My Life With a Bunch of Crazies

Hello everyone. Just thought I’d do a quick write and prove what I’m sure many of you already know about us…we’re a pretty crazy family. 
{Sad, very sad, but true}
If you follow Evy’s Tree on Facebook, there is a good chance you already saw this picture, but yesterday I took the kids with me to do my Post Office run. I loaded the car up with my giant bin full of hoodies to be shipped, which is actually about the size of me once its full. No joke. Anyway, I told the kids to get in the car and turn around found Evy insisting on me putting not one, but two clips in her hair and Jake all dressed up like this:
In case you can’t tell, that’s a long sleeve shirt he has on his legs and its being held up with a belt. The shirt is on backwards and that hat he has on? Yeah, those are his pants. Oh and the hangers, well, they are hanging strategically from his belt. What is he you ask? He’s a weather man, apparently. He learned about the weather in school yesterday and came home with this very cool weather wheel and he felt he needed to be a weather man to operate it. 
{please ignore the water stain right in front of the kids. Ugh, how embarrassing! ha}
So I took my kids to P.O. looking just like that. And of course, they insisted upon helping me carry the giant bin into the P.O. which resulted in me pretty much screaming at them because I just end up tripping over them the entire time. And let’s not mention the looks I got from people regarding Jake’s ensemble. It was funny at home, not so cute in public I must tell you. 
Anyway, we {as in ALL of us, yes, they MUST hand me each package individually so when you have 30 packages that takes a bit} unloaded the packages into the package box and as we are walking out of the P.O. I remind them of the “holding hands around cars” rule. Apparently Jake forgot and bolted out in front of me. I guess he felt like playing games because I ran after him which just caused him to circle the car about 3 or 4 times before I could catch him, twice running into the street. 
UGH. You can imagine how upset I was. And you imagine what the very busy P.O. thought of this trio of kooks. oh boy.
Anyway, moving on. 
Any of you have any home remedies? I have a couple, but my all time favorite involves toothpaste. 
Yes, this is me, real time. I have yet to comb my hair and I’m still in my P.J.’s but what I want you to notice is the lovely toothpaste face mask I created on my forehead and other parts of my face which you can’t see too well here. I’ve come to the conclusion that my skin must be freaking out knowing I’m going to be 35 in a month so it has decided to have some hormone fun and party like its 1992. I’m sure the fact that I have WAY too much on my plate at the moment doesn’t help either, but whatever is wrong with it, its been needing a little toothpaste zap the last week. Toothpaste is the BEST cure of skin blemishes in case you didn’t know. You just put it on at night and when you wake up in the morning those little suckers are dry and peeling. No joke, try it!
Anyway, when I went to get Evy this morning, she took one look at my face and literally backed away while pointing at me saying, “What’s that?!?” She REFUSED to come to me. I’m not kidding. I coaxed her and coaxed her and finally she reached up and touched my face and said, “ohhh, yucky!” At that point she would come to me but would not let me kiss her. She warmed up eventually, and I got them the kids ready for the sitters and forgot about my face.
Well, I drove to the sitters looking just like this. Yes I did. Bless my sitters heart, she didn’t act like it was a big deal at all, but I’m sure once she got the kids out of the car and shut the door of her house she texted all her friends and made a big joke about it. ha. {Alexis, please be kind!! )}
Right, crazy over here.
Oh, I’m closing down here I promise, but I wanted to show you all something:
I know that its kinda hard to see here, but that is a “profitmeter”. Yes, I’m sure all know what that means, I however, had no idea what it meant until I did a little etymology and broke the word down a bit. That little wheel was given to me by my dad this weekend, it was given to him by his dad, my Gramps. All in all, this wheel has been aiding the Wollmer family in business {My Gramps was also self employed, he and my Nannie owned Wollmer’s Music in Burlingame, which later, after it was sold, moved to San Mateo} for more than 50 years. It’s this very confusing wheel with gobs of numbers on it. It’s quite scary actually. My dad has been trying to give it to me for months, hoping it would help me get a grip on my profit margins, but the wheel and I just weren’t getting along AT ALL, so I kept refusing it. I much preferred the formula that my brother gave me to figure out my profit margins. Well, this past weekend, my dad pretty much told me that if I didn’t sit down and learn to use the wheel he wouldn’t give me anymore business advice, so I had another very long lesson the thing and I think we have become friends. So here I am with the 50+ year old wheel and I have to say I’m super stressed out over it. Not because I don’t understand it, but I’m freaked out that my kids are going to hide it somewhere, or worse, cut it to bits and pieces with all the scissors that hang out in this house. I do think that this wheel might be the death of me at some point.
ANYWAY, thanks Dad for the wheel! I do feel very honored that he would choose to give it to me out of all the other kids. Ha, ‘course right now I’m having the realization that he probably gave it to me because I’m the only NON mathematical person in the family and he probably feels sorry for me! Either way, I’m honored to have it!
And regarding my dad, many of you guys have emailed, texted or called me asking about how he is doing. He is doing good, and I am hoping to do a little blog post about him in the next couple of days to fill you all in on him and health issues.
Well all, that is that. I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. I am going to spend the morning doing my taxes and paying bills, doesn’t that sound like a blast?!? But I’m going to end the night going to church and hearing one of my very favorite ministers ever, Rev. Chester Mitchell!! He is here to speak at To The Chief Musician, the music conference that is going on here in Stockton. If you are in the area, you should really stop by CLC’s 99 campus and hear him. I promise you won’t be disappointed. He and his wife are amazing people and had such an impact on my life when I was younger. So excited to be with them tonight.
Many blessings to you all! 

4 thoughts on “My Life With a Bunch of Crazies

  1. 1
    Jen | Our Life Accounts says:

    haha, i had to laugh at your toothpaste comment, I tried that one time as a kid…and ended up with serious acid burns all over my face. Be careful what toothpaste you use!

  2. 2
    Jenni says:

    Little man's outfit is a hoot! I can only imagine the looks you were getting at the post office as you were walking around with all of your orders and two little ones! poor mama!

    haven't tried the toothpaste thing, which toothpaste do you use, don't want to be like jen and get burns on my face!!!!

  3. 3
    Amy says:

    ha! oh that's funny Jen! Come to think of it, I do remember that happening once to me. I use Sensodyne, since I have super sensitive gums, so maybe that's why it works?? It might be a bit gentler. Ha. :) HOpe that helps Jenni!! xoxo

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