Not sure if I have ever mentioned that my younger brother Brad lives in London? Well he does, in Notting Hill to be exact. Yup, that would be the same place as the moive.
Anyway, I have mentioned before about my love for all things from Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic. Her store in San Francisco used to be my little getaway. Anytime we were in the city I would make sure to make it all the way over to Fillmore street to just sit in the beautiful, quiet WHITE heaven.
But then her stores closed. And I was very sad. :(
I was THRILLED however, when she made a comeback and opened three stores, one in L.A., one in New York and, most recently, one in NOTTING HILL!!!!!!
So my poor brother has been sent several emails over the past couple months about how she has a store right down the street from him. Bless his heart, he had no idea {I’m not sure he even knew who she was? Correct me if I’m wrong, Brad. :)} and said he has probably been walking right past it. And then last week I sent him this blog post from Rachel’s blog and it shows part of her flat. And sure enough she lives just a couple blocks from my brother.
So I’m jealous. A Shabby Chic store right down the street AND Rachel as a neighbor? Hmmmm You can imagine how I feel about that. And then to make me even greener with envy, my sweet brother stopped to take these with his blackberry.
So I have decided that I am leaving the kids here with Brandon and going to live in that store for a couple weeks. I’m sure my brother will bring me food and water, but if not, I’ll fast {maybe I’ll lose the rest of this baby weight}. How does that sound?
And if you are bored and have extra time on your hands, you can read my very long story about when I met Rachel herself in person by clicking here! :)

9 thoughts on “Jealous

  1. 1
    Katie says:

    Amy, your funny :)I can only imagine Brandon here by himself with both kids for a couple weeks.

  2. 2
    Dear Lillie says:

    I am going to leave Lillie with Jon and go with you on this trip! Haha! I am sooooo jealous that A) your brother lives in NOTTING HILL!!!!! and B) He has a Rachel Ashwell store right near him and Rachel Ashwell herself living nearby! Why are such things wasted on boys who cannot appreciate them! How long has he lived there? Have you ever been to visit?

  3. 3
    Dear Lillie says:

    Oh – and just saw your post on my blog – yes, I do think we have really similar taste!!! I love all of your stuff.

  4. 4
    Amy says:

    haha Katie you are probably right. Ok, maybe I'll send one to my mom and the other to my's that? :)

    Jenni, my mom is British and has family there. Since we can get dual citizenship, Brad decided it would be nice to get a job there after grad school. I have visited there before he moved there, but not since. I believe it's been 2 years now that he has lived there, maybe 3, can't remember.

    Anyway, let's go!! Wouldn't we have fun?!?

  5. 5
    Amy says:

    we must have been writing at the same time. :)

    GIRL…I take it as a HUGE HUGE compliment that you like my stuff. Yours is FAB…truly. I really do mean it, come to CA and I'll let you stay here and renovate for me.hehe.

    Actually I LOVE Williamsburg and wish I could take Brandon. Lucky girl to live in such a beautiful place! xoxo

  6. 6
    SoShawna says:

    Brad lives in Notting Hill? Puking from jealousy…

  7. 7
    Prencie says:

    Ditto with what Jennifer said!! I would pack up and kiss my kids goodbye in a heart beat to take a trip to London!!! Can we? Can we? PLEAAASE!! Pretty PLEASE!:) Ok, I got up from off my knees…so, Notting Hill, hmm? Not to shabby;)Yes, yes, I know i've mentioned this before but I'm a HUGE fan of Rachel Ashwell!! I wouldn't know what to do with myself… in HER store…. IN LONDON!! So if you ever decided to take a trip to London count me in! And Jennifer, you and I can meet at the Newport News Airport and fly together!:) Sound like a plan?

  8. 8
    Jenni says:

    So funny you are! Wouldn't it be nice to just go away for a little while – just a little bit…we would come back!

    If I were going to go away – would definitely be somewhere warm, although a trip to Notting Hill with you would be wonderful!

    Until then, I will have to slap myself back to reality!

    PS – I have been meaning to email you, but got so busy with my kiddos over spring break, I have so many more pictures to post of our adventures…ahhhhhh!

    I have been thinking lots about you! Hope that all is well! I will try emailing you soon! But 4th quarter is here – only 9 weeks left to go and then summer here I come for my part time stay at home mommyhood! Can't wait! Which, btw, will probs just be part time for the summer :( don't think I will be able to do forever. My hubs thinks that I need to DO SOMETHING! But that is for a later email!

    Talk soon!


  9. 9
    Kassie Dutton says:

    I'm just jealous Brad lives in London. And isn't he sweet for sending you those pics. :)

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