Nine…wait…EIGHT Years Ago

I have NO idea what has happened to me. Seriously, I keep telling myself I have a college education but I can’t tell you what I have done with all that knowledge because the last couple of years my brain seems to have transformed into mush. I can’t read properly, speak intelligently, or keep a train of thought running for longer than 5 minutes- unless, of course, its regarding diapers, sleep routines, food adversions…on those subjects I’m a pro.
And now it seems I have a new “can’t” on my list….I can’t add!
So I apologize to all those people who I have been telling its been NINE years when in actuality its only been EIGHT…but anyway, without further adeu…
Happy Anniversary Babe!
Eight {NOT nine} years ago yesterday, February 17, 2002, Brandon and I offically became “a couple”. :)
Even though I have known Brandon for many years prior to this weekend, we really had just reconnected several month before. Since about Novemeber 2001 we had been hanging out as “just friends” meeting up in the city {San Francsico} where Brandon was working for several months, which was convienently located down the street from my brother’s apartment.
VERY BAD scan…but us towards the end of 2001 in front of Mel’s Diner in the city.
Valentine’s weekend was coming up and we heard that DC Talk, of whom we were both huge longtime fans, was on their final tour together as a band and they were having a show in San Diego. We thought it would be a fun getaway, especially since we both had close friends who lived in S.D. who we would love to see and whom thought wouldn’t mind having us crash at their houses, ha! :)
So Brandon, his cousin Jordan, and I embarked on a 13 hour drive to So Cal.
We had a BLAST. So much fun. Brandon gave me a Red Currant Votivo candle for Valentine’s Day, which was the best EVER- and I still have the jar. :) And DC Talk…it was awesome to be able to be at one of their final concerts. What was even more awesome was Brandon randomly, on a trip to the bathroom, ended up backstage, ran into Michael Tait, struck up a converstation {so Brandon}, got asked to play the guitar in Mike’s new group, and got us backstage passes for the next concert in Fresno two nights following!! That alone is a very long story, one that I will leave for Brandon to tell sometime, but Brandon and Mike have remained friends since then. In fact, they met up this summer while Mike was on tour with The Newsboys in Turlock.
Again, bad scan and VERY BAD pic of me, but us at the DC Talk concert. Brandon, me and Jordan.
Brandon and Mike, this summer.
ANYWAY…without telling all the romantic details, haha….the day after the trip Brandon and I fessed up to our mutual admiration for eachother {which had just hit me, but Brandon had quietly been hiding for several months, bless his heart} and thus began our 3 year dating period. :)
I love you Babe, thank you for loving me. Thanks for waiting patiently for me until I loved you back. You are the best. I could never imagine life without you.
Oh yes PS…Last night I had the privilege of speaking in our youth service. actstwenty9, you guys are AMAZING. Seriously, you blow my mind. Thank you for having me and I’m so glad God had His way. I love you all. And I’m sorry for accidently lying and tell you that Pastor Brandon and I had been together nine years when it was really eight. haha.

10 thoughts on “Nine…wait…EIGHT Years Ago

  1. 1
    SoShawna says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Love both of you guys so much, love Mike, and I'm right there with you on the mushy brain part. I'll call you later.

  2. 2
    Brandon miraflor says:

    thank you babe for an amazing nine, I mean eight years… you are still the only one for me.


    - Brandon

  3. 3
    Jenni says:

    Big tears in my eyes! I love mushy gooshy stories! So fun to read! Happy Anniversary!

  4. 4
    cheyenne says:

    aww…sweet! happy anniversary!

    and where were you driving to San Diego from that it would take 13 hours?

  5. 5
    Dear Lillie says:

    Happy Anniversary! You make a beautiful couple and have a gorgeous family! Haha – I am with you – I think since having my child my brain has gone to mush too! I used to think I was a pretty intelligent soul, but now if you asked me what two plus two was I would probably have to pause a second before answering – haha!

  6. 6
    Amy says:

    Thanks guys!! I can't believe that its been 8 years!! wow. Time flies.

    Cheyenne- we were coming from Santa Rosa, stopped in Stockton to pick up Jordan, hit L.A. traffic for several hours and then got lost. We were DYING to get out of that car, ha!


  7. 7
    Amy says:

    and SoShawna & Dear Lillie…isn't it horrible? I"m serious…NO MORE BRAIN CELLS! ugh. ha.

  8. 8
    amber dodd. says:

    Happy Happy Anniversary!! Jeremy and I will be celebrating 9 years (and I do mean 9, lol) of marriage on March 3rd. :)
    And, ummm….do you two have any idea how big of a Michael Tait fan I am? lol WOW! I saw him in Dallas a few times… I'm officially jealous. ;)

  9. 9
    JoshuaRH says:

    Nice! Brother Miraflor knows everyone. First time hearing about how you two met. Good story.

  10. 10
    Mande says:

    Happy Anniversary!!

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