Mini Simple Hoodie and Mini Candy Stripe Brilla

Well, I have to be honest…
this has been quite the FRUSTRATING week. The short version:
Went to the dentist for a toothache on Monday, had a cracked tooth and one VERY expensive crown put on…
Jake seemed to momentarily forget all our potty training success {although we found it again, thank God}…
Lost my Blackberry on Wednesday night- been walking around directionless ever since…
My husband put a stupid BRIGHT GREEN hankie in the laundry pile and it somehow managed to find its way into the load of WHITES…
Anyway, by yesterday I had decided I had had enough. I took matters into my own hands by first spending some quiet time with my Creator and then took all that wonderful energy He blessed me with and created.
Here’s what I came up with….
*I made a mistake on facebook and put down the price as $34.50! YIKES! So I will honor that price for today only and only on the powder pink hoodie, then tomorrow it will go back up to $39.50
This is a darling and simple hoodie. Will really truly go with everything! A little mini version of my adult Simple Hoodie…which is still on sale until tomorrow, BTW! :)
Anyway, back to the Mini Simple…I have the following sizes:
6-12 mths
12-18 mths
and I only have ONE hoodie per size available today. I also have several mini black hoodies, as size 3-6 mths, 2, 4, 6 that I could also do this hoodie in. If you are interested, feel free to comment or send me an email. Also, I hope to do this hoodie in navy, chocolate brown and white in the very near future. Again, if that is something you might be interested in, please let me know.
I also want to mention that the tutu is from Dear Lillie, seriously the BEST tutu I have EVER seen. Trust me, you must go over and order one, your little girl will love it and you will love that they are so reasonably priced!
The second hoodie I created was actually a custom order for a special customer, but it turned out so cute I thought I would offer a few in the store:
Darling black and fuschia stripe jersey knit with a black polka dot jersey double ruffle that lines the hood and pockets. It’s finished with a floppy black and fuschia felt and jersey flower.
I have sizes 3-6 mths, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. I am also thinking about listing an adult version of this hoodie. Anyone interested?
Well, that’s it for my therapeutic creating. It felt good. :)
I will be listing these hoodies in my Etsy shop at 1:30 PM, PST.
Oh yes….the photos…since I had such a headache of a week, my little photo shoot insisted on following suit. I had grand plans last night while sewing to do this cute little themed set, the tutu, the gold vintage table, roses from my back yard, etc. But when I woke up this morning THERE WAS NO SUN!! Just a bunch of clouds{of course there’s ton of sun now, FIGURES}. Normally I would be rejoicing over this as our summers here are straight from the devil himself, but I wanted the pictures to turn out really bright and cheery, not dull.  I think they turned out ok, but sun would have been a little helpful.
And then to top it off, my kids kept insisting on adding more toys to the already crowded toy corner. I can’t tell you how many times I put those toys back in the bag and then Jake would come over and dump it out again…GRRRRRRR!
Life as we know it here at the Miraflors. :)
Lastly, I have one Mini Simple Hoodie that didn’t make the cut last night. The ruffles are SLIGHTLY off as you can see from this picture:
Maybe not that noticeable to you, but extremely noticable to me, so its on sale. It’s an 18-24 mths and is $29.50. If you want it, go ahead and click on the paypal link below. If it doesn’t sell today, I’ll keep it for Evy. :)

Have a fab weekend everyone!

8 thoughts on “Mini Simple Hoodie and Mini Candy Stripe Brilla

  1. 1
    Mande says:

    Amy, I am there…..I am there. Love you girlie so much!!! xoxoxo

  2. 2
    Prencie says:

    Ok, so without sun {who knew until you told us!} the shot looks fabulous!! It actually looks like a light is streaming from above and the clouds have opened up and you can hear a faint sound of angels going " Aaaaaahhh", tee hee:) Ok, but for real it looks fab!! LOVE that little table!! Also LOVE the candy striped brilla!! Extra fab!! I would so get the pink hoodie for Paris but we are on a STRICK buget, the ac is kaput:( The whole unit:( "OUCH" said our wallet!

  3. 3
    Prencie says:

    Oh yes! Totally forgot to tell you how much I love my hoodie!!! Can't wait to wear it (once it gets below 90 :( here in VA) Hating this heat!!

  4. 4
    Melanie says:

    Darling Amy! I hope you make more of these striped brillas. Want one for Isabella in the fall! Too tight of a budget right now to splurge though! : ) Specially when she won't be wearing a hoodie for several months!!

    Your pics look great!!

  5. 5
    Alisha says:

    Aww, these are the cutest hoodies… And the pictures turned out great.

  6. 6
    Jenni says:

    I would have never known that the lighting was off?! The pictures, along with the hoodies, look beautiful! Evy is so lucky to have a mama who can whip up something like that for her!

  7. 7
    Dear Lillie says:

    LOVE these pics Amy and love that you showed what the room really looked like! Haha – so many of my shots are like that – tons of cropping out toys and half the time cropping out Lillie who is tugging on the dress form – ahhhh! Haha!

  8. 8
    Jose Birsner says:

    Would you be taken with exchanging links?

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