Jesus Is the Reason For the Season

We went to the mall last night and here is what I am thinking:

1. Nordstrom’s Christmas decorations are to die for. Seriously made me reconsider my vow to never buy a fake tree cause their flocked ones looked pretty good….please don’t tell Brandon I said that. Ha.
2. Why do I have to love Anthropologie so much? I mean, I could live there. It is my favorite store. ugh.
3. Ok I lied, I could live in Williams-Sonoma too, and oh yes…Target of course.

Anyway, I digress, as usual, sorry. Sheesh…I get so sidetracked.

I said in the last post that I would say more about it, so here goes…Santa and Jesus…. Since I am hoping that someday my kids will take the time to read this blog, and since I’m sure they will really wonder how I feel on this subject {haha}…here’s my thoughts kids:

Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birthday {Luke 2}. Never, ever forget that. There is nothing more wonderful than Jesus, God in flesh. Wow…such a powerful concept. He came so that you might have life abundantly- a life full of peace, joy and love. HE is the reason for the season, hands down. If you never remember anything about me, or my writings, remember this…

Jesus is my all, and I hope He becomes yours too. And I pray that every Christmas you take time to stop, remember, and thank Him for coming to earth and dying for us. If you had to choose one gift at Christmas, take the gift of life that Jesus brought with Him when He was born in a manger 2000 years ago. Nothing like it, I promise you.

Ok, as I wipe the tears from eyes….

Now Santa…hmmm. When Jake was born, Brandon and I went back and forth on how to deal with Santa. Whether we like to admit it or not, Santa will come and go every Christmas…he’s pretty much here to stay. Brandon and I were both raised with Santa, but we were raised with knowing that he was a good man who blessed others with gifts in time of need. We both detest how Santa has become the “face” of Christmas…the current Santa is just a symbol or remembrance of the first Santa. As kids, we never really believed that he was real today {did you hear that SIMEON?} or lived at the North Pole, as fun as it was to pretend. We understood the concept of the first St. Nicholas, or Santa, and it really hit home to both of us. St. Nicholas was very Chrsitlike, actually. If you don’t know his story, I encourage you to do some research. Honestly, we feel that Christians should be more like him…he really puts most of us to shame.

ANYWAY {my fave word, I know}

We came to conclusions that we don’t mind talking a bit about Santa, having stockings, or *GASP*…taking the kids to see Santa.

So last night we took the kiddos. And you know what? All Jake wanted to talk about was this:

That, my friends, is my very last craft for the year because this mommy is PLUMB WORE OUT!
Anyway, they are reindeers, and Jake loved them. In case you can’t figure it out or have never done this project before, they are your hands:
and your feet

traced, cut out and then glued together. We added some wobbly eyes and pom pom noses to ours. We had a whole little science project out of it and I think we made reindeer for hours, literally. I have gobs of them all over the house.

Anyway, that’s all Jake wanted to talk about with Santa. And he was more than thrilled when Santa whipped out a photoalbum full of real life reindeer and showed Jake pictures. This teacher in me could have leaped for joy for bringing home our reindeer concept.

So our Santa picture. I must mention that I had a wardrobe malfuction with both kids, neither are wearing what I planned for them to wear…but that’s another long story.

Ok these kids, are they not the cutest things? And that little Jake, doesn’t he looked bored out his mind? He looks just like Brandon actually. Ha! And my precious Evy, she will laugh and smile at anyone. I just love her and her little smilely face!
In closing, {I have no idea why all of a sudden my print has been centered, ugh}…
I have to say, I have been SHOCKED by the amount of people who have either called, texted or emailed me to let me know that they read this blog. Thank you so much for your support! Really, it means so much to know that I have other people laughing and sometimes crying with me on this journey called parenthood. We are in this together- thank you, thank you for being my friends- I hope I can show you as much love as you have shown me.
What shocks me even more is that a couple of you {at least that I know of} have actually TRIED some of my recipes. In fact, one of my close friends said that she is planning on making my Pot Roast for Christmas Eve dinner. I am honored…and just a little nervous! Hopefully you all like it!  That same friend asked for the recipe for my mashed potates and carrots that I serve with the pot roast. So at the risk of making this post longer than I ever meant for it to be {sorry Babe!}, here they are:
Mashed Potatoes- I’m sorry, I don’t have “real” measurements for this, I just do with whatever I have. :(
Red Potatoes, with skin on.
I use about 6-8 medium sized ones for our family, but you can never have too many potatoes in my    opinion, so overestimate in that department.
Unsalted Butter, at least 1 stick, perhaps 2
Cream of some sort- I usually use Fat Free half and half, but have used whipping cream or even milk
kosher salt
Leaving the skin on cut the potatoes into small cubes and boil until soft. You do not want them too soft, or else dish becomes runny and if they are too hard, the potatoes don’t mash, so watch them carefully. When done, put potatoes in mixer then add butter, I usually do 1/2 stick and then add more as need, some cream, salt and pepper {again do a little and then more as needed}. I whip until smooth, tasting, adding seasoning, whipping, etc.
Kosher salt
Butter, melted
Cut your carrots into little sticks-Julienne style, like matchsticks. This video does a decent job explaining juilenne, but I must admit, I DO NOT do mine that perfect, mine are thicker too. Seriously, I’m all about easy! Anyway, steam until soft, but still has some stiffness. Salt, drizzle a little butter, and add parsley on top.
Enjoy everyone! And remember, Jesus is the reason for the season, NOT Santa, Ha!! :)

7 thoughts on “Jesus Is the Reason For the Season

  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Amy thanks for your blogs they have inspired me, not to mention that it has become a much needed outlet. I like your recipes, you use a lot of the same ingredients I do in my cooking. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! And hears to many more stories to blog about in the next year.
    Rebecca Brito-Bayne

  2. 2
    Kristin says:

    Thank you!! You just helped me figure out my Christmas project with the dude for the hubs. Happy holidays!

  3. 3
    Amy says:

    Rebecca, you are so welcome…I'm so glad you follow along and I would love to hear your stories in your blog?? where is it?!? May God bless your new year as well…

    Kristin, you're welcome…hope that gift turns out great! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. 4
    Mande says:

    You are a wonderful mommy, an inspiration to me, and I just wanted to take a minute to say Merry Christmas to you & your family. It has been such a wonderful 2009 and I feel blessed to have met you & the gals of Mia Joie. Cheers to a fabulous 2010 too. BTW, love Evy's fuzzy boots. Just got mine in the mail and Lane was running around in them wearing only the fuzzy boots & a diaper. The 1st pair of shoes she has been excited about!

    Blessings to you & yours Amy!

  5. 5
    Jenni says:

    LOVE the Santa Claus picture, and even though those outfit weren't planned, they sure are cute!

    I see I have another friend that likes to add her thoughts in some sort of {parenthesis} LOVE IT!

    Merry Christmas Eve – sorry for the lack of comments, up to my ears in photos, trying to make up for it right now!

  6. 6
    Amy says:

    Jenni- yes, big {} fan! haha! And girl, I am looking forward to seeing those pics! No apologizes necessary, you always leave such nice comments. xoxo

    Ah, Mande, again, thanks so much your encouraging words. I'm so glad we met too! And your girl with the diapers and shoes is too funny, ha!

  7. 7
    Audrey says:

    Mom Sully was very impressed by your craft. :o) She told me all about it and I had to come see for myself. Could you box up a tad of your creativity and mail it to me? :o)

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