My Little “Elves”

L-R: Brooke, Maddie, Brittany

I would like for you to meet my neices. Well, two of my nieces, Maddie is my adopted niece, she is Brittany’s best friend and has been around us forever. All three girls are in an amazing homeschool program which allows them two long mornings a week to work as interns for Evy’s Tree. I call them my little Elves. They have been a godsend. They keep me laughing most of the time and its so cute hearing their little jibber jabber about teenage life. Reminds me why Brandon and I love working with teens. Its such an awkward yet special time in life.

Today they informed me that to avoid the strings while eating a banana, that you eat it from bottom to top, which means you open it at the bottom and start eating there, or what they call backwards. I don’t have a picture of this as we have eaten all the bananas around here today, but I am dying laughing that I have just now heard this news! Really? A way to avoid those nasty strings? AWESOME! ha :)

Side Note…did you know teenagers eat like 5 times a day? Well, they do. Seriously, that bring a GIANT bag of food with them every day. It’s pretty amazing.


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