Jake’s First Soccer Game and The Church That Prays Together….

….works together

{Ok, sorry, I know that’s a super long title, but a lot went on today and I’m just way too tired to create two posts. ha}

Do you have a home church community? If so, you know what I mean when I say there is NOTHING like having a church family. You and your brothers and sisters in Christ share such a bond, there are no words to really explain it. All I know, is when you hear one of your own needs a little help…well, you will have EVERYONE there in a jiffy.


Last week we had 50 yards of mulch delivered to our home…. FIFTY YARDS. In case you don’t know what that might look like, it’s about three piles the size of my Volvo SUV. Right. Huge. There was no way we could have spread all that mulch, just me and Brandon. So Brandon sent a couple texts out asking for help. We, of course, would provide the food, could they bring the man power and some tools? This morning we had SEVEN men on our doorstep. Seven people giving up their Saturday with their families to help us.

That we were beyond touched is an understatement.

They shoveled, pushed, emptied and spread their way through nearly one entire pile of mulch and finished our whole backyard. No easy feat.

They also pulled weeds before they spread the mulch and managed to somehow get out two giant suckers which had grown into full size trees. AMAZING.

Jake and Evy had the time of their lives. Jake seemed to think he was the foreman on the job and kept trying to direct traffic, shout orders {“hey I need two more guys with wheelbarrows over here!”} and to give him a little credit, he did manage to shovel enough mulch into at least two full wheelbarrows. :) The dirt they accumulated on themselves and their clothes literally left the bathtub with a lining full of black soot. Awesome!

Look at that sock! YIKES!!

The yard looks unbelievable. We have needed to add mulch to our yard to help keep out weeds and keep the sprinkler system safe since we moved here, but it was a big job to tackle and have just now found the time {thanks Babe for taking all this time off!!!}. We still have not finished the rest of the front yard, so if anyone else wants to join us tomorrow and the rest of this week, let us know! We will feed you!

Thank you to the Promise Center men who showed up! We love you guys so much!!!

A note about these men: Most of the people from The Promise Center are first generation Christians. Meaning many of them have never attended church, read a Bible or said a prayer in their entire life. Many of the people in our church have been set free from drug and alcohol addictions, abusive relationships and destructive pasts. These are TRUE new believers! There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, so beautiful as seeing a life redeemed by Christ. Today, as I heard many of these men’s testimonies {again}, I was so proud to be surrounded by so many disciples of Christ who are eager to reach those who really, truly are in need of the gospel, not just attend church every Sunday because it’s what you are “supposed” to do. Isn’t that what Christianity is really all about? LOVE it. 

And this morning was Jake’s first soccer game!! Evy and I went with him and we were so proud of him…he made one of the two goals!!!! YAY Jake!!

Jake is number 4. :)

My little stud muffin after the game. I love this kiddo!!

Happy Saturday to you all!! xoxo

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    Marilyn says:

    You are truly blessed to have such an engaging church family.

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