…
1. To hear Brandon speak
{To get away and enjoy a road trip}
2. To go fabric shopping!!!!
I ran out of some of my popular fabric, so when Brandon said he was coming to L.A. he had planned on flying, but I told him I wanted to come to shop, so could we drive? So this morning at 5AM we jumped in the car and drove the 6 hour drive to do some shopping.
Bless my husband’s heart. 
He drove the entire way on about 4 hours of sleep and wandered around the garment district for a couple hours with me. Don’t really think he was thrilled with that and spent most of the time eating Bacon hotdogs off the street {they are actually really good, ha!} and managing to get a boatload of pictures of me on the phone. 
Like this one:
and then this one….
and this one…
all of them taken with his ultra cool Droid X which I want soo badly.
Anyway, who was I talking to? 
My dear friend Monica who is my partner in crime when it comes to material shopping. And since she couldn’t come with me this time, I spent a lot of time on the phone trying to shop for her. And not to mention that she makes all my beautiful brooches, so it was the least I could do since most of what I was buying was for Evy’s Tree! :)
Anyway, thanks Babe for coming with me and putting up with me shopping…and carrying bolts and bolts of material for me. I love you and I’m so glad I get to spend this weekend with you. It’s been such a nice and relaxing time! 
And if any of you are here in the area and would like to check out the Hyphen Tour…come on over!! Hopefully I’ll see you there!

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