My Bangs Were Possessed….

So the other night Brandon and I tackled a job we have been procrastinating on for a long, long time: going through about a dozen banker boxes full of odds and ends that we have been carrying around with us for over 10 years. These boxes have gone through four moves, and have yet to be touched…can you believe that? Over the years we just shoved them in the attic, or the closet, or any out of the way place that we could pretend they didn’t exist.

I guess the reason why we didn’t want to deal with them is that the boxes are full of childhood things that we really had no idea what we were supposed to do with. Boxes full of notes, kindergarten pictures, trinkets and mementoes…. these were definitely not an easy sort!

One of the first boxes I opened up was my high school box. For some reason I kept my high school history book…and it was littered with notes my friends and I wrote to each other during class. I wondered if I even paid attention to the teacher! ha! And then, tucked under the history book, was this gem:

Good grief!!! WHAT in the WORLD was going on with my poor bangs?!? Seriously possessed bangs there, they could reach out and grab you…while the rest of my hair was stick straight! huh?!? Was that the style then? I’m pretty sure that was around 1990….. Thankfully, I improve *slightly*  the next year:

…although my bangs still need some improvement. And how about that bit of bran muffin that is on my front tooth? Yes, I remember distinctly that it was a bran muffin I was eating while waiting in line for pictures, and apparently the lady taking the photo missed that I had a chunk on my tooth.

So awesome.

You can bet I never passed those puppies out. I found the entire picture package, still in the photographer’s wrapping paper, in that high school box. Oh yes. Great history right there.

We also stumbled upon my childhood box…and I guess I have to say I was pretty cute as a 6 year old, but even had teeth problems then….

Note the black tooth? Right…that was from falling in the bathtub and whacking my mouth on the shower door. I proudly lived with that puppy for a couple years until it fell out. I still remember the day I lost it, super excited to be rid of it! ha.

Oh, and how about this one?

That’s my sweet brother and I, practicing our flag waving intended for the Queen of England when she visited San Francisco during her 1983 California visit. We were chosen, because my mom is a British citizen, to be part of a group of school children who were to greet her as she entered San Francisco. We practiced bowing and curtsy-ing for hours, and the newspaper wrote a big write up on us. Unfortunately, at the last minute it was decided the school children were not to attend the ceremony as there were no bathrooms to facilitate a gaggle of antsy kiddos. But no matter…Brad and I got our moment of fame thanks to the San Mateo times. Ha.

Brandon and I found a bunch of other really amazing stuff in those boxes…like my Nannie and Gramps passports {they visited SUCH WONDERFUL places!} and old pictures from their wedding. We also found all our honeymoon pictures, that have been waiting for me to place them neatly in the scrapbook I bought for them oh….9 years ago. So awesome, right?

Here’s my favorite photo.

Us at Animal Kingdom in Disneyworld. We had SUCH a blast on our honeymoon. And we were twigs. Wow.

We finally finished going through the boxes very late at night. I can’t believe we waited as long as we did to do it. All the important things are safely packed away in labeled bins and all the junk that never mattered is now in the trash. An era gone for us.

Want to know the truth? I was near tears at some points. Going through my family’s history like that. Remembering times in my life that were both good and bad. And it made me really, really think: I hope I create a good history for my kids. I hope we do amazing things, and that we document it along the way. Part of the reason for the blog…I hope to create history for those kiddos.

And I hope someday, when they are married and have kids of their own…that they go through old boxes and remember. And feel the joy that I felt when I looked through those boxes; the good and the bad.

Live life to fullest friends!! xoxo

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